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Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Little Junior Brother, You Aren’t an Genius Alchemist, Are You?


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Ye Chen’s heart shook when he heard this.

Possessing a god spirit root could prove one’s position as an emperor, and possessing a Paragon Sacred Body could also prove one’s position as an emperor. Could it be that he had the appearance of an emperor?

Suddenly, a golden light appeared on Ye Chen’s body, and a powerful aura instantly surged out.

Surging spiritual energy began to flow into Ye Chen’s body continuously, and Ye Chen immediately began to sit cross-legged and cultivate.

Ye Chen’s energy sank into his meridian, and he continued to absorb spiritual energy. He began to cultivate according to the breathing technique that his mother had taught him yesterday.

The Hundred Herb Garden’s Elder was taking a nap when a golden light suddenly appeared in the garden. The golden light flourished and shot straight into the clouds.

“What is this?”

He immediately ran into the garden.

At this moment, the spiritual energy in the garden surged toward a specific place in the garden.

“Could it be that a certain expert of the clan is cultivating here? How could he absorb so much spiritual Qi?”

“Looks like I have to go and investigate!” The Elder said as he immediately flew toward the garden.

Lingxi had just left when she suddenly felt a powerful aura surging out of the garden.

She hurriedly returned. At this moment, she saw streams of aura surging toward Ye Chen from his body. Lingxi went to Ye Chen’s side and saw streams of spiritual Qi pouring into Ye Chen’s body.

Suddenly, the aura continuously converged into Ye Chen’s body. Ye Chen took a long breath.

He opened his eyes.

At this moment, Lingxi looked at Ye Chen in surprise and said, “Little junior brother… you… broke through to the Qi cultivating realm?”

At this moment, the aura on Ye Chen’s body was no longer the Qi cultivating realm but the foundation establishment realm.

Lingxi clearly remembered that Ye Chen had just started cultivating yesterday and had only spent two days reaching the foundation establishment realm from the start.

“This…this talent is too heaven-defying!”

Lingxi was incomparably shocked. Her small mouth opened into an ‘o’ shape as if it could fit an egg. She looked at Ye Chen in shock.

By then, Lingxi suddenly felt a strong aura nearby.

She hurriedly reminded, “Little junior brother, quickly restrain your aura. Someone is coming!”

Ye Chen had just learned the art of concealing one’s aura yesterday, and now was a good time to use it. So he immediately concealed his aura.

At this moment, the Hundred Herb Garden’s Elder also arrived.

He sized up Yue Lingxi and Ye Chen.

Yue Lingxi was a nascent soul realm expert, but her aura had not changed at all since she entered, so the expert who had just cultivated should not be Yue Lingxi.

If it was not Yue Lingxi, could it be…

He looked at Ye Chen again. By this time, he saw that Ye Chen did not have the aura of a cultivator at all.

He shook his head and said in his heart, ‘What am I thinking? This kid has a void spirit root, and he cannot even cultivate. So how could it be him? I must have sensed it wrongly.’

“Sigh, I’m getting old!” The Hundred Herb Garden’s Elder shook his head and left.

Yue Lingxi brought Ye Chen out of the Hundred Herb Garden. The fact that he was able to cultivate was not exposed. If he had not successfully cultivated the aura concealing technique yesterday, his secret might have come out.

Yue Lingxi brought Ye Chen back to her cave abode. Ye Chen looked at his fourth senior sister and asked, “Fourth senior sister, can I learn alchemy now?”

Yue Lingxi smiled and said, “Little junior brother, whatever you do, you have to do it step by step. Haste makes waste. You just broke through to the foundation establishment realm today, and now you want to learn alchemy. Isn’t that a little too hard-working?”

“Senior sister, have you heard of a saying?”

“30% is destined, 70% depends on hard work. So only when you love to work hard then can you win!” Ye Chen looked at Yue Lingxi and said with a smile.

At this time, Yue Lingxi looked at Ye Chen with some shock. This little guy was only eight years old, and he spoke one set of words after another.

“Okay, then you can watch me demonstrate it once. After that, you don’t have to learn it. Watch it first, and I will teach you slowly in the future!” Lingxi said.

Ye Chen nodded.

At this moment, Yue Lingxi began to demonstrate seriously.

Perhaps Yue Lingxi was usually a little careless, but she was incomparably serious when it came to refining medicine.

She waved her slender hand, and instantly, all sorts of medicinal ingredients flew out and landed in her hand.

Then, she waved her hand lightly, and instantly, countless medicinal ingredients were thrown into the elixir furnace.

Then, she gently pointed with her finger. Instantly, a ball of flame appeared and sizzled in the elixir furnace.

Lingxi carefully controlled the size of the fire and began to refine the elixirs.

Ye Chen looked at his serious fourth senior sister. She wore a beautiful dress and had a small face that could topple a country with a single blow. Thousands of strands of black hair draped over her back, and half of her jade-like skin was revealed.

Her peach blossom eyes revealed a serious expression. Her pair of delicate hands kept picking up the herbs as if they were in an alchemy furnace.

To Ye Chen, Lingxi was appealing.

This twenty-something-year-old soul in Ye Chen’s eight-year-old body looked at his beautiful fourth senior sister and could not help but be a little infatuated.

Ye Chen hurriedly composed himself and said to himself in his heart, ‘Ye Chen, what are you doing? You’re here to learn alchemy skills!’

Although Ye Chen was peeking at Lingxi, in reality, he had already remembered the entire process of refining medicine.

At this moment, Lingxi waved her hand.

Immediately, a medicinal elixir floated up and landed in her hand.

“This is the simplest Qi recovery elixir. When you consume too much true Qi, you can replenish true Qi! The medicinal elixirs are divided into nine grades, ranked in order from grade one to grade nine. This is the simplest grade one medicinal elixir.” Lingxi held the Qi recovery elixir in her hand and said to Ye Chen with a smile.

Ye Chen had already memorized the entire process and wanted to give it a try himself.

He looked at Lingxi’s clear eyes and asked, “Fourth senior sister, can I give it a try?”

She nodded.

Ye Chen immediately imitated Lingxi’s actions and began to refine the elixir.

“Little junior brother, as I said earlier, haste makes waste. No one succeeds on their first try. So if you fail, don’t be discouraged!” Lingxi said from the side.

Ye Chen nodded and then imitated Lingxi, concentrating on refining the elixir.

He did not have as strong true Qi as Lingxi, so he could only obediently weigh the medicinal herbs, start a fire, and then start refining the elixir.

But Ye Chen’s alchemy skills were also excellent.

He was weighing the medicinal herbs, controlling the fire, condensing the elixir, all in one go.

Suddenly, a round elixir flew out of the elixir furnace and landed in Ye Chen’s hand.

“Senior sister, what do you think of this medicinal elixir? Did it succeed?” Ye Chen placed the medicinal elixir in front of Lingxi.

Lingxi was more careless and did not care about many things.

But when Ye Chen refined the medicinal elixir, Lingxi was incomparably shocked.

Her face carried a look of shock as she opened her small mouth to look at Ye Chen. She could not believe it as she cried out involuntarily, “Little Chen…. you aren’t an alchemist genius, right?”

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