So Pure, So Flirtatious

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Tampons

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Yang Ming saw how Zhao Ying opened the washroom door and scanned the room where he stood before. Yang Ming was shocked and thought that Zhao Ying knew about his evil act. However, seeing how Zhao Ying had turned around, he was relieved and continued to peek.

Yang Ming saw Zhao Ying go into the washroom for a while and come out. Behind her followed a long-haired pretty girl wearing only a bra and panty. Although both her boobs and butt were one size smaller than Zhao Ying’s, they were pretty balanced. After her bath, her smooth silky skin shone like a white taro plant. She had a flat stomach without a trace of fat. Her long legs definitely would look good under a skirt without silk stockings!

Yang Ming swallowed his saliva as his private part got excited. A world-class pretty girl – how did he missed that just now? Yang Ming wanted to get a clearer look. The pretty girl had turned around with her back facing Yang Ming and walked into her room.

There was a butterfly tattoo below the pretty girl’s right buttcheek!

She put a tattoo on this spot? Damn. She must not be a good girl. Even though she was a tempting little girl, now she could actually be a slu* who had slept with thousands of people!

Yang Ming regretted even more that he didn’t just push open the washroom door. But why would Zhao Ying stay with this kind of girl? Just because Yang Ming saw a tattoo on the girl’s body, he had already classified her as a loose woman.

The door slammed shut. Zhao Ying turned around and started walking towards the room where Yang Ming hid. Yang Ming scooted to a corner pretending to survey the room.

“Yang Ming…” The door opened and Zhao Ying was astonished when she saw Yang Ming. Her words were left hanging.

At this moment, Yang Ming was leaning back staring at a pack of tampons on her bookshelf! Honestly, Yang Ming only “saw” that Zhao Ying was coming in and pretended to look at something, but he didn’t really notice what he was looking at!

Zhao Ying was really sensitive toward things like these. She had bought that pack of tampons from the supermarket during the holidays. Once she got home, Wang Xiaoyan told her that this kind of thing could actually break her hymen. She couldn’t help but be scared and asked for a few sanitary pads from Wang Xiaoyan. However, Zhao Ying wasn’t willing to throw away these tampons. Since the expiration date was after twenty-four months, it was possible that Wang Xiaoyan would get a boyfriend and she would be able to use these. Thus, Zhao Ying always kept them on the bookshelf.

“What are you staring at?” Zhao Ying saw Yang Ming was still interested in the tampons in front of him. He didn’t even budge even after she arrived.

“Just casually looking.” Yang Ming still hadn’t realized that his behavior had really bothered Zhao Ying. However, since Zhao Ying asked him what he was looking at, his eyes focused on the object in front and belatedly realized what he was staring at – tampons!

Yang Ming broke out in a cold sweat. This time around his intentions had backfired. It would be terrible if Zhao Ying thought he had a fetish! However, Yang Ming, being Yang Ming, had a really quick reaction.

Yang Ming calmly picked up the pack of tampons, turned around and told Zhao Ying, “Sister Ying, do you have any ointment? I took a punch before and just realized that I have a bruise.” He then swung the pack in his hand and continued, “I noticed that there’s a bag of cotton pads here which I could use for applying first aid!”

“Eh?” This time around, Zhao Ying was the one who felt awkward! He actually thought those were cotton pads! He really doesn’t know what they were for? Zhao Ying had some doubts. However, seeing that Yang Ming’s expression did not have the slightest hesitation, she believed him! Upon further contemplation, she thought it was really possible. Tampons weren’t common; they were not as popular as sanitary pads. It was also plausible that he, as a man, did not know what they were.

“This… is expired. Let me get you first aid cotton pads!” Zhao Ying took the tampons from Yang Ming’s hand.

“Eh? I don’t think so. I noticed that it wasn’t opened. Why don’t you hand it over to me and let me check the expiry date?” Yang Ming wanted to take the tampons back.

How could Zhao Ying allow him to do that? She blushed, tossed the tampons into her cupboard, closed it and said, “There’s really no need to see it. Of course, I know what I bought!”

Yang Ming was just putting on a show. He didn’t really intend to take them back. He was amused looking at Zhao Ying’s clumsy response but still pretended to be indifferent.

Zhao Ying was worried that he would search through her other things so she didn’t close her door. She ran to the living room to grab the first aid kit and hurried back.

“Where’s the wound? Let me take a look.” Zhao Ying took out the tincture and a real cotton pad from the first aid kit.

“Uh… Let me do it myself,” said Yang Ming, embarrassed, as he pointed at his own stomach.

“Hurry up! Take off your shirt. Why are you embarrassed? All wounds should be treated!” Noticing how Yang Ming didn’t move at all, she became impatient and without thinking said, “I have even seen your area down there. How would I still be afraid of looking at your stomach?”

Yang Ming jaw dropped as he stared at his pretty teacher. These words were a bit too flirtatious, weren’t they?

“We are sister and brother. It really doesn’t matter if I saw it or not.” Zhao Ying explained as she pretended to be calm.

“Then, could I see yours too?” Even though Yang Ming appeared stunned, his mind wasn’t and responded at a pretty fast rate.

“You may not! I am your sister. You are the younger brother. It’s perfectly justified for a sister to look at her younger brother!” Zhao Ying forcefully explained.

“Oh!” Yang Ming knew that Zhao Ying already had quite a shock tonight. He stopped arguing because he was concerned that Zhao Ying would be upset. He took off his jacket and lifted up his shirt.

“That’s serious!” Zhao Ying exclaimed after looking at the bruise on Yang Ming’s stomach.

Yang Ming rolled his eyes. Of course! That guy was obviously a trained boxer. How could a punch from him not be serious! But this kind of wound was a common thing for Yang Ming in the past.

Zhao Ying dipped the cotton pad into the tincture and carefully rubbed it onto Yang Ming’s wound. Because Zhao Ying accidentally applied too much pressure, Yang Ming contracted his muscles as pain surged throughout his body causing his 6-packs to appear.

“I didn’t really know that you actually have some pretty lean muscle!” Zhao Ying laughed.

“You thought it was by coincidence that I settled those two guys?” asked Yang Ming proudly.

“Even though you were beaten up this badly, you are still a pretentious…” Halfway through the sentence, Zhao Ying thought that these words weren’t really proper to be spoken by a girl.

“Pretentious bast***?” Yang Ming finished her sentence. “At least, now I could pretend. Those two – they can’t even pretend anything!”

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