Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

Chapter 25 - Exactly Ten Million Dollars

Chapter 25: Exactly Ten Million Dollars

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Huxin Island

Ruan Zeyan was sitting on the sofa inside the study. The lights were off and the air in the room was bitterly cold.

Outside the door, Mandy was anxious. She wanted to comfort Ruan Zeyan, but she was too afraid to even step in. At last, she chose to stand and watch him quietly from the doorway.

Unknowingly, Mandy fell into a dreamy state watching Ruan Zeyan. The sudden movement of Du Gang dashing past her woke her up.

“Boss, I found Miss Ling’s whereabout.”

Ruan Zeyan lifted his eyes slightly, “Where?”

“Today is the eightieth birthday of Mr. Ling’s mother. Miss Ling went to the dinner party, but…” Du Gang was hesitant about what he should say next, and how to say it…

Sensing Du Gang’s hesitation, Ruan Zeyan raised his head to look straight at him.

Their eyes met and Du Gang decided to spit it out, “Li Chenfeng was there too!” Du Gang finished his sentence, and the coldness in the study made his body shiver…

The Ling Mansion

“Ling Tianya, what are you trying to say?” Ling Qi questioned, suspecting a double-entendre in Ling Tianya’s words. “I think you are the one who wants to have their cake and eat it too! Because of you, the Ling Family suffered so much slander and humiliation. Even the Guan Family was affected by you!”

“Yaya, my heart was truly broken. I need an explanation from you, why did you treat me like that six years ago?” Eyebrows scrunched together, the somewhat good-looking Li Chenfeng tried to put on a sad face.

The room started to empathize with the Li Family as they found Ling Tianya’s arrogance and lack of remorse repulsive.

Madam Ling came to the realization that her birthday was completely ruined at that point. The anger left her exhausted, all she could do was sit on a chair and breathe heavily.

Ling Tao was increasingly irritated as well. The brief moment of happiness he felt from seeing Ling Tianya was diluted by the shitstorm that followed.

Now Ling Tao just wished Ling Tianya never reappeared. Why did she have to put him in this position?

Ling Tianya didn’t notice this change in Ling Tao’s attitude, nor did she really care. Instead, she looked at Qu Wan with a mocking smile, ignoring all the cursing and disdain. She walked straight up to her, “Auntie, if memory serves, your ex-husband is a man by the name of Huang Dawei, am I right?”

Qu Wan seemed very uncomfortable when she heard Huang Dawei’s name. “Why do you bring this up? What does Huang Dawei have to do with your story? Just to be clear, he and I have absolutely no relation anymore and I’ve been a part of the Ling Family now for so many years!

“Why are you doing this, sister Tianya?” Ling Yuqing sounded as if she was hurt. The pitiful look on her face drew sympathy from many men in the crowd.

It was agonizing for Ling Yuqing to hear the name of her biological father. She wondered if the intention of Ling Tianya was to remind everyone that she was not blood of the Ling Family.

“What the hell are you doing, Yaya?!” Ling Tao sounded angry and provoked. To him, Ling Tianya didn’t change at all; she was still the same brat from six years ago!

“Dad, I do have reasons to bring him up. Huang Dawei borrowed from the loan shark six years go for his failing business, but ended up unable to pay. The debt including interests quickly mounted to ten million dollars!” Ling Tianya locked her eyes on Qu Wan as she continued, “The dowry money the Li Family offered me back then was also exactly ten million dollars!”

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