Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

Chapter 20 - That Woman is Here to Create Troubles

Chapter 20: That Woman is Here to Create Troubles

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No matter how she looked at it, there was nothing about Ling Tianya that Madam Ling had liked. She was having a great eightieth birthday dinner, but this women had to come and make it unpleasant, she definitely was her nemesis!

Both the mother and daughter, they were her enemies; the Ling family’s enemies!

“Grandmother, don’t you want me to be here? Didn’t you miss me?” Ling Tianya was clearly unaffected by Madam Ling’s words. She was smiling as she walked towards Madam Ling.

Madam Ling’s glare was pure venom. She glared at Ling Tianya as though she was her sworn enemy. “Miss you? I’d rather you die on the street! You came here to embarrass yourself, do you have no shame?”

Madam Ling’s words were harsh, there was no sign of a familial relationship between the two.

“Mom…Yaya’s my daughter…” Ling Tao couldn’t bear her ire anymore, so he pleaded.

“She’s just a bitch given birth to by a bitch, she’s not fit to be the Ling family’s daughter!” Madam Ling clearly hadn’t gotten past the fact that Ling Tianya’s mom had committed adultery, causing her to feel that all the kids born by her were all unclean. Even if she knew that Ling Tianya was biologically related to Ling Tao, Madam Ling couldn’t bring herself to like her at all. Ling Tianya had a reputation that had been dragged through the sewer, and she had even caused Qu Wan to lose her child!

Hearing Madam Ling blatantly call them bitches, Ling Tianya’s eyes flickered, but she maintained the smile on her face. She slowly walked to Madam Ling’s side, on the same side as Guan Meiyi, looking at Madam Ling with much affection. “Grandmother, no matter what happens, I’m still the Ling family’s flesh and blood, I’m still a child of the Ling family. As our elder, how can I not come back for your eightieth birthday?”

Guan Meiyi observed Ling Tianya from a distance, she couldn’t deny that Ling Tianya had a coyness that even she didn’t have. Within each smile, each expression, it all showed the inherent elegance that she possessed. It was an elegance that could rival Guan Meiyi, or even far, far surpass her…

Guan Meiyi and Ling Tianya standing together naturally attracted the gossip of the men.

“Look! Ling Tianya and Guan Meiyi are standing together, it looks just like a painting!”

“Wow, but I think Ling Tianya looks a little better. Look at that figure, she’s definitely been taking care of her body, her curves are better than some of the Victoria Secret models!”

“I think if Ling Tianya decides to be a celebrity, she’d definitely be more popular than Guan Meiyi. It’s just a pity that her reputation isn’t as good…”

“So what? They can always make it better. If not, what are PR teams for? Mr. Jiang, doesn’t your family have an entertainment company under their name? Hurry up and sign Ling Tianya under your label!”

“It’s definitely something we can consider, we can advertise her as the next Guan Meiyi… …”

With all the comments floating around, no matter how good Guan Meiyi’s EQ was, even she was bound to snap.

Ling Yuqing hated Ling Tianya even more. All the men’s sights were locked on Ling Tianya, and she became an accessory that no one cared about!

“What are you talking about?! How can you compare my Meiyi with that embarrassing woman?!” Ling Qi couldn’t take it anymore, she loudly stopped all the men from continuing their discussions.

“Exactly, Meiyi’s elegant and dignified, she’s not just comparable to anyone on the streets.” Ling Yuqing took the chance to add on. She could tolerate Guan Meiyi being of a higher status than her because she knew that with her current abilities, she was absolutely no match for Guan Meiyi. It was how she had lived for the past few years. She could not bear for Ling Tianya to be better than her!

Finishing, Ling Yuqing walked to the precious jade Buddha statue, her chirpy voice clear in it’s intent to please. “Meiyi’s not just beautiful, she’s also filial. She spent a ton of money to gift Grandmother this antique jade Buddha statue, isn’t she a lot better than someone that came despite not being invited?”

With Ling Yuqing’s words, Guan Meiyi’s expression lightened up into glee, even Ling Qi looked towards Yuqing in approval.

“Oh, the jade statue’s already here?” Suddenly, Ling Tianya’s crisp voice was heard again, “I thought it would arrive a little later, I can’t believe they sent it here so quick~”

“What did you say?” Ling Yuqing gaped at Ling Tianya, “You mean, you’re the one that gifted this jade statue of Buddha?”

Ling Tianya nodded without mistake, “Yes, I gifted it.”

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