Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

Chapter 23 - The Li’s Wanted Answers

Chapter 23: The Li’s Wanted Answers

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The arrival of the Li’s made the situation even more awkward.

Ling Tao was not expecting to see Li Chengfeng and Zhang Li. The Li Family and the Ling Family had a big fallout after Ling Tianya took off six years before. Ever since, the two families had not crossed passes.

It was believed that Ling Tianya took all the dowry money from the Li’s and shamelessly ran away with her gigolo. Ling Tao had compensated the Li Family because the Ling Family was at fault.

That was supposed to be the end of it. Ling Tianya’s reputation was tarnished, but the Lings had cut ties with the Li’s after the payoff. Why did they just show up there without invitation?

Qu Wan grinned subtly seeing that the Li’s were finally there. ‘Ling Tianya, you asked for it!’

Back in the day, if it was not for the Guan Family, the Li’s would never have agreed to the marriage. Zhang Li didn’t like Ling Tianya’s reputation to begin with, but what Ling Tianya did was extremely atrocious in Zhang Li’s mind. Not only did she snag the dowry, she cheated on her son!

The money was paid back by Ling Tao, but the Li Family and her son Li Chengfeng had become a laughing stock in their social circle.

Zhang Li had never got over that bad episode, so she and Li Chengfeng rushed over when she was told that Ling Tianya was back in town.

If nothing else, she wanted to have a good talk with Ling Tianya – to show her what it felt like to be truly ashamed!

When Zhang Li laid her eyes on Ling Tianya, she was astonished. After six years she had become such an attractive woman!

Then she glanced at her son, whose eyes were glued on Ling Tianya’s body. He was completely obsessed by what he saw…

In Chengfeng’s memory, Ling Tianya was a girl with a pretty face, but a nearly boyish body. It didn’t help that she also had a bad personality and foul mouth.

Lo and behold, Ling Tianya had become so stunningly beautiful, with a perfectly curvy body and silky-smooth skin. The femininity and seductiveness she embodied was enough to knock Li Chengfeng off his feet, several times over.

Looking at her son, Zhang Li knew immediately what was going through Li Chengfeng’s mind.

“How did you get in? Who let you in? The matter between the Lings and the Li’s was settled six years ago, so why are you here?!”

The person who spoke up was Madam Ling. She hated Ling Tianya, but she cared about the face of the Ling Family even more. The fact that the Li’s showed up uninvited was a huge slap in the face, so she was not going to let it happen.

Zhang Li took a step forward with a calculated smile, “So, are you Lings intimidating us because we Li’s don’t have men?”

The Li Family used to be influential, but Li Chengfeng was the only male heir in his generation. All the doting from the whole family had gradually turned him into a good-for-nothing dissolute playboy.

The male pillars in the Li Family had fallen away one by one, leaving only Zhang Li and Li Chengfeng. The business of the Li Corporation was also going downhill in the incapable hands of Li Chengfeng.

Zhang Li’s original plan for her son to marry Ling Tianya was so that the Li’s could be connected to the Guan and Ling Families. She did not expect how the whole thing would turn out in the end…

“I am intimidating you, and I’m asking you to get out, now!” Madam Ling was so angry that she almost passed out. It was supposed to be her birthday celebration that day, where did all the unwanted people come from?

Zhang Li burst into tears in an instant, “You all are seeing this, right? The Lings are bullying us again just like they did six years ago! Ling Tianya did such a heinous thing to us six years ago and now she’s back. Don’t you think we deserve some answers from her?”

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