Summoner of Miracles

Chapter 14

Chaldea, at Rozen’s room.

“Senpai …”

At this moment, Mashu was standing beside the bed, looking at Rozen with a worried look.

“What? Do you need anything ?” Rozen didn’t care at all, he just sat idly on the bed, while playing a game on his laptop.

Rozen stared at the screen with the glittering eyes without looking at Mashu at all.

Looking at Rozen in this state, Mashu hesitated to say something.

“The director seems really angry this time. Not only she stops all the simulated battles, but she also locked herself in the room. Everyone was worried about what would happen next.” Explained the current situation.

“Oh.” A shitty response from Rozen.

After he said that, he continued to play the game as if he didn’t give a shit at all.

Usually, Mashu will scold him for his bad habit of ignoring people while playing the game.

“Senpai.” Mashu could only say, “Please apologize to the director.” That was the only solution that Mashu could think of.


“Do you think that will work?” Rozen’s hands were occupied on the keyboard while saying, “That old hag will still be angry at me even if I don't do anything. Apologizing to her is pointless.”

“I don’t think so…” Mashu said, “Even the director has a soft spot, as long as you are politely apologizing to her …”

“Well, whatever…” Rozen coldly replied to her, “I’m just telling you the truth. I didn’t do anything wrong. I also passed the mock battle. There is no reason for her to complain about it. As for the mood of that old hag, it has nothing to do with me.”

After hearing that, Mashu didn’t know what to say.

The automatic door opened, a person walked in.


While looking at the person who came in from the door, Mashu called out and gave a sign to assist her.

“Must be hard for you, Mashu.” Roman patted Mashu’s shoulder, and said, “You have just finished the mock battle. You must be very tired. Go back to rest first.”

“But …” Mashu wanted to say something but stopped when she looked at Roman’s eyes.

“You already give me a big help. This kid is indeed really hard to handle.” Roman shook his head and said, “Let me talk to him alone. Despite how I look, I'm still his brother.” After she heard that, Mashu glanced at Roman, and then looked at Rozen, who was still playing the game and nodded after a while.

“Then I’ll go back to my room.” Mashu said to Rozen, “Don’t play for too long, senpai, I’ll call you again for dinner.” Mashu left the room immediately.

The sound of the keyboard being pressed by Rozen and the background sound of the game echoed in the room. Roman sighed while looking at his little brother.

“You …”

Before Roman could finish his words, Rozen interrupted, and said, “If this is just another one of your preaching, thankyou, but I've had enough.” Rozen said that coldly.

“There are too many people in Chaldea complaint to me.” Rozen said, “Maybe because I’m just lazing around, at least let me play my games peacefully.”

Rozen’s words made Roman sighed again.

“You are the most talented magus in Chaldea. But your behavior is not convincing at all.”

Most talented.

That was what everyone said to him, except for Mashu. But Rozen didn’t care about that at all.

In everyone’s eyes, Rozen was just a stupid person who possessed extraordinary magical talents, but wasting time on a meaningless online game and loved to laze around all day.

However, only Roman knew the fact, Rozen worked harder than any magus in Chaldea.

"He honed his magical power every morning right after it was fully recovered. Those people who were saying he was lazy barely know anything.” Roman thought.


Rozen refined his magic almost every day until his magical power was exhausted.

If he didn’t do that, it was impossible to have a massive amount of magical power only in three years, and how could Rozen summon a middle-level servant, and how could he perfect controlling hundreds of servants at the same time?

All of these are the result of his hard work.

All others saw was just Rozen wasting all his time on the game.

But they didn’t know whenever Rozen was playing a game, that was when he ran out of magical power, he couldn’t continue the training, all he could do was wait for the magical power to recover slowly.

“The reason why your physical strength is this low because of your training, right?” Roman said.

The so-called magical power was the power that magus produced after converting their physical strength by using the magic circuit in their bodies.

Nobody in Chaldea could imagine how much Rozen has gone through to hone his magic every day. He even converted his physical strength to restore his magical power, thus placing a huge burden on his body.

As a result, Rozen’s physical strength was fragile, he could not be even able to fight a girl. Of course, in exchange, Rozen’s magic circuit was exceptional.

In the magic world, it was not rare to have a physical problem due to the issues of magic circuits.

The magic circuit was an extra nerve derived from the soul. It was an invisible organ used to convert magical power. Once something went wrong with it, it will affect the entire body.

Because Rozen's magic circuit was too exceptional, the magical power was circulating too fast, which caused an excessive burden on the body.

In other words, unless Rozen gave up magic and gave up to become a magus, his physical strength will always be that weak even if he was not sick. It was a cruel fate.

“That’s why you used to …”

When Roman tried to finish his words, Rozen, who has been playing the game all the time, finally spoke, interrupted Roman’s words.

“Can you please refrain from being as annoying as that old hag, brother.” Rozen was extremely displeased.

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