So You’re Such A Doctor Song

Chapter 15 - From today onwards, you are a married person

Chapter 15: From today onwards, you are a married person

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“Thanks.” Changqing thanked her as she accepted the certificate with her head bowed.

As they exited the Civil Affairs Bureau, she hung her head down constantly throughout their way out. Song Chuyi was very tall and he couldn’t see her face, so he merely said, “I’ll give your father a call later and pay a visit to your house in the evening to inform him about the matter of us receiving our marriage certificate.”

“Oh. Then I’ll be leaving now,” Changqing replied and walked towards her car. She felt desolate and didn’t want to say anything at the moment.

Song Chuyi watched as she got into her car and saw that her car was a white Audi A7. A slight trace of astonishment flashed across his eyes, but after some time, he drove back to the hospital.

When Changqing returned to the Yan family’s house in the evening and spotted a black Audi parked in the courtyard, her heart began to pound.

As she entered the house, hearty laughter belonging to Lin Yiqin, her brother-in-law, resounded from within the house. Song Chuyi was sitting beside Lin Yiqin, and when he saw her coming in, the corners of his lips curved into a smile.

It was the first time Changqing saw him smiling like this. His smile was akin to a spring breeze.

“My child, why didn’t you inform Dad and remain quiet about such a significant matter like applying for a wedding certificate?” Yan Lei said in a reprimanding tone. However, his eyes were full of complicated yet joyful happiness.

Changqing bit her lips vexedly while she stared at Song Chuyi. He didn’t notify her beforehand about coming to visit at an earlier time, and it caught her off guard mentally.

Zhangrui quipped: “Dad, didn’t Dr. Song mention just a while ago that they fell in love at first sight? In my opinion, I bet the two of them already had favorable impressions of each other when they met at the hospital for the first time. Subsequently after their blind date, they must’ve felt it was destiny and they struck when the iron was hot, so they married each other as their destined partners.”

“Right, that was the case.” Song Chuyi went along with a smile.

Changqing couldn’t believe he could spew out those words from his mouth.

Love at first sight. As if!

He was so cold and indifferent towards her.

Yan Lei was glad yet melancholy at the same time. “Chuyi, this daughter of mine has been spoiled by me ever since she was young and has rarely suffered. From now on, you will have to treat her well and take care of her.”

“Dad, you can rest assured,” Song Chuyi replied in a warm and courteous manner throughout the visit.

“He called him Dad just like that…” Changqing murmured while feeling speechless.

“Of course he should change the way he addresses me. Do you think that he’s thoughtless like you?” Yan Lei scolded her mildly. “Going forward, you have to act more diligently when you live with Chuyi. Don’t always hang out with friends and stay out until it’s late at night. Remember that from today onwards, you’re a married person. Everything you do has to be family oriented.”

“Live together…” Changqing blinked.

“That goes without saying that you both must live together now that the two of you have obtained a marriage certificate.” Although Yan Lei was reluctant that his daughter would be living elsewhere, she would eventually be married off when the time came anyway. “Chuyi told me that the wedding banquet will be held in the latter half of the year and that a villa has been prepared; it’s just that the villa hasn’t started its renovations. For the convenience of his job, he is temporarily staying at an apartment near the hospital. The apartment consists of three bedrooms and two living rooms, and it’s big enough for the two of you to live in. Tomorrow, Chuyi will come and help you move your stuff over.”

“Tomorrow?” Changqing panicked. “Dad, I just got married. Can’t you let me stay here a while longer and let me accompany you? Besides, I still have a show to record tomorrow. I have no time to move.”

“The day after tomorrow, then. Newlyweds should spend more time together.” Yan Lei patted her head and sighed internally.

“Oh, okay.” Changqing was unwilling, but she could only agree to it obediently.

During dinner, Yan Lei opened a bottle of white wine that he had stashed for many years.

Song Chuyi’s face changed slightly when he saw Yan Lei taking out the wine. “Dad, my drinking capacity isn’t very good, so I think it’s better that we don’t drink.”

“No way.” Yan Lei declined his suggestion and even poured him a full glass personally. “It’s been so long since I’ve been so happy. The wine must be finished. Come, just treat it like you are spending time with me. Usually, when Yiqin isn’t here, it’s very boring for me to drink alone at home.”

Lin Yiqin smiled as well. “Drink a little.”

Yan Lei would always drink a little bit of wine during his meals, so Song Chuyi had a hard time refusing him. He didn’t expect that after he finished drinking the first glass of wine, Yan Lei, who was now in a great mood, would continue to pour him a second glass of wine. By the time he finished the third glass, Song Chuyi was already in a dizzy state. His white, cold-looking face was now dyed red from being intoxicated, and his vision became blurry. Under the subdued lighting, his face was imbued with a sense of vivid gorgeousness.

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