So Pure, So Flirtatious

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Exposing His Manhood To Two Women

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The toilet in Zhao Ying’s house was easily identifiable since it was just opposite of the main hall. Thus, Yang Ming found it quickly.

Actually, Yang Ming had been holding his bladder the entire time. In his mind, he thought, “If I didn’t look up, every place could be a washroom.” As a matter of fact, he could have done his business outside but Zhao Ying’s presence made him feel embarrassed to do so.

The washroom light was already on, but Yang Ming didn’t notice. He unzipped his pants straight away and drew out his “little Yang Ming” to pee.

While Yang Ming was enjoying his peeing, a sudden “kak-la-la” sound came from behind. Yang Ming twisted his head around and realized the door of the bathroom was being pushed open…

A young girl with a beautiful figure fluttered her hair and teasingly peeped her head into the bathroom. “Zhao Ying is so great. You can actually pee for such a long time… Ah!” She was startled as she caught sight of a strange man taking a leak in the washroom.

Her scream wasn’t very serious, but Yang Ming was startled to the point where the “streaming” stopped. At that moment, Yang Ming’s predicament was even more awkward. If I held it back and left, I would feel really uncomfortable. But if I kept going, there was still a woman in the bathroom compartment next to me!

Damn. Why is it so scary to be seen? I am a man! Yang Ming was desperate and so he continued his business.

Zhao Ying entered the house. She knew that her housemate, Wang Xiaoyan, was back once she saw that the house was well-lit. Thus, she called out twice so that she could introduce Yang Ming to Wang Xiaoyan. However, even after calling “Xiaoyan” a few times, there was no reply. Suddenly Zhao Ying saw the clothing scattered on the chair. She knew it was going to be bad! This girl must be bathing! She was dismayed when she remembered that Yang Ming ran toward the washroom the moment he entered the house. Immediately, she hurried toward the washroom.

Due to her panic, Zhao Ying did not knock and right away opened the washroom door. “Yang Ming!”

Similarly, Yang Ming did not lock the door due to his urgency. At this moment. Yang Ming just started relieving his bladder again. Again, Zhao Ying’s frightened scream halted his business.

“Ah? Er…” Zhao Ying was stunned and speechless as she stared at Yang Ming.

Yang Ming felt unsettled in his heart. Damn. I will be frightened to the point of becoming sick! They must be related after seeing how similar their behavior is! I was just startled a few moments ago in the washroom. Now, I had to be startled again.

Zhao Ying couldn’t help but blush. “Yang Ming, you come out first…” She was afraid that Wang Xiaoyan would appear naked in front of Yang Ming. She tried to get Yang Ming out of the washroom as soon as possible.

“Please, Sister Ying. Do you know how painful it is to be startled and retracted after peeing! Are you planning to take a peek at me peeing?” said Yang Ming feeling helpless.

“Go! Who would want to peek at you! Hurry up!” Zhao Ying immediately closed the door after she finished her sentence.

Yang Ming finally finished his business. Since it couldn’t be helped that his manhood had already been seen by two women, he simply let it go. After he finished peeing, he shook his weiner a little and zipped his pants.

Before Yang Ming left, he intentionally knocked on the glass door of the bathroom and said, “Pretty girl, I am done. You can come out!”

Wang Xiaoyan was wiping her body just then. The sudden noise of “shh” outside the bathroom made her think that Zhao Ying had come back. She simply opened the door to ridicule Zhao Ying and that was how everything happened.

The bathroom door was built with glass that was apparently non-transparent from both sides. Although this was the case, Wang Xiaoyan was having a hard time in the bathroom. She was aware that nothing can be seen from the outside, yet her hand subconsciously covered her private parts.

Actually, Yang Ming didn’t see anything at all. Everything in front of him was a hazy mist, and then the bathroom door closed. Wang Xiaoyan couldn’t see anything clearly as well. What she managed to make out in her vision was a figure of a man. Zhao Ying was the one that completely saw everything for a minute!

Zhao Ying was embarrassed. She secretly scolded herself for being a pervert. It is already enough that I got to see him pee just now. Why did I stare at it for such a long time?

It was mostly out of curiosity for Zhao Ying. She never had a boyfriend before. There weren’t any prior opportunities for her to see that part of a man’s body. She didn’t have any other thoughts in mind when she uncontrollably looked at it a few times. However, reflecting on what had already happened, Zhao Ying realized that her face was flushed. She secretly prayed that Yang Ming did not notice her gaze, or else she wouldn’t be able to face him at school.

Zhao Ying sighed in relief once she saw Yang Ming leave the washroom. Unbeknownst to her, Yang Ming had already encountered Wang Xiaoyan.

“Sister Ying, why are you looking at me like that? Did it bring out a certain form of desire?” Yang Ming didn’t care anymore since his part had already been seen. There was nothing else to be wary of. He just spoke about whatever was on his mind.

His words turned Zhao Ying’s face that had just cooled down ablaze again. She said to Yang Ming, “Go to hell!”

Wild thoughts surged into Yang Ming’s mind after he heard Zhao Ying’s reprimand which sounded like flirting. Seeing how embarrassed Zhao Ying was, Yang Ming couldn’t help but wonder if he had said it right.

“Ahem!” Zhao Ying realized there was something wrong with her. She wanted to put on a solemn face and lecture Yang Ming. However, words were stuck in her throat.

At this moment, the status of Yang Ming and Zhao Ying in each other’s hearts seemed to have changed…

Soon after, Zhao Ying recalled the incident with Wang Xiaoyan inside the bathroom. If she came out, everything will be really bad. Zhao Ying said to Yang Ming, “You! Come to my room!”

“Heh?” Yang Ming was dumbfounded. In his opinion, Zhao Ying wasn’t such a forward girl. Why would she suddenly let me into her room? Could it be…

Zhao Ying saw the lewd expression on Yang Ming’s face. After thinking deeply, she realized her words were misleading and Yang Ming had gotten the wrong idea!

“What were you thinking!” Zhao Ying simply pinched Yang Ming on his waist and said, “I share this house with another person. Go and hide in my room.”

Zhao Ying couldn’t seem to say why were they hiding but, Yang Ming seemed to understand what he had just heard.

Both of them cooperated well with each other without talking further. Yang Ming didn’t ask about anything and rushed into the room that Zhao Ying pointed to.

After closing the door, Yang Ming’s heart was still palpitating rapidly. In a single night, my manhood was exposed to two women. On the other hand, I didn’t manage to see anything! It is such a loss. The glass of the bathroom is not transparent… transparent? Damn, how could I forget about using my special ability? Yang Ming was filled with regret! Originally, peeking at others was shameful in Yang Ming’s mind. Since the others already saw my private parts, it is no longer peeking if I was to gaze back upon them.

After having his thoughts persuade him, Yang Ming immediately used his x-ray vision to see what was happening in the main hall.

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