Summoner of Miracles

Chapter 7

After two hours, all staff began to make a final adjustment.

Olga Marie, Lev, and also the rest of the staff members went to the command room, and they looked at the capsule while they were going there.

Roman was in charge of conducting a physical examination, but he dissatisfied with the result.

Among those magus, it seems someone had an objection to Roman’s physical examination.

As for Rozen, he just stood beside one of the capsules with Mashu.

There was nine suitable magus gathered in Chaldea, including Mashu.

She prepared to conduct simulated battles while looking at Roman.

“Is something wrong, doctor?” Mashu just wanted to make sure.

On the contrary, Rozen’s expression was like he didn't care.

“Who do you think the one at fault? If it wasn’t for the young master and young lady were late for two hours.”

Rozen was not interested in the issue at all.

Roman’s attitude was the one at fault. The higher up pushed him because he was too soft.

“Maybe that was also the factor from what he went through all this time?” Rozen said that without concern, but he was already observing the situation from the corner.

Mashu heard what Rozen said, and she responded, “The predecessor was very concerned about Dr. Roman’s condition.”

But Rozen didn’t hear Mashu.

There was a device called the Rayshift Capsule in Caldea. It was a machine for helping the magus to send their spirit back in time.

With the assistance of Rayshift Capsule, they could minimize the risk of having their soul disappeared while drifting into the past.

In Chaldea, every magus could use that machine, including Rozen.

Well, this time was just a mock battle, so the risk was not as high.

Rozen stared at the capsule while thinking, "Do we really need this capsule even though it was just a mock battle?”

Well, of course, it will cause a burden to the brain, but not a fatal wound.

Based on Lev’s statement, Rozen was the most talented magus among the rest. Rozen could perform rayshift without the help of the capsule. Because of that, Olga Marie didn’t expel him from mock battle, even though he made everyone waited for two hours.

Roman immediately prepared to check Rozen and Mashu’s physical condition.

While looking at Roman with a pitiful expression, Rozen said, “It must be hard for you, brother.”

Roman sighed, and he said, “You are the one who is making this hard for me. I really need to ask the director to raise my salary.”

“Come on…” Rozen rolled his eyes.

“By the way, you and the director are like mice and cats, and you want to approach the cat?” He said.

“Then, you are another cat, a black cat who is scratching other people along with the white cat.” Roman said, “Just how unfortunate I am to meet with these two cats?”

After he said that, he prepared a machine to check Mashu’s physical condition.

“Sorry for troubling you, doctor.”

The machine began to scan her body.

“Mashu is the only one who understands me.” Roman smiled.

After checking Mashu, he began to check Rozen.

While Roman was checking Rozen’s physical condition, these two started a secret conversation.

“You should be more serious this time.”

“… I'm always serious.”

“You have no trustworthy subordinate in the Chaldea.”

“I know it too well.”

“I want you to have some motivation.”

” … I’ll do my best. “

“You brat … “

Roman sighed and ended the physical check-up.

“Their physical condition ​​is normal, and they can use rayshift capsules without any issue.”

After that, Roman glanced at Rozen, then he went to the command room, and reported to Olga Marie.

“Good luck, senpai.” Mashu entered the rayshift capsule.

“You too.”

Rozen waved his hand, and he also entered rayshift capsule, lying in a soft mattress-like cabin.

“Perform a simulated combat experience.”

“Identity Authentication Begins.”

“Fingerprint Authentication-Completed.”

“Vocal Authentication – has been completed.”

“Genetical authentication – has been completed.”

“Magic wave detection – has been completed.”

“Confirm the registered name, recognized as the No. 1 Chaldea magus.”

“Status confirmed.”

“Spirit transport, start. “

Rozen’s consciousness was being in a rollercoaster when he was transported. And he began to see a whole new different place.

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