Supreme Emperor of Swords

Chapter 23

Chapter 23 Another God-level Genius?

Ding Hao silently handed his badge over and calmly left the stage.

There was no point in arguing with a lowlife like him.

In the distant perimeter of the testing arena, two young men stood on top of an ancient tree.

They did not seem to be hiding, but the crowds below them, including the first elder of the elder gate, Liu Wenkuang, could not see them or sense their auras.

It was a very strange sight.

“Senior Brother Leng, what do you see?” asked Shi Feizhou with a smile. He was wearing a yellow suit, and his long blonde hair was tied back with golden thread.

“I believe there has only been a god-level genius once six years ago.” The other replied. He wore a snow-white robe, with long black hair carelessly draping over his shoulder, and he gave off an icy aura.

Swordsmanship-seeking Sect disciples were roughly divided into the five levels of name, outer gate, inner gate, successor, and core.

These two were top figures among the sect’s inner gate core disciples, and their strength far exceeded that of outer gate elders.

“Do we want to recruit him?” asked Shi Feizhou.

“Of course. Even if we can’t recruit him, we can’t let that man take him.” Replied Leng Yixuan with a cold smile. “A god-level genius should be the darling of the sect, and I can tell that his aura is exceptional. He might even come from a powerful bloodline. Unless accidents happen, he’ll undoubtedly rise up the ranks.”

“What kind of accidents?” Shi Feizhou was stunned.

Leng Yixuan did not respond.

Shi Feizhou came back to his senses and said with a smile, “I wonder how he’ll perform in the other tests. Do you want to go see?”

“Never mind. We can leave that up to the people below.” Leng Yixuan shook his head and was about to say something else.

Suddenly, something strange happened in the distance.

Another blast of brilliant light shot into the sky, just as pure and high as Ding Hao’s.

The only difference was that the light was a crisp green color, infusing the entire surrounding forest with life.

Both men’s jaws dropped in shock.

“I can’t believe that there’s another god-level genius!”

“Haha! Who would’ve thought that I was a god-level genius? I wonder what this silver light represents.”

After leaving the testing stage, Ding Hao could not contain his excitement any longer.

According to memory, he had never been exceptional in any of the many tests he took before.

Today’s miracle must have had something to do with his experience in the cave under the garbage cliff. The saber illusion that entered his body and the mysterious white liquid that turned black probably changed his body’s elements.

“I should have no problem entering Swordsmanship-seeking Sect now.”

Ding Hao felt a weight was finally lifted off of him.

He walked up to the ritual square ahead and finally felt like he belonged in these mountains, which were as beautiful as Eden. From now on, he could leave the slums and live here.

“I wonder how Xie Jieyu and her sister are doing.”

Ding Hao’s mind suddenly turned to the stunning eyes of that mysterious girl and her adorable little sister Ding Ding.

Xie Jieyu had also participated in the entrance test, but he did not know if she passed, given her frail body and lack of martial arts experience.

“I hope she gets lucky.”

Ding Hao sighed.

In an instant, he arrived at the third arena for testing meridian.

This world’s martial arts were established on the basis of Qi, meridian, and acupoints.

After the first two tests, there were fewer people left than before, about a few thousand people. The meridian test was simple and did not require special tools. Instead, the silver-robed elders personally tested subjects by injecting Qi into their bodies to determine the flexibility and depth of their meridians.

“Number 756, Yao Jing, Third Tier meridians!”

“Number 876, Ke Bilun, Sixth Tier meridians!”

“Number 2243, Wang Jun, Fourth Tier meridians!”

“Number 178, Lao Denuo, Second Tier meridians!”

“Number 88, Li Canyang, First Tier meridians, not bad! Not bad!”

Ding Hao spotted the son of Xiyang Village’s mayor, Li Canyang, among the test-takers.

This young man seemed very put-together and elegant, and his meridians were of excellent condition, drawing praise from the elders.

The quality of meridians was split into six categories.

First tier was the best for developing talent, while the sixth tier was the worst and would prevent anyone from excelling.

“Although I don’t know how good Li Canyang’s elements are, his meridians are perfect. It seems he’s a genius.” Ding Hao thought.

He was full of anticipating for his meridian quality as well.

He approached the elder at the testing station and handed him his badge.

“Oh? You’re Ding Hao?” The elder looked at him with a strange expression.

News travelled fast in Swordsmanship-seeking Sect.

Word of Ding Hao’s godlike elements had clearly spread to this testing area. The elder eagerly placed his fingers on Ding Hao’s wrist, and a gust of warm Qi slowly entered his body.

“Hm?” The elder suddenly glanced at Ding Hao with a changed expression, frowned slightly, and tried testing again.

Gradually, Ding Hao felt that something was wrong.

Everyone else had gotten their results in under a minute.

However, this elder was sweating furiously as he channeled many gusts of Qi into his body and could not detect anything.

Finally, the elder sighed and said, “Your body is… really very strange. I can’t tell what it is. Uh… I’ll just put you down as Second Tier meridians.”

He etched the ranking on Ding Hao’s badge and handed it back.

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