Supreme Emperor of Swords

Chapter 22

Chapter 22 What is Genius?

“Oh? It’s you?” Chirped a woman below the stage. “Why are you taking this test? I guess you’re not a Swordsmanship-seeking Sect disciple! Haha, I thought you were so powerful, but it turns out you’re only a piece of trash that fails at all five elements. Get down here!”

Ding Hao looked down.

The genius girl who had just finished taking the test, Li Yiruo, was looking at him mockingly.

“You know this piece of trash?”

“Haha, did you hear her? Lady Li is telling you to go down.”

“You failed all five elements. Get lost.”

A group of young men who were trying to impress Li Yiruo saw that the lady had a grudge against the man on the stage, and they all immediately began heckling him to get her attention.

Ding Hao chuckled coldly. For some reason, he actually felt stronger, and all his worries disappeared.

He stepped out and pressed his hands on the sixth testing egg.


In an instant, something seemed to burst out.

A streak of silver light shot hundreds of meters into the sky, shimmering like ice and as white as moonlight. Its bright glow enveloped the entire area hundreds of meters from the stage.

The entire testing arena instantly fell silent.

The smile on the face of the stodgy third-generation disciple froze, and the book in his hand fell to the floor at some point.

Below the stage, Li Yiruo was also in shock.

Her beautiful eyes were filled with disbelief.

She had not expected this to happen at all.

The streak of silver light was dozens of times taller and denser than her water element light. Although she did not know what element this light represented, she knew Ding Hao’s talent was undeniably beyond her compare.

Those mocking young men were also left gaping, as if they were ducks being wrung in the neck.

They felt very regretful.

If they could they would swallow everything they had just said.

They had insulted an extreme talent only to appease their lady, which was extremely short-sighted. Hopefully, this man would not hold a grudge against them.

“So? What is my element level?” Ding Hao took his hands off the egg and asked quietly.

“Ah… My, my fellow disciple, I was so stupid before, I…” the stodgy third-generation disciple said to Ding Hao fawningly, already calling him a fellow disciple.

He felt so bad about what he said before that he was about to cry.

Why had he chosen to insult this genius?

With this kind of talent, Ding Hao was bound to enter Swordsmanship-seeking Sect.

He would definitely also receive a great amount of training by the sect and become a candidate for successor disciple. If Ding Hao still harbored resentment for him after gaining status, this stodgy disciple’s days in the sect would be over.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

With a gust of wind, a few figures appeared.

All the people felt dizzy in front of Ding Hao’s previous movements. The elders in silver robes awoke from their nap and immediately appeared on stage one, looking at Ding Hao like he was the Holy Grail.

“Great, how great! Hahaha!”

The highest-ranking one stood in the middle and looked as menacing as a lion, with white hair and a prickly beard. He gently patted Ding Hao’s shoulder and said with a roaring laugh, “Very nice. I never expected our Swordsmanship-seeking Sect to encounter a God-level element disciple today. This is a cause for celebration. What’s your name, young man?”

“Ding Hao.”

“Ding Hao? What a great and powerful name!” The elder stroked his beard and laughed.

A nearby elder who was around 50 years old suddenly asked, “Ding Hao, would you like to be my disciple? As an elder, I have a high status in the sect. If you want, you can skip the following exams and become an inner gate disciple right away.

“Hiss! Hiss!” The other young men gasped and looked at Ding Hao enviously.

The other elders were also making offers.

“Forget it, Ding Buer. It would be a waste of Ding Hao’s talent to have you, an outer gate elder, as a master. He should finish the other tests and be assessed by the inner gate,” retorted the lion-like elder visciously.

Then, he reminded Ding Hao with a smile, “I am the first elder of the outer gate, Liu Wenkuang. Young man, you shouldn’t choose masters randomly. Wait until you’re done with your tests. With your talent, you will receive a lot of attention from the sect and be assigned a better master, so don’t risk ruining your career.”

In Swordsmanship-seeking Sect, choosing one’s master was very important. If Ding Hao comitted to a master, it would be almost impossible to switch.

Ding Buer was furious.

However, Liu Wenkuang was very powerful in the outer gate, and he dared not challenge him.

Ding Hao felt incredibly grateful and said genuinely, “Thank you for your advice, Elder Liu.”

“Of course. Talent is important, but your intentions are even more important. Young man, you’ll have to work very hard to become powerful, so don’t get too careless because of your success,” said Liu Wenkuang.

Then, he and the other elders returned to their seats.

Liu Wenkuang also wanted Ding Hao as his disciple, but he knew he was no match for the inner gate elders.

That was why he only gave a few words of advice to establish good will.

Geniuses like Ding Hao were much more approachable before their rise to greatness. In the future, there would be little chance of befriending him.

Most of the spectators had left, leaving only a few people still watching Ding Hao in admiration.

Li Yiruo had also left a while ago.

Her pride had been deeply injured, and she did not feel like staying.

“Fellow disciple… you… I… um…” Stammered the third-generation disciple on the stage.

He needed Ding Hao’s badge to record his accomplishments, but felt incredibly awkward for asking it back, because he had just tossed it to Ding Hao.

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