Swallowed Star

Volume 1 - Chapter 16: Jail

Volume 1 Chapter 16: Jail

The room was empty, dark, and cold. Cold air constantly flowed in; you couldn’t help but to shiver.

“This is the interrogation room?” Yet Luo Feng had a look of curiosity on his face as he looked around the room, “They threw me in this dark room and set the AC on such a high setting, are they trying to do some psychological warfare?” Before the ‘interrogation’ even started, Luo Feng has already won!

Luo Feng, who has already passed the prospective fighter exam, is unafraid of any of the police’s tricks.

Outside in the security room, a few policemen looked inside the room through their security cameras. One of the young female officers wondered: “Head, how come this young man doesn’t feel anything at all? Usually when someone enters the interrogation room and stays there for half an hour, they start panicking due to their own worries”

“Don’t underestimate him, his profile states that he is an elite member of the dojo! And he even injured four elite members!” The bald middle-aged officer laughed.

“One harmed four? If he’s that strong, is it possible that he’s a prospective fighter? If he is, then that’ll be a problem” said one of the young male officers.

“He isn’t a prospective fighter, his profile says it clearly”

The bald middle-aged officer said, “Let’s go, Xiao Yang, come with me to interrogate him for a bit”

“Yes, head”


Inside the interrogation room, Luo Feng has been waiting for over half an hour.

“You’re here?” Luo Feng smiled as he watched the two policemen enter.

The bald middle-aged officer was startled, this young man was unexpectedly calm. He came in with the other young officer and sat in front of the interrogation desk. He then smiled, saying: “Sorry, we were interrogating a few others just now which caused a delay. So that’s why it took us so long to arrive”

“No problem” Luo Feng then asked, “What about the three workers from the remodeling company, where did they go?”

“We let them return home” The bald middle-aged officer seemed friendly.

Luo Feng nodded.

In this case, Luo Hong Guo and his group were victims, so they were let off the hook.

“The three workers from the remodeling company and Zhang Hao Bai and his three bodyguards all told us all about what happened. The truth is against you. Do you have any words?” The bald middle-aged officer stared at Luo Feng. Usually, when someone hears that the truth isn’t with them, they try to explain themselves.

Luo Feng smiled: “Nothing much. Zhang Hao Bai and his three bodyguards, those four are maggots! They dared to hit my dad, so I just taught them a lesson”

“Hm?” The bald middle-aged officer and the young male officer were stunned.

[PENG!] The young middle-aged officer slammed the table and scolded, “Luo Feng, get real. This is the police station, stop being so arrogant!”

“Arrogant? I was telling you what happened” Luo Feng smiled, “Alright, that’s all I have to say”

The bald middle-aged officer frowned: “Luo Feng, your arrogance will not help your case. You purposefully injured them to such an extent, so a couple years in jail wouldn’t be surprising. You better explain the events of what happened in detail”

“I have nothing much to say” Luo Feng said as he shaked his head.

The bald middle-aged officer frowned. He looked at Luo Feng carefully, who remained silent. Finally, the bald middle-aged officer waved his hand and say: “Okay then. Don’t regret this. Take him down!”

Luo Feng smiled as he stood up. Two male officers rushed in the interrogation room and forcefully escorted him out.


The Zhi-An region jail is right next to the police station. The influence of the fighters has caused today’s society to fight and brawl a lot, so many people are detained here. Each region has their own jail to detain these people, and Luo Feng will be entering jail today too.

After changing into the gray prisoner uniform, Luo Feng was locked up.

“299, this is the room. Go in” The guardsman pushed Luo Feng in and locked the prison door. The people locked up here were mostly thieves, drunk drivers, brawlers, and criminals awaiting their trials.

Luo Feng’s case of a fight was common around here.

Simply put, it was just a small fight between a few people. However, if this case is actually brought to the court, then there is indeed a chance of Luo Feng receiving a few years of imprisonment. The reason is of course——Luo Feng is not a prospective fighter.

In the prison cell.

“Heh, a new one?” A bald brute with tattoos was lying on the bed. Next to him was an old man who was obediently giving him a massage. The bald brute glared at Luo Feng, “Kiddo, you are all skin and bones. Not bad, come and kick my shin!”

Luo Feng looked strangely at the bald brute. He has heard rumors of bullying in the cell, but they were only rumors. This is the first time he has witnessed such an event.

“Damn, are you deaf?” The bald brute glared and stood up.

“Interesting, interesting” Luo Feng was very curious.

“Pickin’ a fight?” After the bald brute witnessed Luo Feng’s lack of respect, he suddenly rose his palm leaf-like hand and went for Luo Feng’s head.

With a slight movement, Luo Feng’s arm came out like a viper and grabbed the bald brute’s wrist.

“Hm? Hm?” The bald brute shook violently; he felt like his arm was trapped by iron bands. He couldn’t exert any strength at all and his face couldn’t help but to change completely; he knew he was in deep trouble.

“You want me to kick your shin?” Luo Feng’s right hand’s fingers strengthened and twisted the bald brute’s wrist, who painfully got on the ground and begged: “My brother, I failed to recognize your might. Brother, please let me off the hook. Ah, ah——” The intense pain made him scream out uncontrollably.

Luo Feng exerted some strength and tossed the bald brute against the wall.

“Tell me whenever you want me to kick your shin” Luo Feng said in ill humor. With that, he suddenly leaped, and with some help with his right hand, he was already lying on the bed.

The bald brute sat in the corner and rubbed his right arm’s wrist.

And the old man and the skinny young man on the bed who were also in the cell looked at the bald brute, and then looked at Luo Feng.

“Baldie Huang, what’s wrong?” The guardsman standing in front of the prison snickered, “Who messed with you? How did this happen? Oh, a quick reminder, that new young man who just joined you came here after beating four elite members of the dojo. Be careful and don’t provoke him”

After saying that, the guardsman hummed a small hymn and left.

“Shoulda said that earlier” The bald brute looked in fear towards the bed, “One person beat four elite members of the dojo? That’s messed up”

Meanwhile, Luo Feng was thinking about what he read at the limit hall, about the ‘Genetic Energy Techniques’: “Hm, since I have nothing to do here anyway, when it gets dark, I might as well try to train my genetic energy!”

Fighters rely on genetic energy for their unstoppable strength.


When Luo Feng was planning his genetic energy training in his cell, inside a room in a KTV* near the Zhi-An region police station: two young men were flirting with a young women. One of them shrieked and howled as he sang. And that young man was precisely Zhang Hao Bai.

“Alright, you two can leave now” Zhang Hao Bai waved his hand. The only people that were left in the room were Zhang Hao Bai and another teenager who was wearing glasses.

“Brother Zhou, I asked you here for a favor” Zhang Hao Bai spoke.

“If you have something to ask for then don’t hold back” The glasses wearing teenager laughed, “If I can help, then I definitely will do so right away”

“It’s like this, there’s someone named Luo Feng! This maggot always goes against me” As he was talking, Zhang Hao Bai spit in rage, “This time, he injured my three bodyguards and beat me up. Brother, I can’t take this! This person is locked up in jail now, so I want to ask brother Zhou to get through the guardsmen and teach Luo Feng a lesson”

“Oh? No problem. However, I need money for the guardsmen’s cooperation” The glasses wearing teenager wrinkled his eyebrow.

“Money is not a problem, I have a hundred thousand right here! After the task is complete, I’ll give another hundred thousand” Zhang Hao Bai immediately threw his wallet towards the teenager.

“Haha, awesome” The glasses wearing teenager didn’t even look at the wallet and nodded, “Two hundred thousand. We can do anything to him as long as we don’t kill him. Tell me, how should we beat him up?”

“Break one of his legs and one of his arms!” Zhang Hao Bai clenched his teeth.

“Sure, that’s easy” The glasses wearing teenager immediately nodded.

Zhang Hao Bai reminded: “Brother Zhou, this Luo Feng is not an easy target. He beat me and my three bodyguards”

“No worries” The glasses wearing teenager laughed in confidence, “You can put a thousand and two hundred hearts worth of trust in me and wait for the good news”

*TL note: for those who don’t know, KTV is a place where you can rent a private room and sing along with pre-recorded videos/songs (karaoke)

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