Summoner of Miracles

Chapter 9

That is the natural source of power for all magicians. The nerves in the magician’s body determined the qualifications of a magician.

It could convert the life force into the fuel that required to perform magic, which was the essential thing for magicians. Without it, it was impossible to become a magician. We could say, the quality of the magic circuit determined how talented the magicians would be. The stronger the magic circuit you had, the stronger your magic would become.

It was a pity, the magic circuit was something that has been determined since birth. Its quality was determined by the soul. And it could never improve through physical exercise.

In other words, the quality of a magician was already determined by birth and won't be changed.

In order to produce excellent magic circuits, many magicians have been experimenting for years. They came into conclusion, a couple with good quality of magic circuit will have a child with an even better quality of the magic circuit.

This was also the reason for the so-called Magician Ancestry and Nobles in the magic world.

The longer the history of the famous gates and nobles, the better their descendants will be.

Olga Marie’s family was a nobleman who has lived hundreds of years and even thousands of years of magician ancestry. Her qualifications as a magician were extremely high.

Compared with Olga Marie, Rozen was not even from a noble family. He was just a nobody in the magician’s world.

However, Rozen was born with an excellent magic circuit, and his talent was already surpassed Olga Marie.

Rozen activated the magic circuit in his body, the magical power that has been accumulated in his body started to work.

“Bzzzt …” It felt like an electric shock.

The magic circuit imprinted on Rozen’s mind was like the electrical circuit generator while circulating the magical power from starting from his heart to all over his body.

Immediately, Rozen drew a pattern on the ground with his magical power to activate the magic.


Because the magic circle was already activated, Rozen’s palm started to shine.

The effect was very similar when the heroic summoning system was activated.

Then, a miracle that an average person couldn’t perform appeared in this world.


The magic circle was like a door to a different world, and birds came out from it. Rozen opened his eyes and looked at the birds.

“A magician who can summon so many servants at once is rare even in Chaldea, aren’t they?”

As a magician, Rozen was undoubtedly a first-rate.

However, he couldn’t master all types of magic.

Many families had a weak magic circuit, they have been researching from generation to generation, hoping their future generations will inherit their research, and one day they would perfect it.

Rozen was a talented magician, but he had specialty magic that exceeds everyone's ability, and that was the heroic summoning system.

In terms of summoning, Rozen’s talent was beyond comprehension, as if he was born to master the summoning skill, which was quite terrifying.

That was the reason why Olga Marie disliked Rozen. Because Rozen had such amazing talents, but he didn’t put effort and just wanted to stroll around all day. So she couldn’t bear it when she saw his laziness.

And the summoning skill was the most crucial factor for someone who wanted to be a master.

Summoning the spirit, turned it to a servant, and to control it.

These are all the most essential qualifications for a master.

In this aspect, Rozen’s talent was unparalleled, and he has become the best master in Chaldea.

Not only has an incredible talent for the transfer spirit but also mastered the summoning magic.

For Chaldea, beings like Rozen are the most precious treasure.

Because of that fact, Olga Marie was unable to forgive Rozen for his attitude.

Olga Marie’s hatred toward him showed how immature she could be.

“Even if I’m wasting my talent, that’s my business. What does it have to do with that old hag?” Rozen was irritated.

In his mind, he began to recall his forgotten past.

… A white room, the medicines, the cold machine.

That was so unpleasant.

Then …

“Why is that memory coming again?!” Rozen took a deep breath to regain his focus.

“Let’s begin!”

The mist was discharged and spread from Rozen's hand to all directions.

Rozen almost forgot about the servant he already summoned.

“Follow me!”

After that, he walked deep into the forest.

The servant was like his shadow. It said nothing, just following him from behind. If it was a normal servant, that would not be the case.

They have their own will and egos. Sometimes they had a conflict with their master and disobeyed the master's instructions.

But the servant Rozen summoned this time was just like a combat tool.

“I want to summon a real one, what does it feel like.”

Rozen, with such emotions, disappeared to the forest with his servant.

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