Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

Chapter 22 - Who’s Money? It’s the Li’s!

Chapter 22: Who’s Money? It’s the Li’s!

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“Meiyi, do you need me to provide some evidence?” Ling Tianya watched Guan Meiyi’s calm face, and she marvelled internally at Guan Meiyi’s emotional strength, at least she didn’t show any signs of being uncomfortable.

It was also another form of high-leveled shamelessness… …

“What evidence, why would we need evidence?!” Madam Ling finally voiced her opinion. She didn’t really care about it, she just didn’t like Ling Tianya, and she definitely couldn’t tolerate Ling Tianya accusing her precious grandchild of lying! “This jade Buddha was what I told Meiyi I wanted, and Meiyi spent a fortune to buy it for me!”

Anyone worth their salt could see that the jade Buddha, no matter it’s origin or its grade, was of the best quality and was priced accordingly too. It was not something that just anyone could buy, so when it boiled down to it, there was a higher chance that Guan Meiyi was actually the one that bought it.

This sparked a discussion. Ling Tianya didn’t have a good reputation, and the moment she came back, she started to throw her own cousin under the bus. It was quite disgusting.

Ling Tao’s expression became conflicted as well, “Yaya, must you make such a scene the moment you come back? Don’t forget what day today is.”

Ling Tao’s change in attitude did let Qu Wan and Ling Yuqing enjoy a brief respite.

Yes! That’s how it should be! Just keep up your act Ling Tianya, it won’t last!

Ling Tianya didn’t pay anyone else any attention, he only focused her attention on Guan Meiyi, “So? You haven’t answered me yet, do you need proof?”

Guan Meiyi met Ling Tianya’s line of sight, she realized that Ling Tianya was so different from six years ago. Especially her smiling eyes, they made Guan Meiyi realize that she couldn’t read her at all.

That realization unsettled Guan Meiyi a little.

Just as everyone was murmuring, Guan Meiyi finally opened her golden mouth, “Grandma definitely did tell me that she wanted this jade statue, and I also did send someone to participate in the auction overseas!”

Guan Meiyi’s voice was confident and firm, a breath of fresh air for everyone.

“See, Meiyi did buy it, Ling Tianya is just a filthy liar!”

“Don’t forget, she was the once that swindled Li family’s dowry!”

Guan Meiyi’s words had caused yet another flurry of comments within the guests. Under Mrs. Gao’s influence, they started to badmouth Ling Tianya again.

Faced with such comments, it was as though Ling Tianya didn’t hear them at all. There was no change in her facial features, she merely continued to look at Guan Meiyi.

Right then, Guan Meiyi spoke again. “But, the people that I had sent were late. When they arrived the jade statue had already been bought by someone else.”


What a plot twist, so the jade statue really wasn’t bought by Guan Meiyi!

Ling Qi’s first reaction when she heard this was to gape at her daughter, and even Madam Ling’s face was full of confusion.

“I did tell Mrs. Ruan about this, and she promised that she would take a look out for me. So, when the jade Buddha was sent here, I thought that the Ruan family had bought it.” Guan Meiyi didn’t act fluster at all, continuing with her explanation.

The first few sentences were just accompaniments. Guan Meiyi’s real intentions were hidden in the last sentence.

She brought up the Ruan family, putting pressure on everyone else in the room, daring them to comment anything negative about her.

Of course, once the Ruan family was brought up, everyone went back to normal, even Ling Qi’s eyes brightened in glee. “I see, so it’s been a misunderstanding…”

Ling Tianya smiled, watching everyone and their hilarious acts, marvelling at their colourful facial expressions.

“Even if so, we can’t be sure that you bought this jade statue, Ling Tianya. This statue was not going for cheap in the auction…” Guan Meiyi’s hesitated to say more, what she wanted to convey was already said.

Ling Tianya narrowed her eyes, Guan Meiyi certainly has some brains.

After Guan Meiyi’s reminder, everyone realized a vital question. Ling Tianya said that the statue was bought by her, but where did she get the money to do so?

Madam Ling glared at Ling Tianya, angry at her for ruining her birthday dinner, “Speak! What were you doing the past six years? Where did you get that money?!”

Just then, a sharp voice echoed through the main hall, “Where else? It’s my family’s money!”

Everyone swivelled to face the new voice, only to see Li Chenfeng and his mother, Zhang Li, who arrived at the hall.

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