Supreme Emperor of Swords

Chapter 1253 - Chapter 58 A firework

Chapter 1253 - Chapter 58 A firework

Chapter 58 A firework

The Third Prince’s words caused Rong Fu to furrow his brows. He knew that his third brother was right.

If Ding Hao could not defeat Qian Jianwen and the other two, even if Rong Si was defeated now, after Rong Si’s three guardian experts finished dealing with Ding Hao, Rong Fu’s men would not be their match.

The Semi Eternal Realm master and two experts at the peak of the True Immortal Realm were too horrifying to be defeated by human strength.

Even if the Crown Prince’s Mansion had Long Hong, who was also a peak-staged True Immortal, he could only stop either Zhu Yubo or Ying Gaoxuan. He couldn’t help Rong Fu win entirely.

Thinking about it now, Rong Fu really began to worry about whether Ding Hao could resist those three people.

If he couldn’t resist them, the best thing for Rong Fu to do now was to kill his third brother first.

Crown Prince Rong Fu’s gaze flickered while a wisp of a cold glow gradually appeared in his eyes, and he became even more resolute as if he’d made a decision.

Right then, a figure slowly walked out from the invisible barrier.


“Someone’s out?!”

“Who is it? Who is the victor?”

“Only one of them has come out? If so, it must be Old Qian. Hee hee…”

Everyone looked nervous, but the Third Prince was calm and didn’t even look over. It seemed that he wasn’t worried at all. He was sure that the one who had come out of the barrier was Qian Jianwen.

The man’s figure floated in the air, and his light footsteps aroused everyone’s curiosity.

Soon, the man arrived in front of the crowd.

“It’s Ding Hao!”

“Did Brother Ding defeat Qian Jianwen and the other two? But he…”

The one who had come out was none other than Ding Hao.

When the people present saw Ding Hao, they were all shocked and found it incredible. Even Crown Prince Rong Fu couldn’t help rubbing his eyes and confirming it again and again.

He had a reason for that.

Ding Hao’s cyan clothes were still smooth, without any creases. He walked leisurely, looking very natural and unrestrained.

“How did he manage to come out unscathed?

“Could it be that he didn’t fight Qian Jianwen and the other two?


“Elder Qian, you’re finally out. Haha, dear Big Brother, it’s my turn to turn the tables this time…” The Third Prince did not turn around to look at the one who had come out, but from people’s shocked expressions, he thought that it must be Elder Qian who had come out.

“Hmm?” However, the Third Prince got no response from behind, which made him frown. He slowly turned around and looked at the one who had arrived. When he saw that it was Ding Hao, his expression suddenly froze, as if he had been struck by lightning, and his eyes widened.

Ding Hao smiled slightly, glanced at the Third Prince, walked past him, and walked slowly toward the Crown Prince.

The Third Prince’s eyes were dull. His gaze followed Ding Hao’s figure. It was not until Ding Hao passed him and Evil Moon, who was standing on his shoulder, meowed that Rong Si seemed to wake up from a dream and was pulled back to reality.

“No, no, it can’t be. How could Elder Qian lose to him? They’re in the Semi Eternal Realm and at the peak of the True Immortal Realm. This is impossible….” His eyes were bloodshot, and he seemed to have gone mad. After shaking his head violently a few times, he actually rushed to the place where the four fought just now.

The people of the Crown Prince’s Mansion did not pay attention to the Third Prince. They were not worried that he would escape. Their eyes were fixed on Ding Hao.

“Your Highness!” Ding Hao came to Crown Prince Rong Fu and nodded at him.

“Brother Ding, well… well, did you defeat Qian Jianwen and the other two?” Even though Crown Prince Rong Fu had always been a composed man, he couldn’t speak clearly at this time.

However, it could be seen that he was extremely shocked at this moment.

Long Hong, Wusun Liuce, and the rest were even more shocked than Crown Prince Rong Fu. All of them stared at Ding Hao in shock.

Ding Hao smiled slightly. Before he could speak, there was a sudden scream from the Third Prince not far away. “No, how could it be? How could they have been killed by that man? NO. It’s absolutely impossible…”

“They’re dead?!”

Hearing this voice, everyone from the Crown Prince’s Mansion knew what was going on. They were overjoyed.

The excitement in the Crown Prince’s heart was beyond words. Ding Hao defeated those three people. That was to say, the Crown Prince won the competition with his third brother, which meant that the throne was about to belong to him. How could Crown Prince Rong Fu not be happy?

“Let’s go. It’s time to settle this matter…” A sharp glint flashed across the Crown Prince’s eyes as he led his remaining men toward the Third Prince.

Ding Hao took Evil Moon to the place where he had fought just now.

“Those three guys are dead, and the so-called Third Prince has also been utterly defeated. We’re now about to get the book with the description of the Heart of Heaven and Earth!” Evil Moon’s eyes flashed with a trace of expectation, and it secretly transmitted a voice message to Ding Hao. “We finally have a new clue about the Heart of Heaven and Earth, but I don’t know what is described in the book…”

Ding Hao glanced at it and replied, “When did you start to care so much about the Heart of Heaven and Earth? I think you are just tired of here and want to go to other places.”

Evil Moon stood up, put on a proud look, and replied arrogantly, “Humph! I’m concerned about the world, the peace of the universe. I’m extremely great and noble, like a Celestial God, a Divine Emperor, a great cat. How can I not care about the Heart of Heaven and Earth? Don’t talk nonsense, or I’ll punish you on behalf of God…”

Ding Hao was speechless.

“Geez! Does Evil Moon dare to be more shameless? It’s such an embarrassment!”

No one noticed the conversation between the two of them. Everyone arrived in front of the Third Prince.

It was only at this moment that the corpses of Qian Jianwen and the other two were revealed before their eyes.

There was a bloody mark on the necks of Zhu Yubo and Ying Gaoxuan, and their eyes were filled with extreme astonishment. Obviously, they’d been annihilated with a single sword strike, whereas, their divine weapons had been severed into two halves. Half of them were in their hands while the other had fallen to the ground.

Qian Jianwen was half-kneeling on the ground, his ancient sword piercing through his left chest. Wisps of blood that had not yet dried up dripped down from his sword hilt.

Three peerless experts had died here just like that.

Everyone present gasped. They wondered how powerful Ding Hao was.

Crown Prince Rong Fu withdrew his gaze and looked at Rong Si who sat there blankly as he spoke slowly, “Third Brother, do you have anything else to say now?”

“Do I have anything else to say?” Rong Si’s expression changed slightly. He slowly raised his head and looked at his elder brother. His eyes suddenly turned cold, and his handsome face suddenly became ferocious. “Big Brother, you won this time, but don’t think that the throne will be yours. The Nine Spirits Tribe and the Spirit Region will all be mine. Haha…”

He smiled, releasing strange laughter that sounded as if it came from the underworld. His fiendish smile made others shiver uncontrollably.

Crown Prince Rong Fu stared at him with an emotionless expression, and he spoke with an indifferent voice, “You’re about to die, yet you’re still so stubborn. Could it be that you think you’ll be able to escape today? Or perhaps someone will come to save you?”

He knew very well how powerful the Third Prince’s Mansion was. For the sake of the throne, his third brother had sent out almost all of his forces.

Even if Rong Si still had some troops left in his mansion, they were no threat to the Crown Prince, Rong Fu. Therefore, he thought that his third brother was just being stubborn and had no backup plan at all.

The others shared the same thoughts.

Rong Si knew in his heart that his faction was doomed, and today’s defeat was also extremely thorough.


The Third Prince suddenly threw his head back and laughed maniacally. His eyes flashed with madness as if he had made a decision. “Actually, if I could, I really didn’t want to do such a thing. But the current situation is indeed unfavorable to me. I have no choice but to do this.”

“No matter what you are up to, no one can save you now…” Crown Prince Rong Fu’s face darkened. Based on his many years of experience dealing with Rong Si, Rong Fu could tell that his words were not a lie. He no longer hesitated and immediately gave a ruthless order, “Men, kill this traitor!”

“Yes, Your Highness!” Long Hong stepped forward and answered before he gathered his Qi. His figure flashed as he lifted a broadsword to press at the Third Prince.

The saber flashed with a cold glint, causing the Third Prince to tremble uncontrollably.

“You’re making me do this!” A fierce glint flashed through Rong Si’s eyes as he pulled out a palm-sized black ball from his bosom.

He held it up with one hand and attached the other to it. His Qi poured into the black ball crazily like a flood, and then he threw it hard into the sky.

His movements were so smooth that no one could react in time.

The black ball shot up like a firework, drawing out a gorgeous light. It exploded in the sky, producing a gorgeous light.

Like a flower, it blossomed, illuminating the place. It was dazzling and resplendent.

Long Hong was shocked when he saw this, and his figure couldn’t help but freeze slightly. At this moment, the speed of his broadsword had slowed down as well.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the Third Prince took a step forward and flipped over like a silver light, trying to dodge Long Hong’s broadsword.

However, Long Hong was an experienced great fighter. His gaze flashed, and his broadsword shot out like a silver python, ruthlessly hacking onto Rong Si’s armor.

Rong Si’s eyes narrowed. He wanted to dodge, but how could he dodge in midair?


The broadsword struck his armor, causing sparks to fly. A terrifying force passed through the armor and into his body.

An unnatural flush emerged on his face. Blood suddenly spurted out from his mouth, and his body smashed heavily on the ground.

At the Crown Prince’s signal, Long Hong landed on the ground and stood still.

Rong Si stood up with great difficulty and almost stumbled to the ground, yet he still stood up straight. Even though his countenance was ghastly pale, he smiled once more. He actually didn’t mind his injuries at all and let out frenzied laughter instead.

Crown Prince Rong Fu couldn’t help but feel a trace of unease as he looked at Rong Si and hurriedly asked, “What did you do just now? What exactly is that thing?”

“Haha, my dear Big Brother, why are you so anxious? It’s just an ordinary firework.” The Third Prince sneered when he saw the change in the Crown Prince’s expression.

However, his sneer immediately affected his injuries. He spat out another mouthful of blood, and his face became paler and paler.


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