Sis-Con With Dimensional Chat Group

Chapter 4 Throwing Tantrums

Chapter 4: Throwing Tantrums

Haruka didn't know what was happening inside the chat since he was preparing dinner. He was the one who usually took care of the chores but he didn't really mind since it was quite easy.

"Are you that busy earlier?"

Haruka looked at his only little sister who was holding a book and rabbit doll in her hands. He smiled since he knew this girl was working hard to get into high school next year.

"I have finished the matter, I'm quite free now," Haruka said.

"Hmmm," her little sister said while looking at him.

Her name is Sora Kasugano. She is a very beautiful young girl. She has gray eyes, silver hair, and very white skin. She has a perfect, doll-like appearance and is often seen as a fragile and weak girl. Though her body was really weak and frail at the same time.

"Do you want to go out tomorrow?" Haruka asked while taking the dish to the table.

"Is it okay?" Sora suddenly became happy when she heard that he would take her outside.

"Yeah, let's go out, it has been a while for both of us to go out together," Haruka told her.

"Good, then let's go out together tomorrow," Sora said with a smile.

"Let's eat your first dinner and don't eat too many snacks," Haruka said.

Sora only nodded and started to eat dinner. She also placed her snack on the side of the table thinking that she would eat it later.

Haruka sighed and started to eat. He was wondering if he had spoiled her too much.

Both of them ate the food together while talking about their plans to go out together until they heard his phone ringing.

Haruka looked at his phone and it was from Machida, "I will open it for a bit." He stood up and went to the outside only stopped.

"Can you answer it here?" Sora asked. She looked at him with a suspicious expression.

Haruka nodded and opened the call, "What's wrong, Machida-San?"

"Haru, can you come to the office tomorrow?" Machida asked.

"Tomorrow?" Haruka turned his head toward Sora who had a pissed expression on her face.


Sora didn't say anything and stood up from the table. She looked very angry while looking at him.


"Did something happen?" Machida asked when she heard a very loud noise coming from his phone.

Haruka could only sigh looking at his little sister who was angry, "Can it be two days from now?" He had promised his little sister to go out tomorrow after all.

"Hmm, it won't be long, please!!" Machida asked.

"Is something going to happen?" Haruka asked.

"I only wanted to meet up with the new author from our publisher, and that person said that she wanted to meet you," Machida asked.

Haruka twitched his lips when he heard it, "Can I reject it?"

"She said that she was your ex though," Machida said with a strange tone.

"Ex?" Haruka was startled when he heard it. He thought for a while and decided to go there, "Well, I will go there tomorrow."

"Good," Machida said.

"How is my novel?" Haruka asked.

"I have checked it and there aren't any problems, you should be able to see your books in a bookstore in three weeks," Machida said.

"Thank you very much," Haruka said.

"You don't need to thank me, this is my job," Machida felt like he was a really good young man.

They talked for a while and ended the phone.

"My ex?" Haruka wasn't sure who it was but he knew that he needed to meet this person tomorrow. He looked at the table and sighed when he looked at the mess that she had caused. He cleaned it for a while and knocked her room.

"Sora, can I talk to you?" Haruka asked, but she didn't answer him.

"I know that I broke my promise but let's go out the day after tomorrow, this time for real, I won't break my promise this time," Haruka said. He waited for a while and the door opened. He saw her looking at him through the gap of the door.

"Really?" Sora asked.

"Yes, of course," Haruka nodded.

Sora nodded and asked, "Who is that earlier?"

"My editor," Haruka said.

Sora somehow sighed in relief when she heard it was his editor, "Good, the day after tomorrow."

Haruka nodded at her and caressed her head, "Good, I will go to sleep now, you should go too." He yawned and went to his room.

Sora didn't close her door and kept looking at his back.

Haruka laid down on his bed while remembering there was a magic introduction that he had received earlier. He wasn't sure whether it was working or not since this world and Fairy Tail's world had a different concept. He also wasn't sure whether there was an existence of a supernatural world and he also didn't really want to get involved in that matter.

Haruka yawned and decided to look at the introduction of magic tomorrow since he was quite sleepy. He closed his eyes and only opened it again when he heard someone open his door.


Haruka turned his head and saw his little sister was there holding her rabbit doll while looking at him.

"What's wrong, Sora?"

"I have a nightmare, can I sleep with you?"

"Sure, come here," Haruka said.

Sora inwardly smiled but she still maintained her scared expression. She laid down beside him while holding her rabbit doll.

Haruka covered both of them with a blanket, "Good night." He was mentally tired since he had found the existence of 'Dimensional Chat Group'.

Sora nodded in response while looking at him closing his eyes. She thought he was really tired today and felt guilty for throwing tantrums earlier. She used his arm for a pillow and slept while facing toward him, "Don't leave me, Haru..."

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