So Pure, So Flirtatious

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: The Number One Pursuer

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Yang Ming noticed that Chen Mengyan didn’t say anything so he pretended to be sad and said, “I knew it. You don’t like it either when I ask you questions. Look at Wang Zhitao’s wicked face. If I asked him, he might intentionally give me the wrong answers! Forget it. I’m not an academic person anyway! I won’t stick around you anymore!”

Chen Mengyan was a kind-hearted person to begin with and seeing how Yang Ming studied hard and progressed day by day, she felt a unique sense of happiness in her heart. After listening to his words and recalling Wang Zhitao’s jealous expression, she could see that scenario happening and Wang Zhitao may intentionally give the wrong answer! Chen Mengyan couldn’t bear to see Yang Ming abandon himself again after the slight improvements from these past few days. She blurted out, “I didn’t say that I didn’t like you!”

“Eh?” Yang Ming never thought that Chen Mengyan would “confess” to him. He was so surprised that his mouth opened wide just like a toad that had managed to get a taste of the swan meat. [1]

“?” Chen Mengyan stared at Yang Ming dumbfoundedly. What happened to him? After some time, Chen Mengyang suddenly realized the problem with what she said. No wonder Yang Ming misunderstood it! Hence, she looked at Yang Ming and said, “What I meant is that I like you asking questions. If you ever have any wild thoughts, I will not care about you anymore!”

“Ah… hehe, haha. I am not having any wild thoughts. I am just excited.” Yang Ming scratched his head and thought that he misunderstood the context.

A few days after the encounter, Chen Mengyan understood Yang Ming better. Besides spouting nonsense, she realized that Yang Ming didn’t hold any bad will against the others. Also, he is very smart; he can quickly grasp the things that she explained to him. He could even extrapolate from those explanations to solve other questions.

After each time a question was solved, Yang Ming consciously led a conversation with Chen Mengyan. But, he wasn’t too pushy. Chen Mengyan didn’t get repulsed but instead gained a more favorable impression on Yang Ming.

“Yes, Yanyan. Does your father look very ugly?” Yang Ming asked. After he shamelessly used the nickname non-stop for a few days, Chen Mengyan had finally accepted the nickname “Yanyan” because all her efforts to stop him were to no avail. While Chen Mengyan could have corrected him once or even ten times, she wouldn’t have been able to correct him over and over for hundreds or thousands of times. Yang Ming’s thinking was, “If Wang Zhitao can call her ‘Mengyan’, I will just call her ‘Yanyan’. Let’s see who’s closer to her!”

“Ah? My father? Ugly?” Chen Mengyan stared at Yang Ming with a puzzled expression as she was unable to comprehend what he said. If he means it like the saying, “like father, like son”, is he saying that I am ugly? But Yang MIng always called me the young pretty girl. Also, I know how my looks are. Even though I may not be as pretty as the angels, I can easily stand out in a crowd. What did Yang Ming really mean?

Yang Ming asked, “Unacceptable? Then can you explain to me why are you are called Chen Mengyan?”

Chen Mengyan was further confused and she questioned, “How is my name related to what my father looks like?”

Yang Ming queried, “Your father’s surname is Chen, right?”

“You don’t say. If the surname of my father is not Chen, are you saying that your father’s surname is Chen?” said Chen Mengyan as she felt agitated.

“I also hope that my father’s surname is Chen.” Yang Ming said with a stern face.

“What do you mean?” asked Chen Mengyan.

“My father-in-law will have the surname of Chen ah!” explained Yang Ming.

“If you spout further nonsense, I won’t bother with you anymore!” said Chen Mengyan as she blushed.

“Hehe. This is just an idea. Even you don’t agree, I would still spout more of it!” laughed Yang Ming.

“Let me tell you this: you should stop thinking about nonsense. Your only mission now is to study hard and get into a good university. It will not be too late to think about these things later on!” Chen Mengyan complained.

“Do you mean that you will consider me if I get into the same university as you?” Yang Ming asked obsessively.

“What does this have to do with me?” asked Chen Mengyan.

“Of course, it’s related to you. You are my father-in-law’s daughter… Ah, no. You are my future father-in-law’s daughter!” said Yang Ming.

Chen Mengyan felt helpless. There is actually such a stubborn person who could repeatedly ask a single question in so many ways!

“If you can be in the same university as me, I will consider it!” Chen Mengyan said as she wanted to stop being entangled by Yang Ming’s questions. On the other hand, she wanted to give Yang Ming some motivation to study. So since it was just a consideration, there wasn’t any promise involved.

“So, what you mean is that you will accept my confession if I am able to get into the same university as you?” Yang Ming wasn’t stupid. He was well aware that a consideration and a promise were completely different things.

Chen Mengyan was being cornered by Yang Ming. She had to take a step back and give him something sweet. “Who said that I would accept your confession? I am just saying that I am considering… considering giving you a chance to pursue me.”

“Alright. That’s how it will be then. I will be your number one pursuer. Without my permission, any other pursuer will come after me!” Yang Ming was good at playing around with words.

Chen Mengyan rolled her eyes. Do I need your permission to have other pursuers? Are you my parents? Thinking about her parents, Chen Mengyan suddenly remembered Yang Ming’s question and said, “You haven’t said why my father is ugly!”

Embarrassed, Yang Ming smiled. “Oh, right. I would have forgotten if you didn’t remind me. I got side-tracked!”

“I deviated from the topic?” Chen Mengyan wanted to argue right away, but she held it in. She was afraid that once she opened her mouth, Yang Ming would change the topic to another sensitive one.

Yang Ming asked, “You see – Your father’s surname is Chen, right?”

This time around Chen Mengyan had learned her lesson. She didn’t say anything but merely nodded her head.

Yang Ming was filled with conviction and said, “The meaning of the word “Yan” according to the dictionary is pretty and beautiful. Chen Mengyan, being connected indicates that those who are “Chen” would dream (梦) to be pretty and beautiful. As such, your father must be very ugly!” [2]

“Ah? Chen Mengyan was completely petrified. Since she was young, she had never heard someone explain her name in that way!

Wang Zhitao knew things were not going according to his plan. He sneakily thought to himself, Yang Ming, it is you that got yourself into this mess. Don’t blame me for being cruel!

Wang Zhitao walked toward a corner without people and made a phone call. “Ah Biao? I am Wang Zhitao!”

The driver, Ah Biao, on the other end of the phone respectfully said, “Master Wang, any orders?”

Wang Zhitao said, “It is the problem that I mentioned to you before. There’s a student in class that is pretentious. Go and find someone who is from the ‘society’. Teach him a lesson after lunch break.”

Ah Biao said, “No problem. I will give you a call once I get a few men into the school.”

Wang Zhitao hesitated for a while and said, “Get me a few people who are capable. Don’t handicap him. Just give him a lesson.”

Wang Zhitao hung up his phone and pretended nothing happened as he walked towards class. He gave Yang Ming a pitying look. You dare to seduce my woman. I will turn you into a pig head! [3]

At this moment, Yang Ming didn’t notice that he had been marked. He prepared himself for his journey back home after he finished chatting with Chen Mengyan.

At the moment Yang Ming turned around and left the classroom, Wang Zhitao’s phone rang…

“Everything is ready!” Wang Zhitao revealed a sinister smile on his face after he heard what Ah Biao said.

Chapter Notes:

[1] 吃到了天鹅肉的癞蛤 (Chī dàole tiān’é ròu de lài há) basically refers to an unworthy fellow trying to enjoy things that are too good for him. How could a lowly toad be worthy of eating the meat of a beautiful swan?

[2] 陈梦妍 Chen Mengyan’s name. Yang Ming broke her name down as such: Chen dreams of beauty – therefore if Chen is her father and he dreams of beauty, he must be ugly!

陈 Chen – surname

梦 Meng – dream

妍 Yan – beautiful

[3] 猪头 (Zhūtóu) pig head – idiot

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