Summoner of Miracles

Chapter 11

Rozen called upon hundreds of servants, sending them to every corner of the forest.

The picture of the entire forest’s condition was imprinted into his mind.

Some pictures are just like an ordinary photo as if they were camera footage, while others are like a video, reporting the situation in every corner of the forest to Rozen.

And Rozen noticed an unknown creature rushed toward his position.

It was a lizard man with a poisonous fang, tusks sticking out of his mouth, and it held a stick.


“Woohoo!” The lizard rushed toward Rozen while roaring like a wild beast.

The lizardmen followed a bird-like creature that was actually Rozen’s spirit, so they ran toward Rozen’s place.

“Well, there are multiple enemies. I can do this alone, but um… there are a lot of them, it’s 312 of them, and they keep increasing.”

“With this number, if they can surround me, I will be dead for sure. But I have a 90% chance to escape, plus I got Archer on my side, I think I will be fine.”

“Well, if this mock battle is too easy, it won't do me any good. Its purpose is so I can break the limit.”

“It is a pity …”

“I want to eat first.”


While Rozen was talking to himself, he used the massive amount of magical power, suddenly, an arrow and a bow appeared in Archer’s hand. And then Rozen injected magic into Archer’s body.

The servant was a spiritual body, and the entity depended on magic. It did not really exist in this world. The master must continuously provide the servant with the magical power to materialize it in this world.

The amount of magic required to materialize the servant cannot be provided by the magician alone, which was why humans could not summon servants alone.

A lot amount of magical power was needed to materialize the servant. But once it started to fight, it consumed an even more crazy amount of magical power.

Fortunately, Chaldea was able to cover for that amount of magical power through the Heroic Summoning System.

However, for the servants, the existence of the master was indispensable. As long as there was a master who has made a contract, the masters could provide magic to servants through the link established by the contract.

The more amount of magic the master gave, the more power the servant could exert.

Now, Rozen has provided a lot of magical power for Archer, the black mist surged into Archer's body as if he was alive.

After that…

"Three o’clock!” Rozen ordered Archer.


With the sound of a ringing bell, an arrow imbued with magical power and struck down the enemy.

The moment Archer released the arrow, its magical power was like a tornado and destroyed the ground along its way.

The lizardmen prepared for the incoming attack.


The arrows covered in magic pierced the hard blue iron skin of the lizardmen, penetrated its chest.


The lizardmen scattered out from their formation.

Rozen didn't flinch while facing the monster.

That was the power of his servant, and that was the beginning of the massacre.

Rozen started to command the servant again.

“In the direction of seven o’clock!” The arrow pierced the sky and shot in the direction of seven o’clock.

“Roaaaaar!” This time, its head was pierced by the servant’s arrow.

“Eleven o’clock!”


Another lizardman died, crushed by a powerful arrow, and slammed on to the tree behind him, nailed to it.

So Rozen started to give instructions constantly.

“Direction at one o’clock! Attack!”

“Direction at five o’clock! Attack!”

“Direction at nine o’clock! Attack!”

“Direction at twelve o’clock! Attack!”

“Eight o’clock!”

“Five o’clock!”

“Ten o’clock!”

“Seven o’clock!”




Under Rozen’s command, one by one, the number of lizardmen gradually reduced. And the green forest turned red by the blood of the lizardmen.



The roar of the lizardmen echoed through the entire forest, either they were angry or frightened.

Under such circumstances, Archer continued shooting them down.

Chaldea, the Central Control Command.

There was a notification sound.

“Rayshift-All clear!”

“Virtual world-All clear!”

“Mock battle-started!”

“The magic power frequency-All clear! Continue to monitor!”

“Continue to monitor!”

“Camera stand by!”

A group of technicians reported while operating machines in front of them.

Olga Marie looked at the condition of the virtual world, watching the projection screens in front of her.

There, a total of 9 master’s mock battle scenes were being displayed.

Olga Marie looked at them one by one and stopped on one of them.

That was the mock battle where Rozen entered.

Seeing Rozen’s precise orders which enabled the Archer to unleash its full potential and shot every lizardmen accurately, and shot every lizardman accurately, Olga Marie could not help but bite her nails.

“Still as good as ever-don’t you think?.”

This sentence came from Lev standing next to Olga Marie.

Lev also watched Rozen’s mock battle, as if he knew what Olga Marie was thinking and smiled as she spoke.

“He will set a new record, I believe you can see it? Marie?”

Lev said in a teasing tone.

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