So Pure, So Flirtatious

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Trim Your Hair, Strengthen Your Will

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Yang Ming stopped and turned around. With an ambiguous smile, he said, “Chen Mengyan, why do you always have a problem with me when there are so many people in class?”

“Ah? Me?” Chen Mengyan was also puzzled. How could I have any problems with him? Yet she thought about it and said, “I am the study commissary. You are the only one who has always skipped class. Of course, I have to monitor you!”

“Oh? I see.” Yang Ming nodded his head. “Does that mean I can find you if I face any difficulties in my studies?”

“This… of course, you can!” Chen Mengyan nodded.

Unfortunately, I do not know a single thing or else I could use asking questions in my studies as an excuse to chase after her! Yang Ming schemed in his heart.

Yang Ming wanted to skip class. However, at this time, the class teacher, Teacher Lee, walked into class. He wouldn’t dare to skip class in front of his class teacher regardless of how bada** he could be at times. Therefore, he fumed but returned to his seat.

“Yang Ming, you are really bada** aren’t you? You didn’t even give a sh*t to the class monitor. You really helped us, underachievers, to vent out our resentment!” said Zhang Bing as Yang Ming sat down in his seat.

In a class, high achievers and underachievers were always on opposite sides – especially Wang Zhitao, this arrogant class monitor. But, of course, the pretty study commissary was an exception.

In school, regardless of how good or bad the girl was, as long as she was pretty, there would be a hoard of guys pursuing her. Chen Mengyan was a great example.

“It is he who went overboard,” said Yang Ming and smiled.

“Yes, damn! On what basis is he saying that you are unworthy of her? I think he’s the one who’s unworthy – spending most of his days flattering her! Yang Ming, every aspect of yours is stronger than his.” Zhang Bing, who was also an underachiever, always had a good relationship with Yang Ming. Therefore, automatically, he was angry at their common enemy.

“But he’s really good in his studies!” laughed Yang Ming embarrassed as he heard Zhang Bing praise him.

“Hey, bro, don’t you tell me that you haven’t any intentions toward Chen Mengyan! Being good in your studies doesn’t mean anything. You can’t even use it to earn a living!” Zhang Bing covered his mouth with his hand and whispered, “I think Chen Mengyan may be interested in you!”

“Stop saying nonsense.” Even though Yang Ming said so with his mouth, his heart started to beat faster. Is it really possible that Chen Mengyan is interested in me?

Since Yang Ming had nothing to do during the evening study session, he began to explore his special power. What else can these contact lenses do? His intuition told him that there must be more than two functions. However, he wasn’t able to figure out any other functions yet.

After Yang Ming’s repeated experimentation, he realized he could not only look through people’s clothing, but he could also look through any kind of medium including walls, books, and floors. As long as he thought about it, he could see it. He could even look into people’s organs.

Combining his enhanced eyesight, he could look through people to see what was beyond them! This finding was truly exciting for him because this also meant that he could read another person’s exam paper as long as he got the right angle.

The only downside was that his eyesight couldn’t operate in any direction. This meant that he could only look at what was in front of and beside him, but nothing behind him. If he sat in the first seat during his National Higher Education Entrance Examination, there was really nothing much that he could do. Although he could look through a wall and see the exam papers in the classroom, what could be done if he was seated in the front of the classroom?

Even though this scenario seemed highly unlikely, these situations are really possible in an unlucky situation. Yang Ming decided to stop thinking about these unhappy things and took out his algebra textbook.

“Master Wang, who made you angry?” A young man wearing sunglasses came out of a model s600 car and he courteously opened the back door of the car.

Wang Zhitao’s face darkened as he got into the car. The young man with shades went back to the driver’s seat and started the car.

“F*** it. There’s a student who’s f***** going against me!” Wang Zhitao said a series of unfiltered foul words. It was outside class hours so there was no longer a need to feign politeness.

“Who has such big balls to dare to provoke our Master Wang? Do you want me to find a few people to screw him up?” The young man with the shades asked.

“Not at this moment. Ah Biao, I had a conflict with him today. If anything were to happen to him, others would easily associate it with me. Give it some time first. Let him be free for a few more days!” said Wang Zhitao after he considered it for a while.

“Sure, Master Wang. Whenever you want me to act, you let me know,” said Ah Biao as he drove.

At the same time, Yang Ming was riding his broken Bicycle “28” back to his home. He stopped for a moment when he passed the road where he fought with Zhang Yuliang in the afternoon. However, the old man was nowhere to be found.

This really disappointed Yang Ming. He wanted to question the old man, but it seemed like that was impossible. Hence, he could only rely on his own investigations.

Your smile in the candlelight,

Brought warmth to my heart.

Say goodbye to yesterday’s hurt and pain,

It’s you who understands my heart.

The night may be dark,

But we know our paths.

Together we went through storms,

Slowly, our hearts came together.

As Yang Ming passed by the salon in his building, the old song, <Good People Good Dream>, sung by Sun Yue and Tai Zhengxiao, was being played inside. Yang Ming locked his bicycle and went in to get his hair cut. His cool-looking crew cut hairstyle had turned into a military haircut.

Yang Ming didn’t really know why he would make such a decision. Trimming his hair to strengthen his will… was it a way to express his determination in his studies? Surprisingly, Yang Ming finished the first three chapters of algebra during last night’s review session.

Is it because of Zhao Ying? Or Chen Mengyan? Or is it to give his father a peace of mind?

Even Yang Ming himself didn’t know what the answer was.

He made another discovery during last evening’s review. He could clearly see the contents of a book without opening it. On some pages, the words were turned around but he could still understand the meaning with a bit of effort.

Yang Ming got really excited. As long as he put his reference book in his bag and left his bag on the podium, he can refer to answers at any time during the National Higher Education Entrance Examination!

Father Yang felt really happy when he saw how his son had gotten a short haircut and went to study right after he came back. He and Mother Yang discussed cooking up some good dishes tomorrow.

Yang Ming felt ashamed of his parents’ actions. After all, he was only studying to discover how to cheat during his National Higher Education Entrance Examination.

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