Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

Chapter 3 - So Domineering that He Hurt Her

Chapter 3: So Domineering that He Hurt Her

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Huxin Island!

Du Gang was stupefied. It seemed like this woman had quite a background. It was already a miracle to be invited inside the Boss’ car, and now she could even go to Huxin Island!

It was a place that even the Boss’ mom had not stepped foot on.

Ling Tianya anxiously sat beside Ruan Zeyan. This man had changed completely from what she remembered. That was not what she was concerned about, however. What was more important was where the man was taking her…

The more anxious Ling Tianya was, the more calm Ruan Zeyan stayed.

“Where are you taking me?” Ling Tianya asked carefully.

Hearing Ling Tianya’s voice, Ruan Zeyan, who was hard at work, furrowed his brows. He was clearly not happy at being disrupted from his work by Ling Tianya, so he did not answer her question.

The more Ruan Zeyan ignored her, the more panicked Ling Tianya became. She shouldn’t have gotten into the car earlier on, she should have run! Right now, she couldn’t understand the man before her at all, but she could feel the dangerous aura he was giving off.

She couldn’t deny that she was scared. Even so, she still gathered her courage. Slamming Ruan Zeyan’s laptop closed, her voice sharpened, “Where are you taking me?!”

The air in the car was tense, even Du Gang gasped in shock. That woman must be insane to do such a thing.

Ruan Zeyan’s line of sight finally shifted from the laptop. He raised his gaze to meet Ling Tianya’s, his deep set eyes glinting dangerously cold.

Split second later, Ruan Zeyan smiled, a smile that was sinister and dangerous. “Ling Tianya, I think you still haven’t figured out where you stand here.”

“Ruan Zeyan!” Ling Tianya had enough of this, of him stringing her on, on him leaving her hanging, it was driving her crazy.

“From now on, be good. If not…I can’t promise that I won’t do anything bad to you.”

Ling Tianya knew that that was the last warning from Ruan Zeyan, and she could not step out of line from then on.

Silence finally settled back in the car. Ruan Zeyan re-opened his laptop, continuing his work. His side profile was as harsh and stiff as a statue.

Ling Tianya felt absolutely suffocated, but she didn’t dare to speak further. She forced herself to patiently and quietly sit there.

In the car, Ruan Zeyan’s typing slowly became more and more frantic, then stopped abruptly, and he shut his laptop with a loud bang.

Ling Tianya’s chin throbbed in unexpected pain, Ruan Zeyan’s domineering aura flooded around her. He grabbed her chin and bit into her delicate lower lip.

Not giving Ling Tianya any chance to struggle, Ruan Zeyan’s strong body pinned her firmly against the leather seats. His hands increased their pressure, causing Ling Tianya, who was shutting her lips as tight as she could, to gasp in pain. She unwillingly had opened her lips.

Taking advantage of the opening, Ruan Zeyan didn’t hesitate before attacking, forcing Ling Tianya into a rough kiss.

Faced with Ruan Zeyan’s assault, Ling Tianya could barely fight him. The difference in their strength was too big, and she could only groan pitifully.

The scene in the back seat caused Du Gang’s jaw to drop. This was just making him even more curious about Ling Tianya’s background. Who exactly was this woman who was able to drive his usually stoic boss wild?

He was too rough, hurting Ling Tianya’s lips and tongue. She wanted to scream, but physically couldn’t. His lips were tightly sealed to hers, stealing her breath. She felt like she was dying trapped under him.

Yet he barely bothered by it, he was harsh to the point where he cut the corner of her lip with his ruthless bites, fresh blood seeping out of the injury.

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