Summoner of Miracles

Chapter 10

Rozen, with his Archer servant, ran straight into the forest. He acted like he has already been there for years.

The battlefield of mock battle was almost different every time, but he was so sure when he makes a decision even though he was unfamiliar with this environment.

The mock battle was to train the master to adapt in various situations. Of course, the opponent was also different every time.

Sometimes it was a monster.

Sometimes it was a human.

Sometimes even servants.

“What is my opponent this time?” With that said, Rozen already knew the enemy.

But umm …

“So tired …” Rozen, who just walked less than ten minutes, stopped and lied down.

Archer stared at a sweaty Rozen like he was saying…

“How could someone be this useless? You didn’t think such words, right, Archer?” Rozen stared at Archer.


Archer remained silent, but Rozen talked to the servant like it was alive.

“I’m a magician, and a magician should be standing in a back row, shoot a fireball and heal someone, and here I am on the frontline, I don’t need to be able to do anything, right?”


“What? Are you always training? That’s what a stupid person did! A genius magician like me have to train? Is that a joke?”


“Are you saying that a magician in this modern age should train hand-to-hand combat? That is just bullshit!”


“In ancient times, magicians solely rely on their technique to fight. They will never do a martial art. So I must follow the footsteps of the ancestor, after all, a magician should be more mysterious, more elegant, and more …”


“…… Well, I admit that I am not physically fit to train hand-to-hand combat.”

The more he talked, the more ridiculous he sounded.

Perhaps Rozen’s low physical strength was a price for Rozen’s unparallel magic.

Even Mashu could beat him in a marathon, and the old man Roman could kick his ass easily.

“This is the so-called no one is perfect. I can’t help it. “

Rozen was looking for excuses to console himself.

And …

“How many enemies are there?”

When he got deeper into the forest, he summoned a wolf.


The big wolf was howling, and it leaned on Rozen’s chest.

“Good boy, come here, let me ride on your back.”

Rozen immediately climbed the wolf’s back, and it didn’t show a sign of resistance.

“Awooo!” The big wolf suddenly screamed, under Rozen’s command, it continued to walk forward.

Archer still hasn’t said a word.

A couple of minutes later, they arrived in front of a tree.

It was a big tree that could cover the surrounding area.

“This is it.”

Rozen closed his eyes to focus, he found the place he was looking for and got off the wolf.

Looking at the massive tree in front of him, Rozen commanded Archer to take him up.

Archer stepped forward and hugged Rozen, and showed a fantastic jumping power. He stepped on each branch along the way and reached the top of the tree.

Rozen, on the top of the tree, nodded his head and thought something in his mind.

“Archer should be a high-level servant, right?”

As a prodigy of summoning magic, he classified servants based on their ability.

Low-level servant: Individuals without any special abilities, such as Ordinary beasts, Wild beasts, and insect beasts, belong to this level, and the wolf summoned by Rozen from earlier was one of them.

Middle-level servant: Individuals with unique abilities, such as servants who were able to use magic, servants that surpassed nature’s law, and their power exceed human power, belong to this level.

High-level servant: Their power was hard to handle even for a great magician, such as the well-known heroes, powerful spirits, and devils, all belong to this level.

Superior-level servant: At this level, they could defeat an army by merely breathing, they could overthrow a country in a blink of an eye. Even among the servant, only a superhuman existence could be classified to become a superior-level servant.

Rozen used those classifications to make a strategy. Of course, that was just his classifications.

It doesn’t matter for him to face a lower, middle, or high-level. But when he met superior-level, well, that was another story.

Because they could defeat an entire legion by themself, the gap between the superior-level and the rest was too big.

Being able to wipe out an army was a disaster.

But being able to wipe out a country was a calamity.

According to Rozen’s classifications, the Archer that currently served under him was superior-level.

“If it was not a shadow servant, the Archer probably would be a superior-level servant. And I don’t know if it’s disaster or calamity.” Rozen thought.

A magician, no matter how talented he is, he still can’t match the Chaldea system.

Rozen could only summon a middle-level servant right now.

No matter how good his talents are, Rozen has only been studying magic for three years, and in fact, he was talented enough to be able to summon a middle-level servant only in three years.

However, in front of the superior-level, the middle-level probably was just an appetizer.

“If I can summon the superior-level, I will be the king.”

While he was thinking, Rozen sat down and closed his eyes.

An enormous amount of magic power surged from him.

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