Summoner of Miracles

Chapter 13

Olga Marie dissed him because of Rozen’s laziness. But whether she realized it or not, deep in her heart, she respected Rozen’s skill.

Olga Marie expected Rozen able to summon a servant who could fly so that he could gain better control of the battle and to secure his safety at the same time.

“For such caliber of skill, it is not difficult to summon a servant who can fly, so that he can escape the enemies' encirclement.” Olga Marie responded to Lev.

She believed Rozen was capable of doing something like that.

“What’s more, since the defenses are flawless, as long as he makes no mistake, it won’t be easy if the enemy tries to climb the tree to get him.”


“I think so…” Lev said while he was watching Rozen’s battle, “But the situation seems to betray our expectations.”

Olga Marie was stunned when she saw the screen.

Not only Rozen didn't summon a servant who can fly, but he also carelessly let his back being exposed, even though he was already surrounded by enemies. So the lizardmen sneaked into his blind spot and struck him down.

“No. 1 battlefield, the mock battle is over.”

“Elapsed time: 18 minutes and 54 seconds.”

“Combat evaluation: Pass.”

“Disconnect the link.”

With the system's voice, the entire staff was speechless.

Lev showed a hopeless expression, and Olga Marie was angry toward Rozen’s carelessness.

Roman, who was standing beside the capsule, sighed and showed a hopeless expression too.

“It’s going to cause a ruckus again …” As soon as Roman said that, the capsule beside him opened.

…… The crowd paused for a while.

“Whoaaaa…” The crowd cheered for him.

Rozen ended the mock battle. He came out from the capsule and sighed.

“I want to go back into my room and to continue playing games.” Rozen said that without concern about the situation around him.

“Why would I have a brother like him?”

Romani Archaman.

That was Roman’s full name.

But everyone in Chaldea just called him Roman. Only a few people in Chaldea was called with their full name. But Roman didn’t care about it.

The same goes for Rozen too, Rozenai Archaman was Rozen’s full name. But everyone called him Rozen.

The crowd shouted Rozen’s full name. The entire command room cheered for his accomplishment.

But Olga Marie was dissatisfied with his result, she walked down the stairs toward Rozen, everyone including Roman was stunned.

“Oh, director…” Sensing Olga Marie’s anger, Roman hesitated to say something anything regarding his brother.

“What the hell are you doing!?” Olga Marie shouted furiously.

Roman was in silence because of her rage, and Lev knew he couldn’t calm her down.

But Rozen stupidly responded, “What’s wrong with you? You see, I pass the mock battle.” Because of Rozen’s words, Olga Marie became angrier.

“Do you want to mess with me?!” Olga Marie shouted again.

“You can handle the situation, and even you can win the battle. Why did you just let it end like that!?”

“Anyway, it’s just a mock battle, isn’t it?” Rozen answered as if he was not interested at all, “So, I think, just passing is enough.”

Just mock battle?

Just passing was enough?

Olga Marie couldn't hold her anger.

“Protecting human existence, to bring the future of humanity, to protect the world, the masters and Chaldea exist for these reasons.”

“And the mock battle, training, and experiments are needed for that reason. And you said that was just a mock battle? Just passing is enough?”

Olga Marie was trembling in anger while speaking to Rozen.

“What the hell are you thinking while doing this? Did you think we were just playing some sort of game?” Her words stabbed Rozen’s heart.

Rozen glanced at Olga Marie for a moment.

And he said, “I thought this facility exist just for your hobby.” The harsh words caused Olga Marie out of control.

“Get out of my sight!” Olga Marie’s voice echoed through the entire command room.

“Chaldea won’t need someone like you!”

So Rozen left the control room in the worst way.

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