Summoner of Miracles

Chapter 8

Rozen arrived in a virtual reality forest, strange enough, no birds, bugs, or animal sound.

“Is this the battlefield?”

Rozen observed the situation around him quickly. This was not the first mock battle for him.

Rozen adapted quickly, and he could predict all the possibilities he might encounter.

“Is it almost time?” Rozen murmured.

Those who achieved glory for their people, those who fought for humanity in all ages.

They are heroes.

They are transcendents.

They are legends.

Those people transcended into Heroic Spirit after they passed away. They are heroes whose names were engraved on the throne of heroes.

Chaldea was the system that could make a contract between the heroes and the magus.

Spirit Summoning System – Destiny.

Through that system, the person who made a contract with the heroes could obtain heroes’ power to serve whom they called Master.

The Heroes who made a contract with the Master was called Servant.

All magicians who had the qualifications became masters.

Rozen was one of the best in Chaldea.

A system voice said, “Enable the Spirit Summoning System: Destiny.”

A magic circle suddenly emerged on the ground.

“It's starting?”

Rozen stared at the magic circle in awe. No matter how many times he looked at it, Rozen still amazed.

The delicate lines, beautiful geometric figures, the magical words contained in them, and the magical aura swirling in front of him stirred Rozen’s soul as a magician.

Thanks to the system, he could perform such high level magic with his power at the time.

Rozen was interested in the system because he was a magician freak.

“Can I perform this level of summoning with my current power?”

When he was daydreaming, on that magic circle, a figure gradually showed itself through this shining light.

‘Summoning the servant, complete.’

‘Contract Servant: Archer’

‘Duration: 30 minutes’

‘Mock battle: Start’

The magic circle gradually disappeared, leaving the figure.

He was speechless when he stared at the servant.

The servant was shrouded in dark aura, he could see him faintly.

Rozen was relieved, and at the same time, he was also disappointed.

“Is my power this low?”

Through the Chaldea system, someone could perform a summoning. According to history, summoning has already succeeded three times. The servant summoned from the throne of heroes freely roam in the Chaldea, but no one has ever seen them.

Even Rozen, who already live in the Chaldea for three years, has never seen them. So that wasn’t an easy task.

The servant summoned in that mock battle was a shadow servant.

“Although it seems to be weak, I can utilize its power to the fullest. I have confidence in my skill.” Rozen comforted himself.

“And it is an archer, which suits me.”

The Heroes is a summoned existence separated from the time axis, whether it was past or future.

The Chaldea treated the heroes like a weapon.

Usually, someone only could summon the shadow servant of the true heroes, and its power was reduced by a lot.

For example, when heroes were summoned as a servant, they could no longer exert 100% of their power without using the weapon determined by their class.

When the spirit soul turned into a spirit core, it moved into a vessel, and that was a servant.

The vessel determines its class and how much power the servant will have.

The servant divided into seven classes.








The servant Rozen used was Archer, who had good long-range combat power.

“As far as I am concerned, I wish to have an Archer, Caster, or Assassin servant.”

Because those three were the most suitable class for Rozen.

Rozen thought a couple of tactics in his mind, and then he prepared to use some magic.

“Magic circuit, open.”

A switch clicked inside of Rozen’s body, and the power surged out.

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