Supreme Emperor of Swords

Chapter 21

Chapter 21-The genius and the fool

The third generation disciple opened his mouth wide in shock, stuttering in excitement after being stunned for a while, “Number 89, Xiao Chengxuan, Grade A+ for gold element.”

Even the few elders in silver robes who squinted their eyes over the distance rushed over upon hearing the news.

The leading elder, who looked as brave and ferocious as a lion, nodded satisfyingly upon seeing the golden flames erupted out of the stone egg. He smiled and said, “Not bad, the first Grade A+ prodigy today is finally discovered. Looks like this would be another genius in our populous Swordsmanship-seeking Sect!”

The other elder whispered a few words to the third generation disciple.

The disciple then hastily recorded something on his document.

It was apparent that Xiao Chengxuan, who came from Qingyang town, had become a major focus of the sect.

All the guards from Qingyang Town cheered delightedly as they were happy for the talent of their young master.

Reverence rose in Ding Hao’s heart too.

Xiao Chengxuan’s talent was indeed impressive. The Grade A+ level alone proved his potential and guaranteed him a place in Swordsmanship-seeking Sect.

The name of the Young Master of Qingyang Town, Xiao Chengxuan, instantly left a mark in the mind of many other youths taking the test.

This commotion died down fast as the examination continued.

Suddenly, a wave of gasps erupted in the front again.

A stream of blue glow descended from the sky, dying even the examination altar beside it blue. The crystal clear flames did not seem to be weaker than the glow created by the Grade A+ Xiao Chengxuan.

“Number 789, Li Yiruo, Grade A+ for water element.”

The enthusiastic announcement of the third generation disciple rang across the examination altar once more.

Ding Hao was alerted as he lifted his head up to see the girl.

On an examination altar beside his, the arrogant but immensely beautiful girl Li Yiruo stood there like a fairy about to ascend into heaven, with her pure white satin dress swaying in the wind.

She placed her delicate jade-like hands on the third stone egg and a wave of blue light engulfed both the girl and the stone egg. It made her look even more attractive as if she was a goddess who had descended from the heavens.

Such an attractive scene naturally captivated the glances of numerous individuals.

This was especially true for the confident young masters and gentlemen from the various huge sects. They stared intently at the white-clothed girl on the altar as if they were already conquered by her beauty, and had already sacrificed their soul for her.

“Another Grade A+ genius!”

“She is so pretty! Like a fairy on earth!”

“My life would be complete if she can just smile at me.”

Beneath the altar, both disciples from Swordsmanship-seeking Sect and the boys taking the exam stared blankly at the fairy-like girl on the altar as they were bewitched by her beauty. The voices of discussion were everywhere.

“I didn’t expect this devious little chili to be so talented as well, being on the same level as Xiao Chengxuan. Oh yes, what about her cousin Li Canyang? And the other pretty girl Xie Jieyue? How did they do in the test?”

Ding Hao didn’t expect to have already met the two geniuses in the incident three days ago.

The queue pushed forward, and it was Ding Hao’s turn before long.

He ascended to the examination altar 1 and passed his number card to a third generation disciple. He then walked to the jade table and pressed his two hands on the stone egg that represented the gold element.

According to his memory, the Ding Hao before had never been unable to activate any stone egg in his past few tests. Thus, he was unsure of his element as well and could only test it out one by one.

There was no reaction to the first stone egg of the gold element. Not even a glimmer of light appeared.

This meant that Ding Hao was not suited for the gold element.

Ding Hao shook his head and walked to the second stone egg representing the wood element. He then pressed his hands on it.

There was no reaction even after half a minute.

Another failure.

Ding Hao frowned and pressed his palms on the third stone egg representing the water element.

There was still no reaction after 10 seconds.

Still a failure.

At this time, the youths queuing behind were already mocking and laughing at him. Even the few third generation disciples focused on the tests showed their impatience and looked at Ding Hao sympathetically.

Ding Hao didn’t change his expression or linger further. He placed his hands on the fourth stone egg representing the fire element.

The result was the same.

There was no reaction to the stone egg representing the fire element.

There were two stone eggs left—one for the soil element and the other for obscure elements.

A normal human body consists of gold, wood, water, fire and soil elements. One of these five elements would be the dominant one in the body.

For instance, Xiao Chengxuan had a Grade A+ score for his gold element, which meant that he had a tremendous amount of gold elements in his body, making training of skills related to the gold element much easier. However, this does not mean that he only had gold elements in his body but merely reflected the fact that the other elements were suppressed by the strong gold element in his body, making the cultivation of other types of skills much more difficult.

It was rare to find someone like Ding Hao, who triggered no reaction from all four gold, wood, water, and fire testing stone eggs.

This basically meant that Ding Hao is a useless fool completely incompetent of martial arts.

Ding Hao frowned as he tried to find a solution.

“Hurry up, you dumbass! Don’t linger around! There are still many waiting behind you. Get the hell out if you don’t want to be here! Goddamn it! Such an idiot here to waste my time!”

The third generation disciple who was responsible for collecting data for Ding Hao was already impatiently scolding him.

Ding Hao sneered as he lifted his head to look at this third generation disciple who resembled a short and bulky winter melon. He said nothing and pressed his hands on the stone egg representing the soil element.

Still no reaction after more than 10 seconds.

It seemed like Ding Hao did not possess the soil element either.

“Such bad luck. It seems like you are a fool with none of the five elements. Take your token and screw off.”

The short and bulky “winter melon” was angry at Ding Hao for being stared at by him, and thus took this chance for revenge, and thus threw the token straight at Ding Hao.

Ding Hao grabbed the token in mid-air and snorted. “How do you know that I am useless when I have yet to try the last testing stone egg.”

“How can you possibly have those obscure elements when you already look so poor and useless. Let me give you an advice, just screw off to prevent getting humiliated further in the test.”

The short and fat “winter melon” mocked Ding Hao harshly.

He was short and ugly. He was just jealous and envious of the handsome, graceful and tall Ding Hao. Furthermore, he saw that Ding hao came with rugged clothes alone, and was thus sure of his lowly background. Hence, he made use of the opportunity to bully Ding Hao.

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