Supreme Emperor of Swords

Chapter 1254 - Chapter 59 Unexpected Changes

Chapter 1254 - Chapter 59 Unexpected Changes

Chapter 59 Unexpected Changes

“An ordinary firework?”

In this sort of situation, how could anyone present possibly believe him?

Ding Hao, who was standing behind them, was also stunned. He could not figure out how the thing Rong Si got at this time could help him.

“Could it be that this can help him survive the crisis or even turn the tables?”

“Tell me what you’ve done now… Since you’re not going to tell me, I….”

Just as the Crown Prince’s face darkened and he was about to kill Rong Si, suddenly, a shocking change occurred.

The ground suddenly trembled violently, and rumbling sounds kept coming out like those of an earthquake. Then, unexpectedly, there was a loud bang, like thunder, spreading out of the Nine Spirits City.

“What’s going on?”


Such a shocking change caused everyone’s faces to change. They were startled as they had no idea what was happening.

“Hahaha, next up is my true plan. This time, you definitely won’t be able to ruin my plan…” The Third Prince opened his arms wide and laughed wildly.

The wild wind howled, and the cloak behind his armor fluttered in the wind. Coupled with his ferocious appearance at the moment, he looked like an evil ghost, ferocious and terrifying.

“His true plan?!”

Crown Prince Rong Fu and Wusun Liuce’s expressions stiffened while the gazes of the others froze.

“What, what does he mean by that? Does he really have a backup plan?

“Judging from the noise he made just now, it seems that he does… This is not good.”

Everyone began to feel depressed as if they could vaguely feel something.

“I’ll kill you! Let’s see what other plans you have!” Long Hong exploded into action. After shouting madly, he held the broadsword in his hand, which carried terrifying Qi, and slashed it down forcefully. The Broadsword Qi erupted, and it pierced through space and shot directly toward the Third Prince.

Although Long Hong did not know what other plans Rong Si had, for the safety of the Crown Prince, Long Hong would not allow him to do whatever he wanted.

Moreover, as long as Rong Si was killed, his so-called plan might come to an end.

Out of these two reasons, Long Hong decided to kill him on the spot.

When Crown Prince Rong Fu saw this, he knew Long Hong’s intentions and naturally would not stop him.

However, facing such an attack, the Third Prince was shocked. He had not expected Long Hong to attack again.

If he was hit, he would probably be cut into two halves immediately.

But after his shock, he actually smiled. That caused Long Hong, who had just released his Broadsword Qi, to be slightly startled.

After Rong Si waved his arm, a glass-colored barrier flew out of his chest. In a flash, it covered his entire body.

In an instant, his silver armor was covered with a layer of glazed color, which was extremely dazzling and beautiful.

At the same time, the terrifying Broadsword Qi also fell on his armor.

But what surprised Long Hong and the others was that when the Broadsword Qi collided with his armor, the scene that he had imagined did not occur.

There was no harsh sound, no dazzling light, and the Broadword Qi disappeared silently.

Long Hong snorted coldly as he took another step forward. With a flicker of his body, Long Hong appeared in front of him like a bolt of lightning. With a flash of scarlet light, flames appeared, and the air instantly became hot.

The precious broadsword in his hand turned red in an instant. Faintly, it was like a crimson fire dragon, rushing straight at Rong Si.

Flames overflowed into the sky as scarlet light exploded.

The terrifying flaming blade landed on Rong Si in the blink of an eye.

The strange scene just now occurred again. The flaming blade attack did not cause any damage to Rong Si’s body. Instead, it bounced back.

“How, how is this possible? What did he just create?” Long Hong turned around and landed on the ground, his face filled with shock.

“Glazed Light Barrier!” Wusun Liuce suddenly exclaimed as he recognized the treasure that Rong Si had just used.

“What? That’s a Glazed Light Barrier!” Long Hong’s eyes narrowed as shock flashed through his eyes.

Crown Prince Rong Fu’s face darkened. It seemed that his third brother had been prepared for this. He actually had such a treasure with him.

Third Prince Rong Si sneered, “If I hadn’t taken this treasure with me for safety reasons, I would have really died in your hands. Now that I’m using it, even if an Eternal Realm expert were to take action within eight minutes, you wouldn’t be able to breach this layer of defense.”

“Even an Eternal Realm expert can’t breach it?

“What kind of treasure is this? It’s actually so powerful!”

Ding Hao didn’t know what kind of treasure this Glazed Light Barrier was. He wanted to break Rong Si’s, but after hearing what he said, Ding Hao stopped and looked at Wusun Liuce.

Wusun Liuce was so smart that he naturally knew what Ding Hao was thinking. He immediately explained to him, “He’s right. This Glazed Light Barrier does have this defensive effect, and the time limit is just as he said, which is only eight minutes.”

“It’s just that this Glazed Light Barrier is extremely precious and rare in the world. Even the Royal Library doesn’t have one. How could he have it?”

Hearing this, Ding Hao could only remain silent.

Since an Eternal Realm expert couldn’t break it and there was a time limit, there was no need for him to take action.

“Even if it can only last for eight minutes, that should be enough…” Rong Si sneered, and then his expression suddenly changed as he laughed wildly. “It’s about time. It’s coming. Hahaha, it’s about to begin. All of you are like ants, just standing there and watching. There’s no way you can stop what’s going to happen next, hahaha…”

“It can’t be stopped?!”

“Could it be that his plan has already begun? What exactly is his plan…”

The expression on Rong Fu’s face turned grim as he was unsure of what terrifying things were about to happen.

“Hahaha, just you wait. Just you wait…” When the Third Prince saw their shocked gazes, his laughter became even crazier.

As if in response to his laughter, a shocking light column suddenly rose from the Nine Spirits City and went straight up to the sky. Even Ding Hao and the others in the Imperial Palace could see it clearly.

The pillar of light shot straight into the sky and suddenly exploded like dazzling fireworks.

However, those rays of light did not dissipate. Instead, they began to spread in all directions like light pythons. After that, they turned into numerous veined patterns that were changing nonstop.

With the formation of the patterns, gusts of strange power were emitted from it, condensing and spreading in all directions.

Such a big commotion naturally attracted the attention of all the martial artists in the capital city. They looked up at the sky.

Even those who were dreaming and sleeping were awakened and hurriedly ran out of the door.

Before long, the streets and the buildings were packed with people.

Apart from shock, they also looked confused. None of them knew what was going on.

More and more people felt the strange aura, and their eyes were full of astonishment.

In the Imperial Palace, behind the Martial Telling Gate-

“What, what is that?!”

“Could it be that this is his plan?!”

“Rong Si, what the hell did you do?!”

Everyone from the Crown Prince’s Mansion was flabbergasted and bewildered when they saw this. Their gazes then landed on Rong Si.

“What a beautiful thing! Little Chap Ding, what’s that?” Evil Moon blinked its big eyes as if it was appreciating something beautiful.

At this time, Evil Moon was still as carefree as usual, without the slightest worry.

Ding Hao had no time to pay attention to it. He narrowed his eyes, looked at the sky carefully, and was absorbed in thought. Then, he raised his eyebrows as if he had noticed something. He muttered solemnly, “This is troublesome.”

The light in the sky continued changing as the patterns began intertwining with each other. One could already see some of the signs. These patterns actually formed a tactical deployment.

“A tactical deployment!

“But what kind of tactical deployment is this?”

“Next, it’s your turn to take my crazy revenge, especially you. You hindered and even ruined my original plan. I will never let you off the hook.” The Third Prince suddenly roared like a madman. His eyes turned from everyone to Ding Hao, and his voice was full of resentment.

Ding Hao stared at the sky. Instead of turning around, he said slowly, “As you said, the black ball you just sent out is indeed a firework, but it can be a signal. I’m afraid that the light column came from your mansion!”

“Heh, since the plan is proceeding as planned, I can tell you the truth. You’re right, that is indeed a signal. I’ve already given orders to my men to activate the tactical deployment as soon as I send out this signal.” Third Prince Rong Si actually calmed down at this time and chuckled with a hint of mockery in his eyes.

Now that the plan had begun, he was not worried that these people would stop it. Even if he told them frankly about the process of the plan, it did not matter.

“What tactical deployment have you created? Are you trying to get all of us killed?” Crown Prince Rong Fu’s face darkened.

“Even if you want to die, I don’t, Big Brother…” Rong Si said disdainfully. “As for what tactical deployment it is, you’ll know soon enough.”

A cry sounded in the sky the moment he finished speaking. It resounded over the place like a great bell.

In an instant, the tactical deployment in the sky was completed.

Wusun Liuce, who was greatly knowledgeable, recognized the tactical deployment and exclaimed in shock, “That’s a teleport tactical deployment!”


“Eh? As expected of the smartest and most knowledgeable man in the Crown Prince’s Mansion. Military Counselor Wusun, you actually recognized that this is a teleport tactical deployment. Yes, yes, if you weren’t my big brother’s trusted subordinate and not at my disposal, I would really want to get a talent like you…” Third Prince Rong Si looked a little surprised, and then his eyes showed a cold light.

Right after he said those words, everyone watched in shock as the teleport tactical deployment up above began to glow brightly. Ripples spread out across its surface, growing more and more intense.

Two terrifying Qi fluctuations suddenly spread out. Air was compressed, hissing. The wind whistled, lightning flashed, and thunder rumbled.

It was horrifying.

Everyone looked up at the sky with horror in their eyes.

They had a feeling that some terrifying being was being teleported through the tactical deployment.

As if to confirm these people’s thoughts, two thunderbolts struck in the sky, and two figures appeared in front of everyone like Celestial Gods.

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