Summoner of Miracles

Chapter 12

“Who do you think I am? Of course, I can see it!” Olga Marie was dissatisfied or maybe jealous of Rozen.

“Can he share his consciousness with many servants at the same time?”


Rozen could share consciousness with his servants.

The servants summoned by Rozen became his eyes. He knew what the servants saw and heard.

It was not that amazing. Anyone could share consciousness with their own servant.

The case was that Rozen didn’t share consciousness with only one servant, but he shared consciousness with hundreds or even thousands of servants.

“Hundreds or even thousands consciousness flooding back to his mind, and he hasn’t shown us a sign of fatigue, he is amazing.”

Lev sighed.

“Not to mention, Rozen has perfected his magic and able to lure his enemies into his trap. Cannot help but to admire his intelligence and power.”

Rozen will be able to plan a counter-attack in a short amount of time because of the information he got from his servants. And obviously, he gained an advantage in the battle because of that.

As a result, all these lizardmen became an easy target for him.

“If Rozen’s servants is a normal servant, can they use the noble phantasm?”

Lev said, “If his servants can use it, with his ability, he will able to control the battle easily.”

Noble Phantasm.

It was the strongest threat and the trump card of the hero.

All the heroes had their own noble phantasm, and it was precisely like the legends said.

Sometimes it was weapons, and sometimes it was shields, vehicles, or even the nature power.

There was a case when the servant was weaker than the enemy, but its noble phantasm was stronger so it could defeat its enemy by using the noble phantasm.

Noble Phantasm also had its rank.

From the highest to the lowest rank, it was divided into five levels: A, B, C, D, and E.

If the noble phantasm could be measured with numbers, E-rank noble phantasm will probably be a 10, the D-rank noble phantasm will probably be a 20, the C-rank noble phantasm will probably 30, the B-rank noble phantasm will probably be a 40 and A-rank noble phantasm will probably be a 50.

From that theory, we could say that a lower level servant could beat a higher level servant as long as it had a higher rank noble phantasm.

The noble phantasm also had additional info in it. If one noble phantasm had plus symbol on it, that meant its power doubled.

If the original strength of C level was only 30, its strength doubled to 60 when it had a plus symbol on it, that was the meaning of + symbol.

There were also cases when one noble phantasm had ++ symbol on it or even +++ symbol. That means one noble phantasm strength level tripled or even quadrupled.

A rumor said, there was another level above the A level, there was an EX level. That meant its power was immeasurable.

And of course, the + symbol also applied to the EX level, but the EX level was not necessarily stronger than an A level.

The servant's noble phantasm was determined by its class. If Rozen’s servant was an Archer class, most likely, its noble phantasm was a bow or something associated with archery.

Perhaps during the servant’s past life, the servant possessed treasures other than the bow, such as sword, but the servant who was summoned as an Archer class will not possess the sword noble phantasm, except in special circumstances.

That was the law of servants’ world. As the Archer class, it was naturally limited only to archery noble phantasm.

“Unfortunately, the shadow servant can’t use its noble phantasm,” Lev said.

“If the shadow servant can use it…”

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