Summoner of Miracles

Chapter 15

No one in Chaldea knew Rozen always trained in secret except for Roman, even Mashu didn’t know about that.


“I know better than anyone about my condition, and I don’t need you to remind me.” Rozen said coldly, “I really like to play games, not just to kill some time.”

That was the truth.

Rozen has been practicing magic earnestly to the point where he always exhausted his magical power, and he couldn’t continue the training, so playing games was his only way to relax. Internet access was one of the few entertainments in Chaldea.

When he wasn’t practicing magic, Rozen liked to play online games, and now he was already a well-known player in major online games. Rozen was a real internet freak.

Whenever possible, Rozen will definitely go online, not because he has nothing to do, but because he really likes it.

“How good is the game world?”

Rozen humiliated many professional players, he executed a complicated strategy, he could kill the monsters without losing his health point, while staring at the screen and talking at the same time.

“There are not too many scammers, not too much conspiracy, and not too much freak. When I meet people I have acknowledged, I can form a party with those people, and when I meet some bastard, I can kill that person, but I will be labeled as a red player and got the penalty. Weak characters will not be killed as long as they stayed in the city. Most of the players were just here for the entertainment, and only a small portion of them was playing to compete. What do you think?”

Roman was speechless, hearing these words.

How much of a disappointment could this person say?

But Roman could understand what Rozen really thinks.

“A so-called magus is just a group of despicable people who are pursuing only the endpoint and wisdom, the existence of roots,” Rozen said that with a hopeless expression.

“They will use any possible way to achieve this goal no matter what kind of obstacle they face in the future.”

A group of people gathered in one place to protect human civilization and the world?

“Don’t you think this is ridiculous, brother?” Rozen continued to say everything in his mind, “This kind of delusional reason is not suitable for magus at all. They didn’t care about humanity, or even their own life, as long as they can reach the root even if they must die. I’m against that kind of ideology, and to protect people? that is just another reason to conduct research.”

“What they want to protect is not the human world but their own magic world.”

“It’s incredibly hypocritical, brother, don’t you think so?” In harsh words, Rozen was telling Roman what kind of thought he had about this place called Chaldea.

Roman could not refute his words, because what he said was true.

Maybe that was partly the reason for Rozen was not serious about mock battles.

For Rozen, Chaldea was a community that only wanted to study the servant’s theory, so Chaldea was only experimental facilities. Because of that very reason, Rozen did not want to cooperate with Chaldea.

If it was not for Roman and Mashu, who was living in Chaldea, probably he already left the place.

After all, Rozen was extremely disgusted with the so-called Magus.

However …

“Since that is the case, why do you have to work so hard to become a magus?”

Roman asked directly about Rozen’s contradiction, and Rozen was speechless.

“You, who disapprove of the existence of magus, and also one of the most important person in Chaldea. Why do you have to work so hard to become a magus?” Roman suddenly got the urge wanted to tease Rozen.

It was a gentle smile.

Because Roman knew…

“You don’t actually hate magic. In fact, you like magic very much, right?”

Roman told the truth inside of Rozen’s heart.

Rozen couldn’t deny Roman’s words, he did like magic.

Because to be more precise, he liked miracles.

“You always think because of that miracle you survived countless death or life situation, didn’t you?” Roman said, “So you can hate anything, but you can’t hate the miracle itself.”

Because magic was the technology that humans use to perform miracles, that’s why Rozen likes games.

Because, compared to reality, the game’s world was a true miracle.

And Rozen was not a talented magus.

The Chaldea was right, Rozen was a lazy person.

Rozen just wanted to stay inside his room playing games.

That meant Rozen was lazy but only fired up when it came to this miracle thing.

Rozen will always give his all as long as it was related to magic and games.

“So, you also cherish the life you already chose as a magus. Not only do you work hard to practice magic, to make up for your physical weaknesses, but you have also been working hard to learn all kinds of knowledge. When your magical power depleted, besides playing games, you have also been learning stuff on the Internet by yourself.”

However, from a magic world perspective, Rozen was enough to be the best magus of his age. At the same time, in order to draw out his maximum potential, he was learning all kinds of knowledge.

Rozen's IQ was above every one of his age, and he could devise a strategy in a short amount of time because he was able to collect the necessary data in an instant. Also, he could speak in eight different languages. He was already above a doctoral degree.

“Because you are such a person who cherishes miracles, will you be disgusted by the realist who can sacrifice everything for the improvement of magic?”

“I didn’t ask you to agree with it, nor I agree with your ideology.”

“But the director is not that kind of person, and Chaldea is not a facility like you imagine.”

“At least, when you are in this room, I hope you can let your guard down and try to relax.”

“That’s all I want to say.”

After that, Romain smiled at Rozen before leaving the room.

When Roman already left, Rozen was just sitting on his bed and without saying a word.

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