Supreme Emperor of Swords

Chapter 1251 - Chapter 56 Ding Hao Takes Action

Chapter 1251 - Chapter 56 Ding Hao Takes Action

Chapter 56 Ding Hao Takes Action

When the spear passed, the man died.

A master in the True Immortal Realm died under this spear just like that.

It was horrifying.

Zhu Yubo was at the peak of the True Immortal Realm. Although his cultivation level was inferior to Qian Jianwen’s, his strength was also extremely terrifying.

“Ah… Go to hell!” The eyes of the man on the right narrowed, and a look of horror appeared on his face, but it was quickly suppressed. After a cold light flashed in his eyes, he took the opportunity to cut down with the Dragon Slaying Saber.

It was like a bolt of lightning, and its speed was shocking.

However, Zhu Yubo was not startled at all. He waved his arm, and the Golden Tiger Head Spear, carrying a stinky smell of blood, was instantly drawn out and placed horizontally in front of him.


As the man’s body fell to the ground, the Golden Tiger Head Spear had already blocked the Dragon Slaying Saber.


“What!? How could this be possible…” This man’s expression froze as his eyes were filled with disbelief. Never had he imagined that Zhu Yubo would actually be able to defend in time in such a short time.

“What a pity. If you were a bit faster, you might really be able to chop me down. What a pity…” Zhu Yubo chuckled as he revealed his yellowed teeth once more. He seemed to be sighing, yet he was actually teasing that man.

At the same time, the Golden Tiger Head Spear suddenly moved, and a chilling and horrible aura burst out in an instant.

But before he could get rid of the Dragon Slaying Saber and stab that man again, the man had already noticed it. After his expression suddenly changed, he hurriedly moved, jumped down, and fled hundreds of feet away like a ghost.

His face had turned pale. At that moment, he had a feeling of death lingering within his heart. It seemed that he would die if he was even a little slower.

“Hmm?” Zhu Yubo was slightly surprised, but he smiled once more. “Your fleeing speed is much faster than when you attacked. Since that’s the case, I’d love to see how you will dodge my next move…”

After the man heard what Zhu Yubo said, his expression changed once more, and he became extremely nervous.

He didn’t dare relax in the slightest because the person before him was an expert at the peak of the True Immortal Realm.

At the same time, he felt extremely bitter as he wondered why this terrifying old man was his opponent.

All of a sudden, a gray-haired old man holding a Golden Steel Whip casually sent several guards and a guest flying, and then came straight over.

He was one of the three guardian experts of the Third Prince’s Mansion, Ying Gaoxuan, whose cultivation had reached the peak of the True Immortal realm.

Ying Gaoxuan looked at Zhu Yubo and then pointed at Qian Jianwen, who was not far away. He sneered and said, “Old Zhu, why did it take you so long to deal with this man? Look at Brother Qian. He has killed two more people since you took action. Even I have killed three people. Why have you only killed one? Do you need my help?”

Zhu Yubo put down the Golden Tiger Head Spear, glanced at him, and said in a somewhat dissatisfied tone, “Old Gao, don’t put your fingers in my pie. It’s rare for me to have some interest. If you disturb my mood, you can’t afford to compensate me…”

“Another terrifying old man!”

Just as the guest of the Crown Prince’s Mansion was wondering if he should escape and seek help from the others who were fighting, there was no sound or abnormal phenomenon. A cyan figure appeared in front of him.

This person was dressed in cyan. He had a handsome face, fair skin, a tall figure, and a graceful bearing. As he stood there, he gave off a natural feeling, as though he had become one with the world.

On his shoulder was a fat cat with white fur all over its body. It looked cute, fluffy, and chubby.

“What?! You, you are Ding Hao, Brother Ding!” The man was shocked at first, but soon he became ecstatic.

His expression made him look like a man seeing a well who was about to die of thirst in the desert, a man seeing a wooden board who was about to drown in the sea. He was full of hope again.

It was Ding Hao who had arrived.

From the beginning of the battle, Ding Hao began to look for his targets, which were Qian Jianwen and the other two.

However, there were too many people, and their auras were too complicated to be detected by Divine Senses. Moreover, at the beginning of the battle, everyone’s positions were in chaos, and Qian Jianwen and the other two were no longer where they were.

After successively killing seven or eight experts from the other side, Ding Hao noticed Zhu Yubo and Ying Gaoxuan amidst the chaotic battle.


“When did he appear?” Zhu Yubo and Ying Gaoxuan heard the sound and turned around. When they saw Ding Hao, who suddenly appeared, their expressions suddenly froze, and their eyes flashed with a trace of seriousness.

They were shocked that with their cultivation, they actually didn’t notice anyone approaching just now.

“This man isn’t ordinary. He’s a terrifying opponent that can’t be underestimated!”

This thought came to their minds at the same time, and their expressions became serious.

“It’s you. Well, go and help others. Leave these three people to me!” Ding Hao turned around and looked at the guest of the Crown Prince’s Mansion behind him. He raised his eyebrows slightly and was expressionless.

The guest behind Ding Hao was the burly guy who provoked him some time ago in the Crown Prince’s Mansion.

“Brother Ding, well, haha… three people?” After the burly man smiled awkwardly, he heard Ding Hao’s words and was stunned. He turned his head and looked at Zhu Yubo.

As soon as he looked over, he suddenly panicked again.

Qian Jianwen, who was in the Semi Eternal Realm, had also appeared there at some point and was standing next to Zhu Yubo.

“It’s Qian Jianwen!

“He’s in the Semi Eternal Realm…

“Brother Ding, I’ll leave this place to you. I’m going to help others!” The burly man did not dare to stay any longer. He hurriedly said those words to Ding Hao and left in a hurry.

Ignoring him, Ding Hao turned around and looked at the three people opposite him. Without saying a word, he grabbed the void with his right hand, and a long white sword appeared in it.

The sword was none other than the Rusted Sword.

The white long sword emanated a hazy white light. Under the illumination of the sunlight, it was extremely dazzling.

Seeing Ding Hao take out his weapon, the three masters also held their own weapons.

All of a sudden, the atmosphere became tense, and it seemed as if they would fight at any moment.

It was one versus three.

At the same time, the four of them exuded powerful momentum that soared into the sky. Four invisible forces of oppression emerged from their bodies, causing gales to sweep out in all directions.

With Ding Hao, Qian Jianwen, and the other two as the center, an area within a hundred meters had been isolated.

Both parties nearby stared at the four of them in shock.

But the Third Prince and his men were more stunned.

Qian Jianwen and the other two had high cultivation levels, but now there was a man confronting them. His momentum had been maintained at the same point and did not weaken at all.

Of course, only his momentum appeared imposing. Maybe after they took action, Qian Jianwen and the other two would gain the upper hand.

Even so, the Third Prince and his men still felt a wave of shock.

“How could he have the power to confront my most powerful guardian experts? Who is he? When did such a powerful man appear in the Crown Prince’s Mansion?” The sudden appearance of Ding Hao gave the Third Prince a feeling that the overall situation was out of his control.

On the other hand, the Crown Prince’s side was delighted.

Wusun Liuce stood next to Crown Prince Rong Fu, and his eyes were shining. “Brother Ding is really extraordinary. He is not afraid of Qian Jianwen and the other two at all. Your Highness, it seems that we have a good chance to win this battle!”

Although Crown Prince Rong Fu looked happy, he was still a little worried. “I know that Ding Hao’s strength is extraordinary, but his opponents are not easy to deal with. I wonder…”

“Your Highness, it’s not strange that you would feel worried. However, with my understanding of Ding Hao these days, he isn’t a man who would boast casually. Since he said that he could solve your worry, he naturally has his own way. What’s more, you have witnessed his means. Even Junior Protector Long couldn’t stand one move from him. It shouldn’t be a problem for him to deal with Qian Jianwen and the other two. Now we just need to take down the Third Prince,” Wusun Liuce said slowly.

“That’s true…” The Crown Prince nodded. He immediately commanded his troop to charge at the Third Prince with even more ferocious momentum.

The chaotic battle began again.

Although the battle was fierce and chaotic, it did not disturb Ding Hao and the others.

There seemed to be an invisible barrier on their side that separated them from everything else.

“Brother Qian, this guy is not simple. I can’t see through him with my realm. Can you tell how powerful he is?” Zhu Yubo looked at Ding Hao seriously and asked Qian Jianwen, who had just come over, in a low voice.

Ever since Zhu Yubo had reached the peak of the True Immortal Realm, he had felt oppressed by Qian Jianwen and Rong Zun, the current patriarch of the Nine Spirits Tribe.

However, one of them was in the Semi Eternal Realm, and the other was in the Eternal Realm.

“Is this man also in the Semi Eternal Realm?

“Or even the Eternal Realm?

“How could it be?!”

Zhu Yubo was shocked by his guess, so he went to ask Qian Jianwen, hoping that he could give an answer.

“I’ve never heard of such a powerful person in the Crown Prince’s Mansion. Who is he?” Ying Gaoxuan also had a grave expression on his face as a trace of wariness appeared in his eyes.

Obviously, he’d guessed the same as Zhu Yubo. Otherwise, with his strength, he wouldn’t have such an expression.

After a pause, Qian Jianwen said, “I can’t tell what realm he is in. Maybe he has cultivated some kind of hidden realm technique, or his realm is higher than ours. That’s why we can’t tell.”

In fact, as early as just now, when Ding Hao spotted Zhu Yubo and Ying Gaoxuan, Qian Jianwen had noticed him. The reason was that when Ding Hao was running and waved his hand casually, a guest of the Third Prince had been killed by him while there was no energy fluctuation in the void.

That was an expert in the True Immortal Realm, not an ordinary person like a Martial Emperor, a Martial Sage, or a Martial Demigod. He was killed by one simple move in an instant.

How could Qian Jianwen not notice such terrifying means? Therefore, when he found that Ding Hao’s target was Zhu Yubo and Ying Gaoxuan, he also rushed over.

“His cultivation level is higher than ours? Doesn’t that mean that he’s close to the Eternal Realm, or even… above it?!”


“How is that possible? He must have trained in some sort of cultivation technique to conceal his cultivation. It must be so…”

Zhu Yubo and Ying Gaoxuan’s expressions froze, and their eyes were filled with disbelief.

Obviously, for them, Qian Jianwen’s first guess was easier to accept. No matter what, the Eternal Realm was already the highest level in the Spirit Region. “Although this man’s bearing is extraordinary, his cultivation could not be at such a high level.

“Moreover, he has shown up here, which means that he is also the Crown Prince’s helper. If he is in the Eternal Realm, why would he lower himself and join the battle here? After all, if it weren’t for certain reasons, the three of us would not have agreed to help the Third Prince ascend the throne.”

Qian Jianwen didn’t respond. He knew that his second guess was a little too shocking, but for some reason, he had a bad feeling.

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