Sovereign of Judgment

Chapter 6: Bonus Game (1)

Episode 1: New World / Chapter 6: Bonus Game (1)

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After Jung Minji and Choi Hyuk had left the classroom, it became a desperate struggle with no regard for man or woman. As there already were fights with deadly weapons, the bloody battle continued with people wielding hammers and stabbing others with broken broom shafts.

In the end, the only ones left in the classroom were the math teacher, a male student who was shy but had a lot of friends named Min Byungsae and Yoon Girim who had previously been picked by Lee Mingi. A total of three people.


The math teacher called Byungsae out.

“Since you’re a guy…”

“…Te, teacher?”

The math teacher with a good figure got up on the ring and called Byungsae.

“I’m sorry…”

The fight ended easily. Byungsae turned into ash after the math teacher pressed him down on the floor and strangled him.

Yoon Girim who had seen everything was in a corner covering her ears trembling. The math teacher coldly gazed at her before exiting the classroom.

‘Save me… save me… this is a dream, right? Yeah, a dream. Please…’

Alone in a classroom where desks and chairs were scattered all around and tools and broken broom shafts were tossed here and there, Yoon Girim trembled as she cried.


Choi Hyuk’s mother was a person who couldn’t even kill a cockroach. When he was young, whenever a bug appeared in his home, Choi Hyuk would have to kill it instead of his mother. To the young Choi Hyuk, it was something he took pride in.

Because of that, Choi Hyuk had a hunch.

“Damn it… Fuck…”

The only place he could go after leaving the classroom was the gym. Everywhere else was blocked by an opaque wall. No matter how hard he pushed the opaque wall or how many times he kicked the windows of the gym, it was useless. There wasn’t even a single person walking outside the window.

The whole school was trapped in this damn game. There was a likely chance that it was the same outside.

Choi Hyuk assumed the worst case scenario.

‘If a ring appeared in the company mom works in… mom’s probably dead… no, she was murdered.’

In a situation where one could kill another, humans would always kill their opponent. Choi Hyuk knew this all too well as he had been bullied for a long time. Ethics and morals weren’t things all humans instinctively possessed. There would always be someone who would become endlessly cruel in a situation where there were no consequences.

There were probably guys like that in his mother’s company. However, his mother wasn’t like that. It would have been better if she was… but Choi Hyuk knew all too well that his mother wasn’t that kind of person. If a situation like that arose… his mother would have been murdered.

Choi Hyuk’s heart burned black with anger and concern.

As he grew up without a father, the meaning of a mother was different from his peers. He grew up seeing his mother cry every night. His mother was someone who had brought him pain and sympathy but was also a comrade who he endured the harsh realities of life with. He had vowed countless times that he would never let his mother cry again and grew up reflecting his actions.


Choi Hyuk who was about to go crazy in frustration kicked the window rapidly. The window still wouldn’t budge. Words appeared on the window.

Yes, get angry.

And angrier.


Only then can you kill.


Choi Hyuk blankly stared at the words written on the window. It felt like freezing water was poured all over his head.

The message. The moment he read that message, he thought that his mother really had died.

He realized that this game wouldn’t end easily.

And that no one could be free in this game.

Just who was it? The one who created this damn game.

…Whoever it was. Choi Hyuk tightly clenched his eyes as he resolved himself.

“Okay. I get it.”

If what you want is for me to become a killing machine, I’ll become one.

If you want me to lie on my face and lick your feet, I’ll do it.

I will kill and kill and bow my head again and again and survive until end.


Then if I can meet you just once…

That time, I want to meet your faces and beat each and every one of you to death.

Choi Hyuk vowed.

When he opened his eyes, his face turned cold.


In the gym, the ones who had killed someone were guarded against each other as they kept their distance. Jung Minji glanced at Hyuk and was surprised but didn’t say anything.

In the center of the gym, words appeared like a hologram.

{Bonus Game – Preparing}

Waiting for the previous game to end…

Break time. Prepare for the future.

At first glance it looked like it was telling them to rest but Choi Hyuk didn’t think of it like that. Choi Hyuk clearly remembered. The message they sent him, ‘get angry,’ the ones who created this game wanted the competitors to become more intense and desperate.


Choi Hyuk kept thinking of that word. It was the only valid information in the message.

Choi Hyuk examined the gym. There were about 30 students and among those, he found that 4, including Jung Minji, were slowly searching the gym. They must have come to the same conclusion as Choi Hyuk. However, they were moving slowly.

‘More and more students will come. Instead of trying to not alert others, it is better to move a step faster than the rest.’

Choi Hyuk didn’t delay any longer. Instead of caring about what others’ thought, he ran to the middle of the stage.


The karma circulating in his body allowed him to jump up onto the stage in one shot. Choi Hyuk searched everywhere including the waiting room and behind the curtains. He searched as if he was smashing through a heap of items. It paid off.

“Ha… are they telling me to kill more people more easily?”

He found a Japanese sword behind the curtain. There was a long strap that could be tied on his belt.

“It’s a sword!”

As soon as Choi Hyuk who was making a fuss on top of the stage picked up a sword, the other students were horrified. They finally understood what kind of situation they were in. A great commotion rose. Everyone hurriedly started searching the first floor.

Choi Hyuk didn’t even look at the 1st floor. He jumped to the 2nd.



Choi Hyuk ran across the 2nd floor rails and he swung each curtain in front of the long window aside.


When he pushed aside one of the curtains, there were words written on the window.


{Throne Game, Hidden Rule #9}

If a person kills more than 5 people and awakens to an innate skill but is not affiliated with a king, the person receives the rights of the ‘King without Subjects’ and 30 free karma points that can be allocated however they want.


As soon as Choi Hyuk looked at the words, the words written on the window started to sway, then flew to his forehead and was absorbed. The window became clean once again.

Just to be sure, Choi Hyuk kicked the windows but like expected, it didn’t budge. When he looked out and saw that there was no one walking down the street, it gave him a very strange and quiet feeling.

Time passed quickly. As more and more students arrived at the gym, the fiercer the search became.

During that time, Choi Hyuk finished searching the 2nd floor. Additionally, he found a bastard sword, an estoc{1} and 3 more hidden rules. Now the whole gym was chaotic. Students ran everywhere to look for weapons, defensive equipment and hidden rules. It wasn’t just the students, even the teachers from the staff room were mixed together and a fight had broken out. There were even students who had just arrived at the gym and were running around without knowing why.

Choi Hyuk didn’t show any interest to the chaos. Instead, he turned his attention to the ceiling.

There were steel structures on the ceiling that were like a jungle gym and he felt he could swing there to explored even further.

‘If there are items hidden there, they must be extraordinary.’

The early bird gets the worm. Choi Hyuk grabbed a column near him.

He used his changed physique for 10 minutes. His karma reinforced hands held the columns like a clamp and endured his weight. Choi Hyuk crawled up the column and hung on the ceiling structure.

“Wow… shit. That bastard’s crazy.”

The school leader, Choi Junsung, looked up at Choi Hyuk in admiration. No matter how much stronger your body became due to karma, it wasn’t easy to think of those ideas.

“I can’t lose to him.”

He followed Choi Hyuk and climbed up to the ceiling.

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