Supreme Emperor of Swords

Chapter 1250 - Chapter 55 Treason

Chapter 1250 - Chapter 55 Treason

Chapter 55 Treason

The sound of hoofbeats could be heard. Densely packed soldiers and horses came from a distance and came to the Martial Telling Gate.

The Third Prince’s troop had arrived.

Beneath the palace gate.

The Third Prince, who had changed into a suit of silver armor, was sitting on a warhorse. After looking around and finding nothing wrong, he said lightly, “Open the door!”

Qian Jianwen, Zhu Yubo, and Ying Gaoxuan stood quietly by his left and right.


There was no response, but the heavy palace gate quietly opened.

“Let’s go!”

With a wave of his hand, the Third Prince slowly entered the palace gate with hundreds of soldiers and many masters.

As long as he took control of the Imperial Palace through the Martial Telling Gate, he would take this opportunity to get rid of the Crown Prince and the other two princes when they arrived.


Then, Rong Si would dominate the entire Nine Spirits Tribe as well as the Spirit Region. He would be the master of this world and the one in charge.

Now, it was the first step to successfully taking over the Nine Spirits Tribe.

Rong Si and his men passed through the palace gate and entered the Imperial Palace.

The palace gate closed again.

Qian Jianwen, who was standing next to the Third Prince, suddenly frowned. He seemed to have noticed something and said in a deep voice, “Hmm? Your Highness, there seems to be something wrong here…”

“What’s wrong…”

Just as Rong Si was stunned, figures suddenly appeared from all directions.

They were the guards of the Crown Prince’s Mansion.

Then, the sounds of bows being drawn and arrows being nocked suddenly sounded from all directions.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Thousands of arrows shot at once and rained down.

These arrows all had Qi, and their speed and penetrating power had been enhanced a lot.

The sound of air being torn apart rang out as dark arrows that emitted a cold light drew out black shadows, shooting toward the Third Prince’s army in a flash of lightning.

There were quite a few arrows that shot directly at Rong Si’s chest as if trying to eliminate him brutally.

Arrows rained down like bolts of lightning. Just as the Third Prince’s body was about to be engulfed by the arrows, a cold snort rang out.

Qian Jianwen waved his hand and turned his sleeve with his wrist as the center. In the blink of an eye, a strong wind rolled up, sweeping away the nearby arrows like the autumn wind.

As a martial artist of the Semi Eternal Realm, he was indeed extraordinary.

Before the others could react, he had already shot down all the arrows that were aimed at the Third Prince.

Unfortunately, there were too many arrows, and the range was too large. Qian Jianwen’s hasty attack could only shoot down the nearby arrows and could not solve all of them.

Therefore, many ordinary guards fell to the ground after being shot.

Of course, there were still many experts who reacted and angrily shot down the arrows.

Even so, after the first round of arrows, some of the guards at the front fell one after another like wheat in the rain of arrows, wailing all over the ground.

“How… how could there be an ambush here?” Even with the Third Prince’s composed character, he was still quite dumbfounded when he saw this scene.

It was truly too unexpected.

Mo Yingbiao, the general who guarded the Martial Telling Gate, was loyal to him. Rong Si did not believe that he would betray him.

But why would there be these people?

Why was there an ambush?

“Your Highness, those people are from the Crown Prince’s Mansion. It seems that our plan has been exposed! They have been lying in ambush here for a long time.”

As soon as Qian Jianwen finished speaking, his figure blurred out. Qian Jianwen and the other two stood in the air and surrounded Third Prince Rong Si.

Although the people from the Crown Prince’s Mansion tried their best to hold their breath, they were still discovered when Qian Jianwen and the other two great experts passed through the palace gate and entered the Imperial Palace.

However, they didn’t expect that their enemies would take action as soon as they noticed it.

“The Crown Prince’s Mansion!”

The Third Prince’s face darkened and he said coldly, “Wonderful. As expected of my good big brother. I didn’t expect that my plan would be exposed before it could be carried out. He’s even trying to ambush me here. But even so, it won’t change the result…”

As he muttered to himself, the sound of something breaking through the air rang out again.

Arrows were set, bows were drawn, and the arrows were shot at once.

The second round of arrows came again.

“Do they think this will work with me here?” Qian Jianwen sneered when he saw this.

He waved his sleeves once again. An invisible barrier was immediately formed around him. It spread in all directions and wrapped around everyone on his side.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

When the arrows landed on the barrier, they made a series of crisp sounds like rain hitting banana leaves.

In the first round, Rong Si and his men were indeed caught off guard, but with Qian Jianwen’s current strength, how could he allow the people of the Crown Prince’s Mansion to succeed?

“Qian Jianwen is a tricky guy…

“Kill him!”

The arrows could not cause any damage, so Crown Prince Rong Fu immediately gave the order.

The hundreds of guards and guests instantly charged out in unison when they heard this.

“The Third Prince is rebelling. Everyone, follow me and kill him!” Wei Ye, who had become the chief general of the Martial Telling Gate, suddenly rushed out. With a clang, he drew out his sharp sword and shouted. Then, he rushed to the Third Prince.

When the guards who had just run out heard this, their expressions froze.

“Third Prince is the traitor!

“He wants to usurp his father’s throne?!

“How treacherous!”

Although the 200 guards of the Martial Telling Gate were shocked and a little stunned, they did not think much of it under Wei Ye’s order. They followed Wei Ye with long spears and rushed over to kill the Third Prince.

“Terrific. So that’s how it is…” Seeing Wei Ye, the Third Prince came to a realization. His face turned cold and he shouted, “Kill them all!”

The word “kill” rumbled like thunder, shocking the whole place and spreading out in all directions by the Martial Telling Gate.

As soon as the Third Prince gave the order, the guards and guests on his side also rushed over.

In the blink of an eye, the 200 guards of the Martial Telling Gate, the 700 guards and 56 guests of the Crown Prince’s Mansion, and the 655 guards and 43 guests of Third Prince Rong Si clashed.

The sounds of fighting and weapons clashing rang out incessantly.

Sword Light, Saber Light, thunder, flames, and ice were clashing.

The battle between the two sides continued, and it wasn’t long before it entered into chaos.

Fresh blood flew everywhere as the entire place instantly became a battlefield.

It was guards versus guards and guests versus guests.

The Crown Prince’s Mansion’s men were as aggressive as a troop of tigers and wolves.

On the other hand, although the Third Prince’s Mansion’s men weren’t as strong as the Crown Prince’s Mansion’s, and they were suppressed as soon as they collided with each other, those guards and guests were not afraid at all. They also rushed over with strong fighting intent.

When the Third Prince saw this, he didn’t show the slightest worry. Instead, he coldly smiled.

“My dear big brother, so what if your military strength is stronger than mine? So what if you’ve discovered my plan? So long as I have Old Qian and the other two, what can you do to me? I really don’t know what you’re thinking. Could it be that you’re desperate and want to take me by surprise? Heh…” The Third Prince muttered to himself before he spoke coldly to the three people in front of him. “Old Qian, Old Zhu, Old Ying, kill these people!”

“Don’t worry, Your Highness. We three will take care of the people from the Crown Prince’s Mansion in a while.” Qian Jianwen, Zhu Yubo, and Ying Gaoxuan all nodded their heads and slowly walked forward. They actually began to converse, not taking the people nearby seriously at all.

“Haha, it’s been a long time since I’ve fought. It just so happens that I can use these fellows to practice. Let’s ignore those guards and leave them to those little fellows. We’ll go deal with the guests from the Crown Prince’s Mansion.”

“Right. Speaking of which, the intelligence of the Crown Prince’s Mansion is really surprising. He even knows our secret plan. Is there any spy among the senior executives of our prince’s mansion?”

“I don’t care some insignificant spies. As long as we kill the Crown Prince, it doesn’t matter how many spies there are. Of course, after this battle, I must flush them out and torture them to death. They’ve caused great damage, and they shall pay the price. Humph!”

After that, the three of them attacked at the same time.

Qian Jianwen waved his hand. With a flash of light, an ancient sword suddenly appeared.

There was nothing special about this ancient sword, and it even had a trace of rust on it. However, as soon as it appeared, it carried an astonishing imposing aura that looked down upon the world, causing others to be unable to help but lower themselves and feel inferior.

He put his hand on the hilt. As he moved, he drew out the sword, waved it, and slashed out.


A streak of terrifying Sword Light instantly bloomed like divine thunder that struck down from the Ninth Heaven.

In front of him, the three guests of the Crown Prince’s Mansion, whose cultivation was at least above the five-apertured True Immortal Realm, were cut in half by the Sword Light before they could react.

After the three guests were cut into two pieces and fell to the ground, a trace of horror appeared on their faces.

“That’s… Qian Jianwen, who is in the Semi Eternal Realm!” Not far away, the guests of the Crown Prince’s Mansion all narrowed their eyes, which were filled with fear.

It was terrifying that he killed three masters in the True Immortal Realm with one strike.

As a martial artist of the Semi Eternal Realm, he was indeed stunningly powerful.

Only then did those guests realize how powerful Qian Jianwen, who was in the Semi Eternal Realm, was in the Third Prince’s Mansion.

“Brother Qian, you’re really amazing. You’ve cut three people with one strike. Tut-tut, it seems that I can’t hide my strength, or I’ll appear weak!” Zhu Yubo showed his yellowed teeth and grinned. With a flip of his palm, a Golden Tiger Head Spear appeared.

The body of the spear was made of pure steel. It was three meters long, and the spearhead was shaped like a golden tiger’s head. The part between the tiger’s mouth and the blade was made of platinum, and it was extremely sharp.

Holding the Golden Tiger Head Spear, Zhu Yubo slightly moved his arms and went straight in. His strength reached the tip of the spear, and the spear pierced in a straight line, like a hidden dragon coming out of the water or a fierce tiger coming out of the cave. In the void, the spear drew a white light and stabbed directly at the two guests of the Crown Prince’s Mansion next to him.

The spear move was strange, and its tip was like lightning.

Strong winds howled as they pressed forward.

The tip of the spear pierced through the air and arrived in front of the two guests in an instant.

Even among the many guests from the Crown Prince’s Mansion, these two weren’t weak masters. Their cultivation had reached the fourth or fifth apertures of the True Immortal Realm, but when they saw Zhu Yubo’s attack, they couldn’t help but reveal shocked expressions.

Not daring to be careless, they used their most powerful moves.

The man on the left immediately took action. He took a step forward and rushed forward while waving the sword in his hand. Sword Lights appeared as the flowery sword shadows were like rain and a disc. He was trying his best to block the spear.

The man on the right followed closely behind with the Dragon Slaying Saber in his hand. He brandished the saber vigorously, and the Saber Light was awe-inspiring.

With a cold laugh, Zhu Yubo didn’t stop as he continued to stab forward.

The Golden Tiger Head Spear pierced forward with terrifying strength and instantly broke through the defense of the long sword. Like lightning, it flashed and penetrated through the chest of that man.

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