Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

Chapter 24 - Then Let Me Explain

Chapter 24: Then Let Me Explain

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After Zhang Li had crashed the party, the situation got out of hand. Zhang Li and Li Chenfeng’s initial plans were simple, they just wanted to drag Ling Tianya through the mud, and get some money out of the Ling family in the meantime.

Neither of them were smart enough though. Zhang Li and Li Chenfeng were both people that lived in the lap of luxury. Li Chenfeng was definitely not someone suited for managing a corporation. He was leading the Li family to decline year after year, their fortune decreasing to near nothing as time passed by.

The dowry for Ling Tianya that the Li family gave several years ago was also obtained by selling the Li family’s old mansion, but the marriage had fallen through against everyone’s expectations. Even though Ling Tao still returned them the money afterwards, the money was depleted quickly between both of them.

By then, the Li family was at the brink of destruction. If they could get something out of the chaos, they would.

Madam Ling’s hands shook with anger, her lips pursed without any words.

Ling Tao’s face was stone cold, and he snapped at Li Chenfeng, “Six years ago, I returned the dowry to the Li family. Our families don’t owe each other anything anymore. I suggest you leave this place as soon as you can before I call the police on you!”

Ling Tao couldn’t help, but be grateful that Ling Tianya did not marry into the Li family back then. If not, they would have invited a lot of trouble into their own home.

Li Chenfeng couldn’t really hold it anymore after Ling Tao’s words. He knew that what he was saying was not acceptable, nor fair to the Ling family. He couldn’t persuade his mother otherwise though. In addition, the Li family was teetering towards complete collapse, they would try to get whatever they can from the Ling family, while they can.

The only issue was… when he saw Ling Tianya, his ideas changed.

If he could marry someone as capable and attractive as Ling Tianya, then he wouldn’t only marry a wonderful woman, he could also solve Li family’s issue easily.

Li Chenfeng set his eyes on his new goal. He looking over at Ling Tianya, his eyes as pitiful as a kicked puppy’s. “Yaya, I know I shouldn’t have come, but I heard that you were here, and I couldn’t wait any more. Don’t you think you should give me an explanation for what happened six years ago? We were about to get married, weren’t we? Why did you betray me?”

Li Chenfeng acted the part of a hurt ex-boyfriend, the people that weren’t in the loop would definitely think he had loved Ling Tianya with all his heart back then.

Ling Tianya, on the other hand, felt nothing but disgust at Li Chenfeng’s actions.

If only people knew how horrible Li Chenfeng was to her back then. Even though they were getting married, he still had not stopped hooking up with different women. He was suddenly acting like a devoted lover?

“Ling Tianya! This is all your fault! You’ve ruined such an important dinner!” Ling Qi couldn’t stand it anymore, there were many guests here in attendance that daydue to the Guan family’s ties with them, but the day was turning out to be such a disaster, Ling Qi was absolutely livid.

Thank goodness the Ruan family had only sent their gifts there and had no one in attendance. If not, they would have been really ashamed.

“Exactly, Yaya. Since the Li family is already here, why not just explain clearly what had happened six years ago?” Qu Wan pretended to be thoughtful for Ling Tianya on the surface, but she really just wanted to drive Ling Tianya into a tougher spot.

Not surprisingly, after Qu Wan’s thoughtful comment, the guests had started to gossip about Ling Tianya’s deed of running off with the Li’s dowry six years ago.

“You! You’re the bane of our family’s existence!!” Madam Ling shook as she cursed at Ling Tianya.

Ling Tianya looked at Li Chenfeng, who was still pretending to be heartbroken, before landing her gaze on Qu Wan. The corners of her lips lifted. “Since that is so, then let me explain properly before someone goes around saying that I mistreated them when I didn’t!”

Ling Tianya’s voice was firm with conviction, shaking even Qu Wan when she heard, unsettling her slightly.

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