Sis-Con With Dimensional Chat Group

Chapter 18 Haunted House

Chapter 18: Haunted House

His sweat was dripping and his arms were quite sore but he continued. He thought that he should get a devil fruit or something when someone from One Piece joined the group. But he needed to develop his Light Magic before that.

"998, 999, 1000."

Haru knew that Gintoki's swordsman style was really wild rather than swordsmanship it was better to call it brawler. He didn't wear his clothes and went to the bathroom since he was full of sweat. He wasn't going to sleep with a body full of sweat. He whistled while taking a bath and didn't notice someone was looking at him.

Sora knew that it was bad but she couldn't hold herself.

Haru dried himself and went to his bed. He saw there was Sora laying on his bed. He smiled and laid beside her, "Let's sleep, I'm very sleepy."

"Hmm," Sora nodded at him.

Haru turned off the light and slept.

Sora didn't sleep and looked at him. She was curious and touched his cheek with her finger. She did it several times until she saw him open his eyes.

Haru yawned and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, why are you training very hard? Do you want to become a martial artist?" Sora asked. She thought that 1000 swing of the sword only happened in the manga but she didn't expect it to happen in real life. She knew that his body was very strong both upper and lower body but she didn't expect that he was this strong.

Haru twitched his lips and shook his head, "Martial artist? Do you want me to open a dojo or something?" But he thought for a while and suddenly thought that he should open a gym or diet program. He was seriously thinking about it since he knew most members would be women.

Sora laughed, "No way, do you really want to open a dojo?"

Haru shook his head, "No, I'm thinking about opening a gym or diet program."

Sora was surprised and nodded, "I think that's a good idea a lot of people are quite lazy to work out now."

Haru laughed and pinched her little nose, "Then aren't you going to work up? You will turn into little pig in the future if you continue to eat a snack."

Sora became annoyed and slapped his hand, "Hmph." She pouted and turned her body.

Haru caressed her head slowly and said, "Don't get angry, please forgive me, you're very cute there is no way that you will turn into a pig."

Sora smiled but she didn't turn her body, "Let's sleep."

"Hmm," Haru nodded.

The next day, Haru went to the address of the house. He had called the property agency that managed this house.

"Hello, are you Kasugano-Sama?"

Haru turned his head and saw a middle aged man around his late 30's. He nodded at him, "Yes, that's me, is this the house." He looked at the house and didn't see anything strange. He saw this house was very normal from the outside.

This house has two floors and the land area is quite big at around 180 m2, especially with the price of 10 million yen.

Haru knew that it was very much a bargain. He looked like the paint of this house was a bit old but he could renovate it easily. But he could tell the quality of this house was really good, he knew someone with quite a good economics background must be living in this house before.

"Are you really going to buy this house?" The middle-old man looked quite unsure.

"I want to see it first, I have heard there is a ghost inside this house," Haru asked.

The middle-old man looked quite tangled but nodded regardless, "Yes, this house is haunted, a lot of people who bought this house before but decided to sell it again."

"Can you tell me in detail? What kind of ghosts is this?" Haru asked.

The middle-old man quite reluctant but told him the story of this house, "In the middle of the night, usually there is a sound of children crying loudly, the door will be open suddenly, the light will be turned off suddenly, and a lot of strange thing happening here." He looked at him and said, "I know this house is very cheap but I advise you not to buy it, this house is a ghost house."

Haru listened and decided to see it by himself, "Can I enter the house?"

The middle-old man sighed, "Of course, but I will be waiting outside."

Haru nodded, "Yeah, don't worry." He walked toward the house.

The middle-old man shook his head and took a cigarette. He knew this young man must be coming because the price of this house was very cheap. He couldn't remember a lot of people who came to this house and decided to buy it but in a few days decided to sell it again.

"Boy, don't be scared alright," the middle-old man said.

Haru entered the house and it was very quite dusty inside. He wasn't sure why it was very clean but he didn't think much about it. He was lucky to enter the house in the afternoon since he was sure that he couldn't see anything at night. He looked around and walked slowly to see each part of the house. He could feel a strange wind and a strange sound around this house.

Haru didn't feel scared since he was sure that ghost couldn't kill him. He walked calmly while checking every part of the house. He walked around the first floor and nodded. He decided to visit the second floor and checked the room. He entered the second floor and suddenly he heard the sound of someone scratching something. He felt curious and walked toward the source of this sound.

"It should be here," Haru heard a very loud scratching sound coming from inside.


Suddenly someone smacked the door very hard and he heard someone screaming from inside.


"HELP US!!!"


Haru got goosebumps when he heard this voice but he gritted his teeth. He decided to go down and talked with the group chat about how to solve this problem.

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