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Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Little Junior Brother Couldn’t Be the Reincarnation of the Qin Emperor, Right?

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At this moment, Ye Chen was very surprised. He didn’t think that he would be able to get such a treasure from his fifth senior sister.

The Song of the Great Oblivion forgets sorrow. One song forgets sorrow, one song kills the enemy.

Such a good divine ability was simply too wonderful.

“Little junior brother.” Li Shiyan’s sword, Ye Chen, was in a daze. She waved her hand in front of Ye Chen.

“S-senior sister!” Ye Chen reacted.

“What is little junior brother thinking about? Why are you so lost in thought?” Li Shiyan asked.

“No… I’m thinking about music,” Ye Chen immediately said.

“Oh right, speaking of music, if you want to learn the zither, mastering music is very important. Do you know what music is?” Li Shiyan’s peach blossom eyes lit up as she calmly looked at Ye Chen.

At this moment, Ye Chen suddenly had a lot of knowledge about melody.

Ye Chen was extremely surprised. Could it be that because he had learned The Song of the Great Oblivion, he had also learned the knowledge of melody?

Was this not too simple?

“Melody refers to the rhythm of music, Gong Diao, which is also a kind of rhythm related to music. There is an ancient saying, the gong of the drum moves, the horn of the drum moves, the melody is the same, the poem is composed, so the melody is always accompanied by the poem,” Ye Chen said.

When he said this, Li Shiyan’s face revealed a surprised expression.

Little junior brother had never come into contact with music before. At most, he had listened to her play a little. How could little junior brother have such an opinion? Could it be that her little junior brother was a genius who learned music?

Li Shiyan smiled and looked at her little junior brother. “You’re right. Alright then. Next, I’ll teach you how to learn music.”

At this moment, Ye Chen hurriedly said, “Fifth senior sister, can you teach me how to play the zither directly? I know how to play music!”

“You really know how to play?” Li Shiyan asked in disbelief.

“Yes, yes!” Ye Chen nodded.

“When did you learn it?” Li Shiyan still did not believe it and asked.

“I learned it from you. I’ve listened to it with you many times and seen it many times. I was influenced by it and then I learned it,” Ye Chen said.

Li Shiyan still could not believe it. Although what Ye Chen said was the truth, and her little junior brother usually liked her zither music, even so, how could he learn it without studying or trying it himself?

Could it be that her little junior brother was a genius, and that was why he learned it so quickly?

“Well, let’s practice the zither directly!” Li Shiyan’s white clothes fluttered as she came in front of an ancient zither. She slowly sat down cross-legged, and with a light flick of her slender hand, beautiful music instantly surged into Ye Chen’s ears.

The beautiful sounds caused Ye Chen to feel somewhat relaxed and happy.

At this moment, outside the Ya Xuan Pavilion.

“Quick, quick, quick, Fairy Bai Wei is playing the zither again!” Fifth senior sister Li Shiyan’s Daoist name was Bai Wei, so she was known as Fairy Bai Wei.

Every time Fairy Bai Wei played the zither, it would attract many disciples to listen outside.

At this moment, one female disciple after another arrived outside the Ya Xuan Pavilion, feeling relaxed and happy as they listened to Fairy Bai Wei’s zither music.

“Fairy Bai Wei is indeed a gorgeous fairy. Her music is really wonderful.”

“Listening to this music is like traveling to a fairyland. My heart is suddenly empty!”

“It’s enough to hear Fairy Bai Wei’s immortal music in this lifetime!”

After Fairy Bai Wei finished her music, she looked at Ye Chen and smiled sweetly. “Little junior brother, come and try it!”

Ye Chen nodded and came in front of the zither.

Instantly, The Song of the Great Oblivion appeared in Ye Chen’s heart. Ye Chen slowly stroked the strings of the zither.

Dang —

An immortal tune immediately began to play…

The immortal tune was ethereal, and the lingering sound of the tune was immediately heard.

Fairy Bai Wei suddenly realized that the tune that little junior brother was playing was not what she had played before, but an immortal tune that she had never heard before.

When she first heard it, the music was a little dull, but it was still a high-grade piece.

Suddenly, the music floated. There was a mysterious Tao technique hidden in the immortal music, which had the effect of calming the mind and concentrating the mind. It was even more mysterious than any music score that she had seen before.

She knew that this was her junior brother’s first time playing the zither. In other words, this song was created by her junior brother out of sudden inspiration!

To be able to create a piece of music on his first time playing the zither, and it was even this kind of peerless celestial music. With such a performance, even the description of genius was an understatement for Ye Chen.

Ye Chen began to slowly play the zither in front of him.

The sound of the zither continued to surge out like celestial music. At this moment, Li Shiyan was already immersed in the sound of the zither with an incomparably shocked gaze.

Li Shiyan had learned to play the zither since she was young. Although the music she played was exquisite, it was all ancient music from the past.

Although she had also created some pieces, no matter which piece she played, they were not as exquisite as Ye Chen’s.

Ye Chen could play so well for the first time. A genius was no longer enough to describe him. Her little junior brother must be the zither immortal in the world and the reincarnation of the zither emperor.

At this moment, the disciples outside were all listening to the beautiful zither music in astonishment.

In the beginning, the zither music was very slow and leisurely. It was like a starry night, with thousands of lights lighting up.

Everyone listened to the zither music in astonishment and muttered, “Fairy Bai Wei changed the tune?”

“This tune doesn’t seem like Fairy Bai Wei’s style. It should be that Fairy Bai Wei changed her style a little!”

“But this tune sounds even more gentle and quiet. It seems that Fairy Bai Wei’s zither skills have improved again!”

The disciples outside were discussing. They had no idea that this zither music was actually not played by Fairy Bai Wei, but by her little junior brother, Ye Chen.

At this moment, almost everyone was immersed in this beautiful immortal music. Their minds seemed to have been purified, and they felt extremely comfortable.

“This music is too beautiful!”

“Is this Fairy Bai Wei’s new song? It’s really too beautiful.”

“Unknowingly, I was immersed in this beautiful music…”

At this moment, the music seemed to not be satisfied with a moment of peace.

Suddenly, it became hurried, and it seemed as if it was hard to suppress the beating of the heart.

The still water now had ripples in it, and the sounds of swords and spears could be heard!

At this moment, the disciples outside were completely immersed in the music.

No one commented, and no one made any sound.

Because at this moment, the silence had already surpassed all the praises.

At this moment, their eyes were filled with tears. The sound of the zither seemed to let them see all kinds of things in the world, and let them see the magnificent scenery of the human world.

Clang —

With a loud sound, the music ended, and everyone woke up from their immersion.


Endless shock!

What kind of level could give people such a powerful shock? They could not believe that they were listening to music. They seemed to be immersed in the scene, unable to extricate themselves.

The music seemed to shock people’s souls, attracting everyone to a world where they enjoyed endless fantasies.

“It’s too wonderful! Fairy Bai Wei’s song can definitely become the ultimate song of the ages!”

“It’s too shocking! To be able to hear such shocking immortal music, it’s enough for me to live this life!”

“Fairy Bai Wei can actually perform such an ultimate song. She must be the Qin Immortal!”

Everyone was extremely shocked. They surrounded Fairy Bai Wei’s Ya Xuan Pavilion in a daze, their hearts filled with endless shock. However, they did not know that it was not Fairy Bai Wei who was playing this beautiful melody. It was Fairy Bai Wei’s junior brother, Ye Chen.

In the Qin room of the Ya Xuan Pavilion.

Li Shiyan was already deeply shocked by Ye Chen.

Li Shiyan’s gaze was dull as she looked at Ye Chen.

When Ye Chen did not awaken his spirit root, she felt very sad for him. But now, she understood that Ye Chen was a late bloomer.

Ye Chen’s talent in music could only be achieved by the reincarnation of the Qin emperor.

If Ye Chen continued to develop his talent, it was not impossible for him to become a great emperor in the future.

At this moment, Li Shiyan’s eyes were filled with tears.

She did not know if she was moved by Ye Chen’s music, or if it was because Ye Chen had such a high talent in music. All in all, she was very happy and touched to see her junior brother playing such a beautiful piece of music, unknowingly, tears were already streaming down her face.

“Senior sister, what’s wrong?” Ye Chen saw that his senior sister was crying and hurriedly asked.

“Senior sister is happy!” Li Shiyan said and hugged Ye Chen. Then, she broke into tears and smiled. “Little junior brother, you have such great talent. Could it be that you are the reincarnation of the Qin Emperor?”

Ye Chen smiled and hugged his senior sister with both hands. “It’s all because of senior sister’s good teaching!”

Instantly, Li Shiyan’s little face flushed red like a flower bud that was about to bloom. She immediately pouted. “Annoying!”

At this moment, Li Shiyan let go of Ye Chen and wiped away her tears. She smiled sweetly. “You little brat….”

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