So Pure, So Flirtatious

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Chat in a Corner

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“What did you say?!” Zhao Ying heard Yang Ming’s muttering. She hadn’t been teaching for long, therefore, her greatest fear was to have her students challenge her authority. When she realized Yang Ming was back talking, she was infuriated and responded, “I will call your parents to come to school immediately.”

Yang Ming smirked and chuckled, “Hehe.”

Zhao Ying never thought that Yang Ming would respond by laughing when he heard that his parents would come to school. Zhao Ying queried, “What are you laughing at? Are you listening to me!?” When Zhao Ying started her teaching career, her senior once advised her to use a “killer technique” against bad students. This “killer technique” that was honored as the fail-safe method had suffered a loss for the first time.

Yang Ming was disgusted with the idea of having his parents come over since it was mentioned. He said to Zhao Ying, “Wouldn’t calling a student’s parents indicate some lacking in the teacher’s capabilities?”

It was the first time that Zhao Ying saw it from this perspective. In her opinion, the act of calling parents was a natural way to resolve a bad student’s attitude. She never thought that her belief could be challenged. After some reflection, she realized what Yang Ming said made some sense. Teachers weren’t needed if every issue was resolved by calling the student’s parents.

After some deliberation, Zhao Ying said, “I was rash. What you said is right. If every issue required the student’s parents, it reflects the lack of ability as a teacher! Come to my office every night starting tomorrow. I will tutor you in mathematics.”

“Ah?” Yang Ming was speechless! He glared at Zhao Ying and wished he could slap himself. Damn it, I shouldn’t have talked so much. With a single sentence, I had sacrificed all my wonderful after-school time.

Zhao Ying waved her hand and said, “Alright, you may leave!” Then, she threw the plagiarized exam paper to Yang Ming. “Go back home and reflect on it. There’s no need for me to grade your exam.”

Yang Ming caught the exam paper, bid farewell and left the office. He put the exam paper in his pocket. He didn’t care whether it was graded or not. The key issue was how he should handle things tomorrow.

It was every boy’s wish to be alone with a pretty teacher. Young, pretty and with a positive attitude, Zhao Ying had become a popular topic in the boys’ conversations. It was a daily occurrence for every boy in class to bother Zhao Ying by asking questions.

However, Yang Ming was far from happy. He didn’t know anything in class. He liked being alone with a pretty female teacher, but learning had become a headache.

His distress was quickly replaced by elation over his recently acquired ability. Now, am I considered a wielder of a supernatural ability? Even though this ability comes from the lenses, it should count.

Yang Ming returned to the classroom and encountered the class monitor, Wang Zhitao.

Wang Zhitao said to Yang Ming, “Yang Ming, let’s go chat in the corner!”

Stunned, Yang Ming asked, “Have a chat?” He saw Wang Zhitao’s enraged expression and knew what had happened. This guy must be fighting the injustice against the campus belle.

Wang Zhitao scowled at Yang Ming and said, “Let’s go!” Others may be afraid of Yang Ming but not Wang Zhitao.

Yang Ming replied with a cold snort, “Alright!” He laughed in his head. Damn, who do you think you are – wanting to have a “chat” with me?

Without giving an opportunity for Wang Zhitao to say anything else, Yang Ming walked toward the classroom exit. Originally, Wang Zhitao wanted to shove Yang Ming out the door. Wang Zhitao never thought that Yang Ming was so straightforward. Wang Zhitao’s vibe was weaker; he couldn’t help but be agitated.

Chen Mengyan noticed that Wang Zhitao was talking to Yang Ming. She interrupted and said, “Wang Zhitao, Yang Ming! What are the both of you doing?!” She felt that something wasn’t right. An arrogant person like Wang Zhitao would never chat with a bad student like Yang Ming. Today, she couldn’t believe that he even talked to Yang Ming. In addition, they had to leave the classroom too. All of these reasons compelled Chen Mengyan to confront them and ask about the situation.

Wang Zhitao’s confrontation with Yang Ming was an act to impress Chen Mengyan. In a chivalrous way he said, “Mengyan, it isn’t any big deal. You should leave. This is a dispute between men!”

Chen Mengyan frowned and stared at Wang Zhitao, “Are you dealing with Yang Ming because of me? If that is the case, you can stop!”

Wang Zhitao wanted to stand up for Chen Mengyan. “Mengyan, I …” uttered Wang Zhitao. He felt embarrassed since Chen Mengyan did not accept his favor. He vented his frustration at Yang Ming and said, “Hmph, it is over this time as a favor to Mengyan. But, I warn you to be careful of what you say! Mengyan is someone you should never speak ill against!”

Yang Ming didn’t get angry at first because last time he was impolite to Chen Mengyan. However, after listening to Wang Zhitao’s acid remarks, he was indignant. He pushed away Wang Zhitao’s finger which pointed at him and said, “Stop pointing your finger at me. You don’t have any say in my business.”

Wang Zhitao had been completely shut out. In addition to getting chewed out by Chen Mengyan, Yang Ming told him to stop barging into other people’s business.

Wang Zhitao dropped his usual gentlemanly composure. He revealed his bossy temperament and said, “You’re asking for the moon. Why don’t you look at yourself in the mirror and leave Mengyan alone?”

Yang Ming was outraged as well. “Damn, I will definitely kill you if you don’t stop talking!” Since junior high school, he was known for brawling. No one dared to speak to him this way. Yang Ming was already a bad student; he couldn’t care less.

Before returning to his own seat, Wang Zhitao threw his words fiercely to Yang Ming, “You … Fine, let’s see how it goes!”

Yang Ming retorted, “Sucker!” and left the classroom. Originally, he was quite happy to have a supernatural ability, however, Wang Zhitao completely ruined his happy mood. Yang Ming prepared to play billiards with Xu Peng later.

Chen Mengyan knew the self-study period was approaching, and yet Yang Ming walked to the exit. Yang Ming probably wanted to cut the class. Chen Mengyang shouted, “Yang Ming, do you want to skip the class again?!”

Yang Ming heard Chen Mengyan. Wild thoughts went through Yang Ming’s mind. Would she fall for me? Why is she always barging into my business? In the past, Yang Ming wouldn’t have thought this way. However, at that moment, things were different. He had a supernatural ability which boosted his self-confidence greatly. Based on the web novels that he read, the main character could easily acquire a pretty girl and money after attaining a special ability.

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