Swallowed Star

Volume 1 - Chapter 15: I’ll cooperate

Volume 1 Chapter 15: I’ll cooperate

“Attack, attack together!” Zhang Hao Bai’s face was red with fury as he waved his hands in anger.

This Luo Feng dare mess on his territory and attack his bodyguards.

“Be careful, his kicks are heavy” The fat bodyguard on the ground rubbed his stomach. Some blood leaked out the side of his mouth and he couldn’t get up for a while.

“Kiddo, think you’re tough eh” The bodyguard named Wang and the other bodyguard rushed towards Luo Feng’s direction. As they had witnessed Luo Feng’s power, they were careful to not underestimate him. At this time, Luo Feng rushed to his father’s side, but before he could say anything, Luo Hong Guo shouted: “I’m fine, Feng, behind you!”

Within an instant the two bodyguards came from the left and right to attack Luo Feng simultaneously. Even that Zhang Hao Bai was coming in pursuit.

The three of them together!

“Hmph!” Luo Feng glanced out the corner of his eye and instantly turned. WIth the power that came with the rotation, he shot out his right arm in the shape of a blade and cut across the space in front of him as if it was a combat blade.


The arm caused a powerful current to blow ahead of it.

“Not good” The bodyguard named Wang’s face instantly changed and he ran up to block Luo Feng’s arm with both of his arms.

[PENG!] The sound of an impact.

Luo Feng’s blade powerfully hit the bodyguard named Wang’s two arms.

The bodyguard named Wang felt that his arms weren’t his own anymore. They hurt so much that there was no feeling for a moment. His right arm fell powerlessly and he retreated while yelling: “My right arm’s fractured!”

“What!” Zhang Hao Bai, who was getting ready to move, was shocked. His bodyguards were all elite members of the dojo. Luo Feng, also an elite member, should have around equal power. There was no way that his attack could fracture the arm of the bodyguard named Wang, who was also an elite member.

“Not good!” The bodyguard named Wang was injured, so only the tall bodyguard in black was left. He was surprised and enraged as he witnessed his comrades’ defeat.

The bodyguard in black clenched his teeth and howled as he threw a kick and a punch with lightning speed.


Luo Feng was dextrous, so it only took two sways to dodge the two attacks. He then prepared for a powerful chop.

He raised his right hand high in the air and attacked. His chop was like a knife!

“It’s too fast” The bodyguard in black couldn’t dodge, so he could only put his arms above to block and clench his teeth as he received the attack! As Luo Feng’s frightening attack came down, the bodyguard’s heart was filled with fear.


The bodyguard lost feeling in both of his arms and they were softened by Luo Feng’s attack. However, Luo Feng’s chop didn’t lose momentum; after hitting the bodyguard’s arms, it fell on his shoulder. Over a thousand kg of power instantly made the bodyguard kneel on the ground.

“How is this possible?” Zhang Hao Bai, who was getting ready for a sneak attack, stopped out of shock.

The three bodyguards: One grasped his stomach as he tried to climb up, the other had a fractured arm, and the other was kneeling on the ground from just one chop.

“Zhang Hao Bai!” Luo Feng’s eyes were like flames, as if he was about to eat someone.

“What the hell are you doing. Luo Feng, what are you doing!” Zhang Hao Bai quickly backed two steps away and yelled, “This is my home! How dare you barge in here and hit my people and still act so arrogantly!”

“You dare hit my dad, kick my dad!” Luo Feng clenched his fists. All the muscles on his body were like steel and his veins were like worms.

“Your dad, I don’t even know who your dad is, how could I hit your dad and kick your…..” Zhang Hao Bai suddenly looked towards the three workers who were still dirty and covered in footprints. He realized in an instant why Luo Feng just barged in without saying anything and started attacking.

Zhang Hao Bai looked at Luo Feng, who seemed like he was about to eat someone, and immediately howled: “Luo Feng, I’m warning you, you——”


Luo Feng kicked sharply, his leg, like lightning, hit against Zhang Hao Bai’s stomach, which caused Zhang Hao Bai to lie on the floor with his face bursting red.

“Warning, my ***!” Luo Feng grabbed Zhang Hao Bai by the collar. His grab caused Zhang Hao Bai to be suspended in the air.

“You, you…..” Zhang Hao Bai wanted to speak, but he was grabbed by the collar and completely suspended, which put a lot of pressure on his neck. It was already hard to breathe, so there’s no way he’d be able to talk.

“Put the owner down right now!”

A sound of anger came from far away. A group of around ten bodyguards fully equipped were rushing. There were cameras all over the place in the sky garden sector, so the guards knew about the fight right away. All the people living in this sector were important, so security was high.

They rushed here in an instant and called the police.

As Luo Feng saw the guards coming, he sneered at Zhang Hao Bai and threw him to the side like an object. Zhang Hao Bai fell onto the grass of the lawn, which colored parts of his white shirt green.

“Dad, are you alright?” Luo Feng walked towards Luo Hong Guo’s side.

“It’s nothing, just a few scratches” Luo Hong Guo looked at the bodyguards who seemed to be in pain and Zhang Hao Bai’s sick face and worriedly said in a low voice, “Feng, how come you don’t even know how to control your power. You beat them up like this, so the medical fees will surely be high. They could even sue you”

“Yea, Feng, you went a bit overboard” Another worker was worried.

“Doesn’t matter, great job. They didn’t even treat us like people before” The other tall worker said in anger.

The sector’s guards knew the wealthy families well. The Zhang family’s three bodyguards were all elite bodyguards and were elite members of the dojo. Now that they all suffered major injuries, they won’t provoke Luo Feng for a while.

Even though you get paid for being a bodyguard, nobody is willing to get beat up and have their bones fractured like those three bodyguards.


Suddenly the sound of a police siren came, so everyone turned their heads and saw one police car quickly stop in front of the Zhang family’s gate. The four car doors opened and four policemen sprinted out.

“The police are here” The guards immediately moved out of the way.

“Not good, the police are here” Luo Hong Guo and his group were all surprised, and Luo Hong Guo dragged Luo Feng to a corner and quickly said in a low voice: “Feng, you injured them, so there’ll be problems once you arrive at the police station. Don’t rush, I’ll find you a lawyer immediately”

“Dad, I passed the prospective fighter exam” Luo Feng quietly said.

With just this one phrase, Luo Hong Guo who was extremely impatient immediately relaxed and let out a sigh of relief: “Really? That’s great. Feng, if you passed the exam, then even those policemen don’t have the right to detain you?”

Prospective fighters become fighters after taking the fighter combat exam. Once their body fitness passes, then they can train their genetic energy.

So, according to the rules of the country——

Once a prospective fighter or a fighter gets dragged into cases, the security agency of the city takes care of things. Jiang-Nan city naturally has Jiang-Nan city’s security agency take care of things, so regular policemen have no right to detain them.

“However, dad, the higher authority still needs to approve of my passing. It will take a few more days until the prospective fighter documents arrive at my home and get updated in my profile” Luo Feng said quietly, “So, according to the law, I’m technically not a prospective fighter right now. I’ll only become one in a few more days!”

Luo Feng officially becomes a prospective fighter when it’s recorded into his public profile.

“Even if there is trouble these few days, there’s no problem. Contact the dojo of limits and have them vouch for me and prove that I passed the prospective fighter exam. After that, I can leave the police station immediately” Luo Feng said, “However, if there’s no trouble, then there’s no need to go through all that hassle. It’s just a few days in the police station. After that, I wouldn’t be able to stay even if I wanted to”

Luo Hong Guo nodded.

“Luo Feng!” The two policemen walked over and one of them reprimanded, “You dare barge into other civillian’s property and injure their men! Walk, you’re coming with us to the police station”

“My police friends, I’ll cooperate” Luo Feng smiled as he walked forward, “Let’s go. However, I’m not sure if your car can fit all of us”

The two policemen panicked.

“Don’t worry, I have a car” Zhang Hao Bai turned his head and looked towards the four policemen, “Uncle Liu, he attacked and injured me and my three bodyguards, we are all witnesses for that”

“Bring them all”

The policeman called uncle Liu ordered.

“Luo Feng” Zhang Hao Bai maliciously looked at Luo Feng. The rage in his heart was great. His rage has already been collecting throughout the three years of high school. Luo Feng’s beating today reminded him of the time where a similar situation happened in the dojo, “This time, even death won’t get you out of this. You dare injure me and my bodyguards so badly. We can even make this a case and give you a few years in prison. Let’s see if you’re still so arrogant then!”

Luo Feng smiled as he walked into the police car with the policemen.

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