Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

Chapter 26 - Qu Wan’s Too Good at Acting

Chapter 26: Qu Wan’s Too Good at Acting

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Ling Tianya’s words, at first impression, may have seemed to be completely unrelated to the situation six years ago, but give it a bit more thought and you would think that something was wrong.

The Li family gave Ling Tianya a dowry of ten million dollars back then, and Qu Wan’s ex-husband, Huang Dawei, also had a ten million dollar debt. Could there be something between these two situations?

As they pondered over it, they couldn’t help glancing over at Qu Wan.

“Ling Tianya, what do you mean?” Seeing everyone’s gaze on her, Qu Wan panicked.

“It’s exactly what you think I mean, aunt Qu.” Ling Tianya’s eyes clouded over with scorn.

“What? You’re saying that I took the ten million dollars and gave it to Huang Dawei?” Qu Wan could cry on command, just as she finished explaining, her eyes started to tear up. She turned to Ling Tao, “Tao, I didn’t, I have no idea what Tianya’s saying… …”

Qu Wan’s plead hardened Ling Tao instead, after all, he is still wary of Huang Dawei.

Ling Tao’s attitude change made Ling Yuqing worry inside. Her biological father’s name, Huang Dawei, had barely been mentioned in the Ling family, Qu Wan and her would never bring him up either. They didn’t want the Lings to draw a line between themselves, and they didn’t want to remind the Lings that she wasn’t a biological daughter of Ling blood.

That day, not only did Ling Tianya bring up the name, she even suggested that Qu Wan had given Huang Dawei money. She clearly wanted them to be questioned by the Ling family.

Just as Ling Yuqing fretted, Qu Wan’s weak wails started again, “Back then Yaya thought I had sent Tianxin away, and rushed home in anger. She caused me to lose the son that I had been pregnant with for months. He would have been the Ling family’s only son, he hadn’t come out to see the world, before he was gone. I was at death’s door in the hospital… … Tao, do you want what happened back then to repeat again?”

Qu Wan’s tears started to fall freely, her face aged, yet graceful, evoking a deep sense of pity for the woman. See her, Ling Tao couldn’t help but remember losing his unborn son, his heart clenched tightly in pain.

Remembering that Ling Tianya was the one that had caused that to happen, his small seed of doubt towards Qu Wan was forgotten easily. “Ling Tianya, stop this! I thought you would have grown since the last time I saw you, but you’re just the same! I’m disappointed in you!”

Ling Tao’s change in attitude pleased Qu Wan, but even before it could really sink in, she was shocked again by Ling Tianya’s next sentence.

“What if I have all of Huang Dawei’s bank transaction records?” Ling Tianya’s eyes were smiling, and she toyed with the bag in her hands, displaying nothing but ease.

Qu Wan’s stomach fell at Ling Tianya’s words, “You’re lying! It’s impossible!” Qu Wan started to become agitated.

“Aunt Qu, what are you so agitated for? You’re feeling guilty now?” Ling Tianya sneered.

Ling Tao’s brows pinched again, turning to look at Qu Wan.

Qu Wan calmed herself down quickly, smiling, “I’m not, I just wanted to say, account transaction records are not something that banks would give to just anyone. It’s impossible for you to have it. I was just agitated because what you have done had deeply hurt me. Do you really hate me that much, that you would spin such crude lies to besmirch me?”

Qu Wan’s words made logical sense and thinking about the rumors surrounding Ling Tianya, it looked like they were true… Ling Tianya was definitely not a good woman!

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