So Pure, So Flirtatious

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Just That Little Thing

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“Damn, why are you gawking at me!” Although the slugger was not in Yang Ming’s vicinity, he still had goosebumps from Yang Ming’s staring. He cursed as he walked in Yang Ming’s direction.

“Is it because I can’t look at you? Do you have a problem?” answered Yang Ming immediately because the slugger clamored at him.

Since Yang Ming had his telescopic ability, he could see the slugger but the slugger could not see him. When the slugger got closer, he realized the man was Yang Ming. He was scared and became submissive saying, “Hey, Brother Yang, since it’s you, it’s fine. You can look freely. I don’t have any objections…”

The slugger thought, Who would dare to provoke Yang Ming? If anything went wrong, I would die from a beating.

Yang Ming didn’t think much as he patted the slugger’s shoulder and said, “It’s ok. I just wanted to tell you this. Don’t wear such slutty underwear. Stay under low profile…”

The slugger was surprised as he looked at Yang Ming’s retreating figure. How did he know that I had such a disposition?

Yang Ming quickly walked toward the faculty building. He remembered Zhao Ying was still waiting for him in her office. Why was Zhao Ying looking for me? Yang Ming pondered as he walked. Could she be interested in me and want to date me?

Yang Ming almost drooled when he gauged that Zhao Ying’s body was more developed than Chen Mengyan’s. Can I peek at Zhao Ying’s body? He quickly rejected that thought.

Yang Ming was accustomed to entering without first knocking on the door. When he reached the office door, he walked right in. Zhao Ying was playing QQ Landlords on her computer. Her face became flushed because she was embarrassed to be playing an online game in her office as a teacher. She said angrily, “Yang Ming, why can’t you knock on the door before coming in!””You wouldn’t be afraid of a ghost knocking at your door if you did nothing wrong, Young Teacher Zhao. Are you doing some shameful deed?” Yang Ming smiled and asked indifferently. [1]

“So, does that mean you’re a ghost?” Zhao Ying caught a lie and looked at Yang Ming with a flirtatious smile.

Would Yang Ming be the type of person to dig his own grave? He immediately replied, “I am talking about not being afraid of ghosts knocking on the door. Besides, I didn’t even knock on the door.”

Zhao Ying fumed, Why talk about a ghost knocking on the door when you didn’t even knock on the door!? She then asked, “What do you mean by saying that?”

“It’s just a casual comment. It didn’t mean anything. Your imagination is too powerful like this Lenovo computer!” said Yang Ming as he pointed at the computer on the table.

“…..” Zhao Ying was completely speechless. What kind of student is this! Luckily there weren’t any other teachers in the office. If not, it would be embarrassing.

“Okay, I’m done with the casual talk. Young Teacher Zhao, what do you need from me?” Yang Ming tried not to glance at Zhao Ying’s chest as he spoke. He could not ensure that he would not be tempted to use his x-ray ability.

Zhao Ying was greatly agitated because he had just stolen her words. She was going to ask Yang Ming “Do you know why I’m looking for you!?” but Yang Ming beat her to it.

“You don’t have anything to confess?” asked Zhao Ying continuing her train of thought.

“Me? What should I say? That’s right. Young Teacher Zhao, I think I will be better off wearing contact lenses so I put them on. I considered asking for your help, but I have already done it myself because your job is pretty demanding!” Yang Ming started to bull****.

“Yeah? Then how do you copy others’ answers without spectacles!?” spoke Zhao Ying as she sneered.

“Young Teacher Zhao, what are you talking about? Copying others’ answers?” Yang Ming played dumb. You didn’t catch me during the exam. How do you know I copied? Are you trying to accuse me?

Zhao Ying didn’t answer but placed a stack of exam papers on the office table. She picked up the top two papers and tossed them over to Yang Ming. She scornfully said, “See for yourself. Is there anything to explain?”

When Yang Ming picked up the exam paper, he suddenly broke out in a cold sweat! They were his and Zhang Bing’s exam papers. He was so busy copying that he forgot to make some changes. Therefore, the two exam papers showed the same mistakes and looked identical!

“Don’t you tell me this is just a coincidence,” Zhao Ying said.

“Uh… Actually, this is… There are many strange things in this world. Any similarity is purely coincidental,” retorted Yang Ming with a hollow laugh.

Coincidence my a**! seethed Zhao Ying.

However, Yang Ming was looking at Zhao Ying’s neck flushed red with anger. Looking further down, all he saw were curves. As he peeped through the slightly open collar, there were the looming boobs…

Should I use my x-ray? It will be fine for just a while! A voice spoke to him. No way – you can’t do such a shameful act. She is your teacher!

Another voice spoke to him. What teacher? She is just three years older than I. Take advantage of the opportunity. Don’t fool yourself – you have nothing to lose if you see it.

Yang Ming looked at the buxom chest. He couldn’t help but swallow his saliva. She was obviously tempting him. A man and woman alone in one room – wouldn’t Zhao Ying be afraid of being raped by me?

No way – I can’t control myself any longer! Yang Ming gritted his teeth and looked away. It looks like the bed sheets will need changing tonight!

Zhao Ying also noticed Yang Ming’s fiery eyes. Although she was older than Yang Ming, her EQ was like that of a young girl’s. At first, she thought that if she enforced the appropriate teacher-student relationship, he wouldn’t dare to have any improper thoughts. However, when she saw his lustful eyes, she didn’t know what to do.

“Hum!” Zhao Ying stood up uncomfortably. She tugged at her collar and said, “Yang Ming, look at all the things that you’ve done – skip classes, fight, cheat in exams… What else is there – flirt with female classmates?”

At this moment, Zhao Ying couldn’t help but blush. Could his eyes just now be considered flirting?

Yang Ming was defiant. Since junior high school, he had been thick skinned so why would he now be afraid of a teacher who was three years older?

“Flirting is nothing!” whispered Yang Ming softly. He had just flirted with Chen Mengyan and gotten a slap from her.

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