Swallowed Star

Volume 1 - Chapter 14: You asked for it

Volume 1 Chapter 14: You asked for it

“Hm, how come there’s no answer? It’s around 12 right now, so it should be lunch time. My dad and the others are remodeling right now and they usually take a break during the noon, so he should be able to answer the phone” Luo Feng looked doubtfully at his cell phone’s screen and pressed the ‘Cell Phone Location Searcher Function’. The screen of the phone quickly displayed a map of Yang Zhou city. The small red dot on the map represented Luo Feng’s cell phone’s location, while the small green dot represented his father’s.

“Not too far from where I am now”

Luo Feng knew in an instant where his father’s current location is and couldn’t help but to let out a smile, “I’ll run to my dad’s side and tell him in person about the good news”

Luo Feng quickly went to the location displayed on the cell phone’s map.


Zhi-An region, Sky Garden sector.

“Hurry, hurry and move those things so you can go take a break and eat lunch. We should go eat some food too” In one of the private villa’s lawns in the sector, Zhang Hao Bai, pale and wearing long, white pants, urged the workers on. He even had three cold faced bodyguards by his side.

“Mister, don’t rush, this furniture is extremely valuable. Don’t underestimate it, get some more people and work a bit harder!” A truck was parked by the private lawn and had a lot of sealed wooden furniture.

Wooden furniture in these days are extremely valuable and expensive. They are a luxury item which belong to few.

Because, all the humans live in cities. There are very few places to plant trees, and most of trees are for decoration. Although there are many trees outside the city, many monsters are there too. The price for lumber is extremely high, since you will have to fight monsters to get it.

Most people’s furnitures these days are made out of plastic, while some of the better ones are made out of glass.

A normal family wouldn’t be able to afford wood products.

“Be careful”

The remodeling company’s workers carefully moved the heavy furniture from the truck to the ground. After that, three of the workers would carefully move the furniture into the lawn.

“Be careful” Zhang Hao Bai frowned and reminded, “This is furniture made out of real, high quality wood. If you break it, you’ll surely get in trouble with your boss”

[HU, HU]

The three workers carefully moved the furniture. The furniture was extremely valuable and heavy, around a thousand kg. It’s a bit of work for these three workers to move it.

“Stop and rest for a bit. Move it into the house in one breath later” The worker lifting in front ordered, “Put it down here for now. Slowly, lightly” The three workers slowly put the furniture on the lawn. Only after doing so were they able to straighten their backs and take a good breath of air.

“Old Luo, I’m already hungry after doing that” A tall worker started stretching his body.

“After moving this and two more pieces of furniture, we’ll be done. After that, we can all eat together” Luo Hong Guo laughed as he looked at the two other workers. He wiped his sweat off with his shirt. It was June and almost 1 PM, so it was the hottest time of the day.

For the three of them to move a valuable piece of furniture that weighs 1000 kg, it surely was bitter work.

“Work faster!” Zhang Hao Bai ordered impatiently.

“Aight” Luo Hong Guo bended down to grab onto the furniture, “Guys, work hard and move this piece of furniture in”

“Come, one, two, three, up!”

Luo Hong Guo and his group lifted together and carefully went up the steps. They quickly entered the house and came out soon after. When Luo Hong Guo and his group walked past Zhang Hao Bai, Zhang Hao Bai frowned after smelling the sweat emanating from them.

“Poor people will be poor people, doing this kind of bitter work. They’ll have a bitter life for the rest of their lives” Zhang Hao Bai thought to himself.

Zhang Hao Bai’s dad was rich, so he was born into a wealthy family. Zhang Hao Bai has always looked down on those of at the bottom of society. To him, those willing to do these kinds of bitter work have no fighting spirit and deserve to live through their bitter days.

“Careful, don’t touch the gate”

Luo Hong Guo and his group carefully moved the furniture step by step. Their shirts were drenched in sweat. A droplet of sweat leaked down from a head and rolled down into their necks.

“Rest for a bit outside of the home” Luo Hong Guo put the furniture down and adjusted their breathing.

“Go, one, two, three, up!”

Even though Luo Hong Guo and his group were tired, they’ve been doing this for 20 to 30 years, so they’re used to it. They know their limits, so mistakes rarely occur.

Soon after, Luo Hong Guo and his group went to move the final piece of furniture.

“It sure is hot” Zhang Hao Bai raised his head and looked towards the sky, “Brother Wang, we’ll go eat at a nearby restaurant later”

“Thanks young master” The three bodyguards laughed in reply.

Zhang Hao Bai glanced at the final piece of furniture the three workers were carrying and let out a snort from his nose. He naturally hated these kinds of peasants. Suddenly, his gaze landed upon the marble used for pavement. One of the tiles had a crack, which was accidently made when he sparred with his bodyguards a few days ago.

“Hm?” Zhang Hao Bai’s eyes flashed, “I was low on money recently and now’s a good chance to make some!”

At this time, Luo Hong Guo and his group were busy moving the third piece of furniture.


A cell phone started ringing, Luo Hong Guo, who was currently moving the furniture, rejoiced in his heart: “It must be from Feng” However, since Luo Hong Guo is moving furniture, he can’t answer the phone. He’ll have to call back after he puts the piece of furniture down.

“Rest for a bit outside the house, lightly, slowly” Luo Hong Guo and his group slowly put the furniture down.

Luo Hong Guo took the cell phone out of his pocket. Looking at the display, the call was indeed from his son. He let out a smile and preparing to call back.

“What’s the problem with you guys?”

“Hey, we told you guys to be careful, what are you guys doing?” A voice of anger rose.

Luo Hong Guo and his group turned their heads in surprise and only saw Zhang Hao Bai’s gloomy face. Zhang Hao Bai was angrily pointing at the marble: “Is this how you do things? Since you guys weren’t even focusing, look, my home’s pavement was broken by you guys. This is Nan-Shan marble, which was bought outside the city. One piece of marble would cost around a hundred thousand dollars, can you pay that? HUH!!!”

Luo Hong Guo and his group lowered their heads and looked——

Indeed, on the pavement towards the road, one of the marble had a small crack.

“Hmph, I’ll call your company’s boss. What’s with this” Zhang Hao Bai fumed, “Brother Wang, you have their company’s phone number right? Call their company and get their boss over here! There’s no point in talking with these people anymore”

“I have their company’s phone number here” The bodyguard named Wang immediately took out his cell phone and started dialing.

Luo Hong Guo and his group were well acquainted.

“That’s wrong” The large worker immediately said, “The crack on the marble was already there. I saw it”

“Making excuses? There is no ****ing point in making excuses” Zhang Hao Bai laughed loudly.

Luo Hong Guo frowned. As an experienced, old worker, he knew these kinds of disputes were the most troublesome. The company usually highly values its reputation. If their reputation is harmed and the company has no evidence to prove that their workers didn’t make the crack, then usually the company can only pay for the loss.

If the company pays money, then the money will be taken out of the salary of the three workers responsible.

“Let’s move the furniture in first and then talk” Luo Hong Guo spoke as he went to lift the furniture.

“Move the furniture?”

Zhang Hao Bai stepped forward and shoved Luo Hong Guo and started lecturing the three workers, “Don’t play tricks! The furniture on the marble is the proof! You want to move the furniture in and then play dumb? I’ve seen these petty tricks all the time. Wait for your boss to come and then talk”

“Old Luo, old Luo”

The other two co workers went to help Luo Hong Guo up.

“No problem” Luo Hong Guo brushed off his shoulder.

“How could you guys shove people”

“We aren’t even sure if we broke the marble, what’s the meaning of shoving?” The other two co workers immediately glared and spoke in anger. These people who do these kinds of work fear nothing, if they are angered, then a fight would occur. Even if they get jailed by the police, they only want money and not their lives, so even the police cannot deal with them and will eventually release them.

“Don’t try and argue with me!” Zhang Hao Bai’s two legs were like lightning and kicked the two workers’ stomachs.

[PU! PU!]

The two co workers flew away and fell on the ground.

“Hmph, you don’t know who you’re arguing with” Zhang Hao Bai laughed coldly. His Zhang family in the Zhi-An region had a wide range of contacts. Even if he beat up some regular workers, nothing would happen.

“Old Tian, Big Monkey, are you okay?” Luo Hong Guo was getting nervous too.

“Young man, how could you do this?” Luo Hong Guo said angrily.

Zhang Hao Bai frowned after smelling Luo Hong Guo’s sweat and waved: “Brother Wang, you guys teach them a lesson so they’ll be quiet”

“Young Master, the remodeling company” The bodyguard named Wang handed over the cell phone.

“Okay” Zhang Hao Bai waved his hand and the three bodyguards immediately went to beat up the three workers, while Zhang Hao Bai held the phone, “Yes, I am from the sky garden. Let your chairman Hou take the phone. Chairman Hou, what’s the problem with the three workers you sent today? They are sloppy and cracked open my lawn’s marble pavement. Hurry up and send people and sort this out. If you don’t figure this out, don’t expect any money!”

While the conversation was still going——

“Stop!”An angry voice came from outside the lawn.

At this time, Luo Hong Guo and his coworkers were in a corner and had foot prints all over them from the bodyguards.

“Hm?” The three bodyguards and Zhang Hao Bai all turned their heads.

A shady image flew into the lawn and Zhang Hao Bai recognized him in an instant and raged: “Luo Feng, you came to my house to receive a beating?”

“**** you!” Luo Feng saw his father: bent back, drenched in sweat, and covered in foot prints. Luo Feng’s eyes immediately turned red. His father had to endure such a bitter life and is always frowned upon. And today, something like this happened to him.

One of the bodyguards who was short and fat laughed coldly as he stepped up.

“Get the **** out of the way!!!” Luo Feng shouted and his leg, like lightning, kicked harshly. The bodyguard even blocked it with his right arm.


The heavy kick immediately widened the fat, short bodyguard’s eyes. He flew out four to five meters in the air before falling back to the ground. The other two bodyguards were stunned.

“Luo Feng, you dare hit my men!” Zhang Hao Bai glared and shouted, “You asked for it”

“**** you!!!” Luo Feng shouted in anger as he glared fiercely and clenched his teeth.

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