Sovereign of Judgment

Chapter 7: Bonus Game (2)

Episode 1: New World / Chapter 7: Bonus Game (2)

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Choi Hyuk heard Choi Junsung’s cheer. It seemed like after following him, he was the first to come across something. The best fighter in school, Choi Junsung, didn’t lose his bright attitude when facing the chaos. As if there was no need to fuss about killing and getting killed. As if he wasn’t going to die.

Creeak! Creak! The steel structure Choi Hyuk was hanging on creaked. Choi Hyuk turned his attention away from Choi Junsung and carefully searched the ceiling. And just then, he found a hidden rule.


{Throne Game, Hidden Rule #15.}

When a ‘King without Subjects’ sits on the throne, the person will be randomly given a D rank or greater weapon.


‘King without Subjects’, this one was related to the first rule he had found.

And the treasure hunt was slowly coming to an end.



{Bonus Game – Preparing}

The previous game has ended. Break time has ended. Preparing the Bonus Game…


When the ethics teacher entered the gym, the words in the center changed. The students who were wandering around the gym with no more items to find finally stopped.

Choi Hyuk stopped searching any further and checked his fruits of labor.

He didn’t find any defensive items, only weapons. On the left side of his belt hung three swords that would rattle every time he moved.

{Japanese Sword F rank} – Cutting, two-handed

{Bastard Sword F rank} – Stabbing and cutting, two-handed or one-handed

{Estoc F rank} – Stabbing, one-handed

And he had found 5 hidden rules. When he searched, he did come across quite a few of the same ones so, excluding those, he found 5.


{Throne Game, Hidden Rule #5}

The first to declare oneself as king will receive 5 karma points that can be allocated however they want.

{Throne Game, Hidden Rule #6}

The first to serve a king will receive 3 karma points that can be allocated however they want.

{Throne Game, Hidden Rule #7}

A king who has more than 100 subordinates will receive 10 karma points that can be allocated however they want.

{Throne Game, Hidden Rule #9}

If a person kills more than 5 people and awakens to an innate skill but is not affiliated with a king, the person receives the rights of the ‘King without Subjects’ and 30 free karma points that can be allocated however they want.

{Throne Game, Hidden Rule #15}

When a ‘King without Subjects’ sits on the throne, the person will be randomly given a D rank or greater weapon.


Throne Game that was written next to the hidden rules caught Choi Hyuk’s attention.

‘The current game is the Bonus Game. Then, is the Throne Game something else?’

If he used the hidden rules to guess, he thought that the ‘Throne Game’ was a game where people would declare themselves as kings and collect subordinates to take the throne.

‘The Bonus Game must really be a bonus game. It’s certain that the Throne Game will be the main one. I have to prepare ahead of time.’

What should he do when the Throne Game starts? Choi Hyuk analyzed the hidden rules.

Rules #9 and 15 were rules connected by the term, ‘King without Subjects’. And Rule #15 was a rule that Choi Hyuk had climbed to the ceiling to find. A rule that needed another rule to understand and was hidden in a hard to reach place… The reward would be a D rank or greater weapon.

‘Is a D rank or greater weapon really worth that much? Then I have to get it.’

Of course, he would lose something if he chose to do that.

The moment he decided to aim for Rule #9, ‘King without Subjects’, he had no choice but to give up the rewards from Rule #5, 6 and 7, ‘first to declare as a king’, ‘first to serve a king’ and ‘a king with more than 100 subordinates’.

However, Choi Hyuk decided resolutely. He had already resolved himself to show his worth to the creators of the game and both the reward and the title ‘King without Subjects’ appeared to be decent. If he could obtain a D rank weapon from the interlinked Rule #15, then it would be more than enough to make up for giving up on the other rules.

‘3 people… I need to kill 3 more.’

The conditions to become a ‘King without Subjects’ were to kill 5 people and awaken an innate skill. And he had already awakened an innate skill.

Choi Hyuk looked at his status. He could bring it up with a thought.


{Choi Hyuk}


*Karma Points

Power: 7

Speed: 10

Control: 24

Endurance: 9

Stamina: 12

Recovery: 12

*Free Karma Points: 10

*Retribution: 5

{Innate Skill}

-Eyes of Distinction


After killing Bae Hyunsung, all his stats increased by 1 except his Speed which increased by 2.

Although he did have 10 free karma points, he didn’t distribute them yet.

And there was the skill, ‘Eyes of Distinction’.


{Eyes of Distinction}

You are able to see what intentions a person has.

– Black: Hostile Intent

– Red: Killing Intent

– White: Goodwill

– Yellow: Sacrificial will


The red and black flashes of light emitted from Bae Hyunsung which made him feel uneasy was the effect of the ‘Eyes of Distinction’. Back then, Choi Hyuk was seeing the hostile (black) and killing (red) intent of Bae Hyunsung.

‘It’s a good skill…’

At a time where no one knew what the other was thinking, this was an unrivaled skill.

Just when Choi Hyuk finished checking everything, the Bonus Game started.


The words written in the center of the gym became larger and slowly changed. Semi-transparent rectangular booths appeared in different locations throughout the gym. The students near them were pushed aside.


{Bonus Game – Item Hunt!}

A golden opportunity to obtain an E rank item. Dropouts will be indicated with an ITEM mark.

If a dropout dies, the person will turn into an E rank item.

If a dropout kills someone, the mark will disappear and the dropout will be given karma points.


‘Dropout? Who?’

It was currently puzzling. However, soon, its meaning became clear.

Around 30 people were summoned, each into a semi-transparent rectangular box. And a clear ITEM mark was above each of their heads.

“Huh? Jinsu?”


The students and teachers in the gym recognized the people who had appeared with an ITEM mark above their heads. They were those who didn’t fight until the end and were left in the classrooms.

Among them, was Yoon Girim who was in Choi Hyuk’s class.

There were the only non-murderers here…It meant that they had to kill the most innocent people here to obtain items.


People divided into two sides.

On one side were those who gave up. They were those who didn’t know what to do and had decided not to act. Although there were many of them, they didn’t have any influence on the situation.

And the others were split into two groups again.

A side that decided that they had to kill to obtain an item… and a side that resolved to not let their friends die.

The only ones who had a great influence over the situation were those on either side.

While those that had decided not to act spectated, the rest slowly surrounded the item boxes. There were even a few who impatiently attacked the boxes. But the boxes were extremely sturdy and the attacks didn’t leave a mark.

“Has it not started yet?”

One’s indifferent voice terrified another.

The dropouts inside the box were screaming something but their voices couldn’t pass through the box.

“Guys! This isn’t right! Teacher Kim! This isn’t right, right?”

A teacher blocked their path and shouted but it had no effect.

“Fuck! Who here isn’t a murderer?”

The words spoken by someone stabbed into everyone’s chests.

“Fuckers… get away from Hyejin. Fuck! You! If you come a step closer, I am going to break your head in!”

A male student threatened the approaching students with a firefighter’s axe. He was enduring the attacks for his girlfriend who was trapped in the box but there were four or five students who were like distant vultures waiting for him to get tired and the box to disappear.

‘Minji! Minji!’

The class president Jung Minji looked at Yoon Girim who was mouthing her name. She suddenly became irritated.

‘Try to get out with your own strength!’

Jung Minji hated the weak. She loathed those who didn’t resist.

Because… she was in pain.

It was different from being kind. It was closer to an illness. Perhaps it was due to her natural-born empathy or through experiences. Whenever Jung Minji saw someone who was getting bullied or beaten, or crying in front of her… her chest ached as if she was the one being beaten. It wasn’t a figure of speech; she really was in pain.

Jung Minji hated that pain. And she hated the weak who caused her to suffer.

No matter how many times she stretched her hand to help, they didn’t stand up for themselves… so she despised those that caused her endless pain.

‘I wish that these weaklings would all die!’

This was her honest feeling. However, she could never turn her back on someone who was suffering. She hated that part of her… but there really was nothing she could do.

Jung Minji counted the people who surrounded Yoon Girim. 6 people. These people either had a sword or wore a chainmail. Jung Minji was better equipped. As a result of diligently moving from the start, she had obtained a shield, longsword and armor. However, she was outnumbered.

Jung Minji quickly scanned her surroundings to increase her numbers.

In the middle of all this confusion.


Just then, the semi-transparent walls that were wrapped around the ITEMs disappeared.

And Choi Hyuk had to kill 3 people before the next game started.

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