Sign In Ten Years, Then I Am Exposed By My Gorgeous Senior

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Fifth Senior Sister Li Shiyan!

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Lingxi had just finished saying that no one could successfully refine an elixir on their first try when Ye Chen immediately refined it and placed it in front of Lingxi.

How could she not be surprised!

“Little Chen, how did you do it?” Lingxi looked at Ye Chen and asked.

“I followed your method and did it!” Ye Chen said.

At this moment, Lingxi was extremely shocked. Ye Chen must be a genius alchemist. Although Ye Chen said it was simple, the process of refining medicine was not that simple.

The weighing of the medicinal herbs must be accurate. One or two more, one or two less, would not do.

The control of fire must be precise. The temperature must be perfect.

The most important thing was to condense the elixir. Condensing the elixir was the most complicated because condensing the elixir required the use of true Qi to condense it. Only by perfectly controlling one’s True Qi could one condense the elixir. If one’s True Qi were not controlled well, then the final refined elixir would be wasted.

However, Ye Chen had learned these things after watching it once.

Ye Chen was an alchemy genius!

“Ye Chen, you’re amazing! You’re a genius, a genius!”

“From today onwards, senior sister will hand over everything she has to you. So you will become the world’s most powerful alchemy master!” Lingxi said as she looked at Ye Chen.

Gradually, the night deepened.

Ye Chen stayed in Lingxi’s cave abode. It had always been like this since he was young. Ye Chen either slept at his mother’s place, or he slept with his seven senior sisters.

“Alright, Ye Chen, go to sleep. You still have to look for your fifth senior sister tomorrow to learn zither, chess, calligraphy, and painting!”

“Oh.” Lingxi did not mind. She lay down and shouted, “Then go to sleep, Little Chen!”

With an ‘oh’ sound, Ye Chen also lay down.

Lying on the bed, Ye Chen’s heart pounded non-stop.

Lying beside Lingxi, Ye Chen asked softly and tentatively, “Fourth Senior Sister… I’m afraid of the cold. Can I hug you to sleep?”

Lingxi nodded and said, “Sure!”

Ye Chen hugged Lingxi and slowly fell asleep.

Ye Chen’s fifth senior sister was called Li Shiyan. Her cultivation was powerful, and she was proficient in zither, chess, calligraphy, and painting. She was known as the number one talented girl in the Immortal Destiny Holy Land.

Among Ye Chen’s seven senior sisters, Li Shiyan was the most popular one.

She was devastatingly beautiful and the number one talented girl in the Immortal Destiny Holy Land. So naturally, she was very popular.

Ye Chen arrived at Li Shiyan’s residence.

In Ye Chen’s memories, Li Shiyan was an extraordinarily calm and elegant person. If one were to judge Ye Chen’s seven senior sisters, Ye Chen’s fifth senior sister would be the one who was the closest to a fairy.

She was proficient in zither, chess, calligraphy, and painting. Her white robes fluttered in the wind, making her look like a fairy. Yet, she was calm, elegant, and unworldly.

Such a fairy was naturally liked by most people.

Ye Chen came to the Ya Xuan Pavilion. This was Li Shiyan’s cave abode. Not only did his fifth senior sister have talent, but this cave abode was also exquisite.

Li Shiyan knew that Ye Chen was coming, so she had been waiting at the door for a long time.

Ye Chen came in front of fifth senior sister Li Shiyan. He bowed and said, “Hello, senior sister!”

She was dressed in white and had a graceful figure. Her beautiful face could topple countries and cities. Although her slim waist was not as slim as his third senior sister’s, it was enough to hold her hand and was of moderate size.

However, his fifth senior sister was sixteen years old and still had room for growth.

His fifth senior sister had a unique temperament. She sincerely believed in Taoist connotations, which made her look even more beautiful for some reason.

This Taoist connotation made her more elegant, and people could tell that she was a fairy that could only be seen from afar.

However, Ye Chen was the person closest to her. Ye Chen had grown up with several senior sisters since he was young, so they took good care of him without any estrangement.

His fifth senior sister was thrilled to see Ye Chen. She hurriedly said, “Little junior brother, come in quickly.”

Fifth senior sister brought Ye Chen into the Ya Xuan Pavilion. At this moment, they were greeted by a pool filled with lake water. A few artificial mountains were in the lake. There were even fish swimming in the lake water.

A quiet path passed by the side of the lake. On both sides of the path were planted bloody plum, orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum. It was exquisite.

Unlike his third senior sister, Miaohan’s room was filled with rouge, water powder, and brushes.

And unlike his fourth senior sister, Lingxi’s room was filled with books, elixirs, and furnaces.

His fifth Senior Sister’s cave abode was filled with flowers and plants. Zither, chess, calligraphy, and painting filled the entire cave abode.

Moreover, the arrangement was very orderly. It was not as messy and disorderly as his fourth senior sister’s.

“What does little junior brother want to learn first?” His fifth senior sister’s eyes were like autumn water as she looked at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen knew that his fifth senior sister was good at zither, chess, calligraphy, and painting. But, whether it was music, go, or calligraphy, no one dared to claim that his fifth senior sister was number two in this Immortal Destiny Holy Land.

Since she was good at zither, chess, calligraphy, and painting, he would learn them one by one.

“Zither, chess, calligraphy, and painting, the zither is at the top. Then I’ll learn the zither first!” Ye Chen said.

“Okay, then, little junior brother, follow me to the zither room.” Li Shiyan smiled sweetly.

The two of them arrived at the zither room. Ye Chen saw that his fifth senior sister’s place was rich in spiritual essence and had deep Taoist connotations. So he might as well sign in here and see what good things he could get?

“Sign in!” Ye Chen did not hesitate and signed in immediately.

He could sign in once a day anyway. Three hundred sixty-five days a year would be 365 times. So Ye Chen did not necessarily have to sign in the place with the strongest spiritual essence.

[Ding, the host has signed in at the zither room of the Ya Xuan Pavillion. The host is rewarded with the host’s divine ability, the Song of the Great Oblivion.]

[The Song of the Great Oblivion is a musical divine ability that can only be used with the help of a musical instrument.]

[The Song of the Great Oblivion is a means of killing enemies and also a divine ability that can be used to assist in cultivation. It can be used to calm one’s mind and also to kill enemies in all directions. It is extremely powerful and can be practiced to the mahayana level. Once this song is played, one’s defense can be purified and focused, and one’s attack can kill 3,000 enemies.]

[The reward has been distributed, and it is being fused.]

[The fusion is successful, and the host can use it at any time.]

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