Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

Chapter 21 - Meiyi, Do you Want Me to Show Proof?

Chapter 21: Meiyi, Do you Want Me to Show Proof?

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“The Jade Buddah is from you?” Ling Yuqing asked Ling Tianya again, as if it was a huge joke.

“That’s right.” Ling Tianya nodded her head.

The entire hall fell into silence once again.

Everybody heard Guan Meiyi say that she bought the jade buddha for Madam Ling, who happily accepted it.

It was actually a gift from Ling Tianya?

Guan Meiyi’s heart skipped a beat when she heard Ling Tianya’s response. She looked slightly uncomfortable for a second, but quickly adjusted her expression to look at ease, so no one noticed. She was an actress after all.

One thing Guan Meiyi had learned from spending years in the upper-class social circle and entertainment business was to always appear calm and measured regardless of the situation. It made you look superior and in the right. There was no doubt that Guan Meiyi looked extremely convincing.

Ling Yuqing chuckled innocently, “Tianya, sister, you must be mistaken. This jade buddha was a gift from Meiyi to grandma. She bought it at an auction overseas with a lot of money…”

Ling Yuqing’s tone was soft, but the look she gave Ling Tianya was full of ridicule.

Ling Tianya laughed. Ling Yuqing had been adept at being two-faced from a young age. Her nice tone was targeting Ling Tao, who cared about Ling Tianya as a daughter. She was playing nice in front of Ling Tao because she knew the more agreeable she seemed, the more obnoxious Ling Tianya appeared to be in contrast. She wanted it to seem like she was always the one who got bullied by Ling Tianya.

She had her back to Ling Tao, so he never saw the provoking look she gave!

Ling Qi was mad too. Was Ling Tianya messing with her daughter intentionally?

Ling Tianya surveyed all the people in the Ling and Guan families, one by one. Ling Tao looked somewhat disappointed because he apparently thought Ling Tianya was lying too. It was obvious how Madam Ling felt, from bad to worse. Ling Qi looked depressed while Guan Jianlin’s forehead creased. Qu Wan was just waiting to see where everything was going…

In comparison, Guan Meiyi was the only one who seemed unfazed. Her clenched fists gave her away to the perceptive Ling Tianya – was she nervous?

Ling Tianya smiled and walked to the front of the jade buddha. “This jade buddha was indeed my gift to grandma. Sister, you said that it came from you. Is that a misunderstanding?”

Guan Meiyi’s lips twitched for a millisecond. She was unsure of herself. She knew that she did not purchase the buddha, and only said she did because she thought the Ruan Family bought it on her behalf.

Could Ling Tianya really have bought it…?

Guan Meiyi’s mother Ling Qi rushed to say, “Ling Tianya, quit the nonsense! You said that you bought it, do you have proof?” She stepped toward Ling Tianya with threatening eyes, “You watch your mouth. If you harm my Meiyi’s reputation, it’s not gonna be good for you!”

Staring into Ling Qi’s eyes, Ling Tianya saw something familiar. Years ago, Ling Qi had the same look and tone when she forced her to marry Li Chengfeng!

Ling Tianya was no longer the hot-blooded dumb girl from six years ago. When Ling Qi tried to scare her, she laughed in her face, “Auntie, you are mistaken. At what point did I harm Meiyi’s reputation? I was just telling the truth.”

She then turned to Guan Meiyi, speaking with full confidence, “Meiyi, do you want me to show proof?”

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