So You’re Such A Doctor Song

Chapter 14 - Agree to my conditions first. Only then will I marry you

Chapter 14: Agree to my conditions first. Only then will I marry you

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“… Well, I should be able to spare some time in the morning, the day after tomorrow. Let’s meet at 10 o’clock at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau. As for the matter of visiting your family, I’ll pay them a visit in the evening after we receive the wedding certificate. I should’ve gone earlier in the first place, but the issue is that I have several major surgeries to do in the next few days and I really have no time.”

“It’s alright…” replied Changqing. She didn’t have any expectations about the marriage anyway.

Forget it, so be it.

As he had an abnormality with regards to that “aspect,” she wouldn’t be expected to fulfill the obligation of a wife anyway, and they should live their own lives separately.


On the morning they were supposed to apply for a marriage certificate, Changqing overslept.

In the end, it was Aunt Zhang, the housekeeper, who woke her up by knocking on the door of her room. “Miss, there’s a caller looking for you by the name of Mr. Song.”

Hearing Aunt Zhang’s words, Changqing woke up with a start and rapidly climbed down the stairs. As she picked up the phone, she shifted her view to the clock and saw that it was already 10:05 am.

“Miss Yan, I’ve called your phone at least five times since 9 o’clock this morning. Even if you no longer intend to apply for a marriage certificate with me, shouldn’t you have notified me by giving me a call?” Song Chuyi grumbled. His voice sounded icy cold.

“No… I… overslept,” Changqing explained timidly, “My phone was switched off, so I didn’t hear it.”

“… Come to the Civil Affairs Bureau. I’ll wait here for you. Remember to bring your household register,” Song Chuyi replied after he was speechless for a short moment.

When Changqing arrived at the Civil Affairs Bureau, she saw Song Chuyi already waiting at the entrance with one hand in his pants pocket. His eyebrows were elegantly angled, and his tall and suave figure was so prominent that he was able to turn everything in his surroundings into a foil.

Changqing’s heart was placid as if a huge rock was squeezing it on top.

Since she was young, she grew up wanting to marry a man similar to Fu Yu, but since Fu Yu had a girlfriend now, she stopped her wishful thinking as well.

Noticing Changqing walking over to him with a mask on, emotions stirred in Song Chuyi’s clear eyes. “I reckon you would have insomnia before such an important day, but little did I expect that you would oversleep.”

The corners of Changqing’s mouth twitched. “I did have insomnia. I didn’t sleep until three o’clock last night.”

Song Chuyi gave her a sideways look before he turned around and said, “Let’s enter.”

“Wait…” Changqing stopped him. Her heart was in a slight mess. “You have to agree to my conditions first. Only then will I marry you.”


Changqing snobbishly lifted her head slightly and spoke, “After we get married, you mustn’t disclose our marriage to anyone; you aren’t allowed to kiss me; you aren’t allowed to touch me, and we will sleep separately in different rooms as well. You will live your own life, and I’ll live my own life. We won’t interfere with each other’s lives.”

“Okay.” He agreed without any hesitation with a cold gaze.

Changqing was stunned as she didn’t expect he would agree to it so readily. She became even more convinced that he had issues regarding that “aspect.”

She felt a little disappointed.

It was fine if she was able to divorce in the future, but if she couldn’t, didn’t that mean she would never find out what sex felt like?

Although she wasn’t particularly lustful and didn’t even like him at all, eventually she would still be curious about it.

At the Registry of Marriages, in order to have absolute privacy, Song Chuyi asked for a favor from his contacts.

When she signed her name, a feeling of emptiness occupied Changqing’s heart all of a sudden, and tears inexplicably poured out.

The beautiful love that she had longed for was severed just like that.

The lady overseeing the registration jumped when she saw Changqing’s appearance. “Aiyo, why are you crying? Are you questioning whether to get married? I have yet to stamp this, so both of you can still reconsider.”

Song Chuyi looked down towards her and saw tiny droplets of water beads dangling onto her long eyelashes and traces of tears dripping down her tender face. He rubbed his eyebrows and resignedly said, “Just forget it if you’re not willing to go through with this.”

How heartless.

“… No,” Changqing answered as she sniffed her nose and pushed the signed document forward.

“She must be experiencing pre-wedding jitters. Mr. Song, you need to put in more effort to comfort her. As you know, women need to be cherished.” Shortly after, the lady had the marriage certificate ready and handled it over to them. “I wish you newlyweds a happy marriage ahead of you.”

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