So Pure, So Flirtatious

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: My Pretty Girls

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Zhao Ying closed up the first aid kit and put it back. Suddenly she stopped and thought to say, “Oh yeah, Yang Ming, you should be careful of Jin Gang’s revenge!”

Yang Ming acted doubtfully and asked, “Jin Gang? Why?” But he thought to himself, Was it possible that Zhao Ying already realized who the culprit was behind all those things?

Zhao Ying wasn’t sure either so she ambiguously said, “It’s nothing. I’m only just guessing. Anyhow, you have to be careful!” She felt that there was something amiss when she met the thugs but she couldn’t it figure out. After she got back, she felt strongly that something was not right. I live in the school family building which is only a few hundred meters away. The road in between only connects to the school so those who use this road should only be the school’s staff and their family members. No one else would be using this road. Besides, those who use it have a set schedule. There shouldn’t have been anyone else passing by since it was late. If the thugs had researched properly, they wouldn’t have picked this time to rob people! But, there is still a chance for thugs to randomly appear.

Most importantly, the fat thug mentioned Brother Gang. Who is Brother Gang? Could it be Jin Gang? Zhao Ying felt that it was highly possible when she considered Jin Gang. Only Jin Gang knew that she would be late from tutoring her student so he could have set up an ambush there. But what was Jin Gang’s motive? Zhao Ying couldn’t figure it out again. She usually didn’t read many novels so how could she possibly associate this with “Saving the Damsel in Distress”?

Zhao Ying couldn’t be sure of it and was only guessing. She didn’t mention much to Yang Ming. Although Yang Ming seemed to mirror her thoughts, he didn’t ask much. They had built up a more tacit understanding with each other.

Wang Xiaoyan didn’t come out after she returned to her room. She could be angry or shy or else she could have already gone to bed. Yang Ming didn’t pry. Zhao Ying apparently didn’t know what had happened between him and Wang Xiaoyan. If she did, she would have interrogated Yang Ming for his “crime”.

After Zhao Ying applied the medicine, Yang Ming decided that it was time for him to leave. If not, Zhao Ying may suspect that he had other intentions for being there even though he did. But he still couldn’t let her figure that out so Yang Mind said, “Sister Ying, it’s getting late. I’m going home!”

“En, okay. Later just ride your bicycle and go home. Please be safe on the way and don’t stop!” advised Zhao Ying.

“I understand.” Yang Ming nodded but he thought otherwise. Even if Jin Gang wanted revenge, he needed to have the capability to do so.

“Heh?” Yang Ming saw that his “28” bicycle had been smashed into scrap metal. His hair stood up immediately. Yang Ming cursed, Son of a b****!

Yang Ming immediately knew that it was the bit players who did this! Damn it! They were defeated yet they still dare do this dirty trick! Yang Ming swore to the heap of metal. The next time I see these guys, I must ride them like a bicycle!

It’s f**king damn unlucky. Yang Ming carried the broken bicycle and walked home. It’s already broken so why am I carrying it back? Bulls***! Scrap iron still sells for 10 bucks! Yang Ming was unwilling to throw it away.

Yang Ming searched with his eyes as he walked back but he didn’t see any of them. It seemed that they left after the incident.

After he reached home, Yang Ming parents weren’t that worried because they knew he had gone for tutoring.

Yang Ming dared not tell them that the bicycle was wrecked as retribution from a fight. He made up an excuse that he was hit from behind by a truck. He was slightly hurt but the bicycle was demolished and then because it was dark, the truck had gotten away. As a result, he even had a reason for his broken spectacles.

Yang Ming’s parents saw the bruises on his abdomen and didn’t doubt his words. They sighed and cursed the truck driver. However, they were glad that Yang Ming was safe. They comforted him by saying, “The road is too dangerous. It is good that the bicycle was broken so that you don’t have to ride it anymore. The school isn’t far from home anyway and walking to school will be fine.”

This week Yang Ming had mathematics tutoring with Zhao Ying every evening and Jin Gang never came again to harass her. Although Yang Ming could finish most of Zhao Ying’s practice questions by himself, there were still some difficult questions that he had to ask Chen Mengyan for help.

At first, Chen Mengyan was unwilling to help, but after a few times, she realized that Yang Ming was serious about it. Furthermore, the questions that Yang Ming asked were indeed pretty tricky. He didn’t seem to use it as an excuse to talk to her.

When Chen Mengyan saw that Yang Ming’s questions followed the sequence of the chapters, she knew that he was putting effort into it. As a result, Chen Mengyan left her ego aside and earnestly explained them to him.

Yang Ming was delighted. The little beauty explained to him during the day and the big beauty tutored him at night. He felt so great that he could almost write a book called <My Little and Big Beauties>. But someone wasn’t happy about it. That person was Wang Zhitao. Seeing his “non-official wife” sitting with another guy everyday vexed him.

At first, Wang Zhitao believed that Yang Ming’s objective was to find someone to teach him. Therefore, he ordered one of his followers who was good in his studies to teach Yang Ming.

This follower walked in front of Yang Ming and arrogantly said, “If you have any questions just ask me in the future! No need to thank me!” Then he returned to his seat and waited for Yang Ming to seek his help.

He waited for quite some time but Yang Ming didn’t ask him anything. When he turned around, he realized Yang Ming went back to Chen Mengyan! This follower immediately got annoyed and said, “Yang Ming, I generously offered to teach you. Why didn’t you come here?”

Yang Ming didn’t even look at him and scolded, “A**h***. Do you think you’re as pretty as our Yanyan?”

Chen Mengyan wasn’t angry when she heard Yang Ming but she rebuked him. “Yang Ming! Why did you curse at him? He was just being nice!”

“Nice? He is obviously Wang Zhitao’s henchman. Wang Zhitao wants to chase me away with this mean trick because I’m sticking with you all day!” Yang Ming said carelessly.

Chen Mengyan thought it was ridiculous. Even if he wanted to chase you away, he was teaching you too. How can it be a mean trick?!

Yang Ming noticed that Chen Mengyan didn’t say anything so he pretended to be sad and said, “I knew it. You don’t like it either when I ask you questions. Look at Wang Zhitao’s wicked face. If I asked him, he might intentionally give me the wrong answers! Forget it. I’m not an academic person anyway! I won’t stick around you anymore!”

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