Sir, How About A Marriage?

Chapter 7 - Breakup

Chapter 7 - Breakup

Everyone enjoyed themselves during the meal. It seemed like the saying, 'The way to a person's heart is through their stomach,' was true.

Song Ning analyzed Jiang Jin's physical condition and formulated a recipe according to Jiang Jin's eating habits.

Jiang Jin looked forward to eating food that was delicious and would help in her recovery.

Seeing this, Yu was impressed by Song Ning and admired her.

Even Jiang Jin's attitude toward Mu Chen improved. She instructed the housekeeper to redecorate Mu Chen's room.


After Mu Chen and Song Ning finally managed to coax Jiang Jin to sleep, both of them sighed in relief.

Mu Chen's bedroom was connected to the study and occupied two-third of the second floor. He ceded the bedroom to Song Ning and planned to sleep in the study instead. They only had to share the bathroom.

At this moment, Song Ning had already showered and changed into her pajamas. She was sitting on the balcony connected to the bedroom, watching the night sky. It helped her calm down when she recalled the ups and downs of today. Following that, she subconsciously glanced at the phone.

A day had passed, and yet, the phone did not ring.

Fu Le did not bother to look for her at all. As it turned out, it was so easy for some people to end a relationship.

She had known Fu Le for more than twenty years. They were childhood sweethearts, and she once thought he would be her life partner. She had always trusted him as much as she trusted herself.

However, life was full of surprises.

Feng Man was her junior high school classmate. Back when they were students, they did not interact with each other at all. After all, Song Ning was often absent and rarely appeared in school.

After that, both of them went on to study at N Medical University. Feng Man studied nursing while she studied medicine so they were in different departments.

After Feng Man graduated, her family spent money and used all their connections to get her a job as a nurse in First Hospital.

On the other hand, Song Ning became a doctorate student, and she had been studying alongside her professors and tutors. Thus, they often run into each other at work. After running into each other so many times, both of them gradually grew closer.

It did not take long before Feng Man met Fu Le who often visited Song Ning at that time. Gradually, the three of them began to spend more time together. Whenever Fu Le brought something for Feng Man, he would bring an extra one for Feng Man as well.

Song Ning was often busy so Feng Man would frequently accompany Fu Le whenever he visited Song Ning. Just like that, slowly but surely, they no longer spent time as a trio. The trio turned into a duo; Fu Le and Feng Man.

Before today, Song Ning had always thought she and Fu Le would be together forever, and Feng Man would be her good friend for life. In the end, Fu Le and Feng Man became a couple, and she became the outsider.

Did her heart ache? She did not know. Her heart had grown numb over the years from various experiences. However, she felt as though there was only a void now where her heart used to be.

Originally, she held Fu Le dearly in her heart, but now, Fu Le had left her, leaving a bloody void behind.

She was at a loss. Once upon a time, her mother and Ms. Yun Yao hoped that both of them would be together. They would be disappointed by this.


At this moment, her phone rang.

Song Ning instinctively picked up the phone to have a look. As it turned out, Feng Man sent a message on WeChat.

She clicked on the notification to read the message, but it turned out to be an intimate picture of Fu Le and Feng Man kissing.

Her fingers trembled as she clicked on the voice message below the picture.

"Ning, I've met Fu Le's father and grandmother. I promised them that when Fu Le and I get married, I'll quit my job and be a housewife. The Fu family is wealthy and powerful so they don't need a career woman like you. I'm the type of woman they want Fu Le to marry, do you understand? I hope you won't see Fu Le again from now on. He's now my fiance, after all!"

Song Ning's grip on the phone loosened when she was hit with a pang of pain in her heart.

The phone slid out of her grip and fell to the ground.

She did not know when Mu Chen arrived, but he, dressed in a bathrobe, picked up her phone for her before he took a seat next to her. Then, he began to dry his hair as he asked, "Do you need my help?"

He had obviously heard Feng Man's voice message.

"Help me?" Song Ning was puzzled.

Mu Chen mulled over his words for a moment before he said, "I don't mind beating up that scumbag to help you vent your anger."

Song Ning chuckled and said, "No, it's not worth it."

Mu Chen raised his eyebrows, stunned. She was too calm after all. Did she not care about that man at all? Or did she still have feelings for that man?

He looked at her as she shifted her eyes back to the night sky. Seeing how lonely she looked, he could not help but pity her.

Those who had just broken up were the most vulnerable.

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