Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

Chapter 4 - It Hurts...? You Know What Hurt Is...?

Chapter 4: It Hurts…? You Know What Hurt Is…?

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The car eventually stopped in front of a man-made lake. There was a small island in the middle of the lake, on top of which sat a villa, offering a gorgeous view.

Ruan Zeyan got out of the car first. Ling Tianya was dragging her time out. Ruan Zeyan’s patience was eventually spent and he dragged her out of the car. Her lips were red and swollen, and the corners were bitten to the point of injury.

Du Gang parked the car to one side then and waited in it obediently.

Ruan Zeyan dragged Ling Tianya behind him the whole way, into the villa, up the second floor, and into the bedroom. His expression was dark and cold, as though he was a devil that came from the depths of hell. He was cruel and filled with bloodlust.

Ling Tianya couldn’t help comparing this Ruan Zeyan to the sunny and cheerful Ruan Zeyan from six years ago, but the images just couldn’t match up.

This was no longer the same man from six years ago… …

Ruan Zeyan threw her onto the bed, tearing at her clothes like a barbarian.

No matter how Ling Tianya screamed at the top of her lungs, or begged for mercy under her breath, Ruan Zeyan didn’t waver at all. It was as though he was possessed.

He lowered his head, hearing Ling Tianya’s small whimpers of pain. He looked down at her, “What, it hurts? So you know how it feels to be hurt now!”

Of course she knew what hurt felt like. Her body, her blood, and her flesh were all real. When she was inflicted with pain, of course she hurt.

“Ling Tianya, do you have a death wish? Since you’ve already escaped, why did you come back?!” Ruan Zeyan’s near perfect face was startlingly close to Ling Tianya, a dangerous aura seeping out from every pore.

“Let go of me!” Ruan Zeyan’s sudden appearance flustered Ling Tianya, and the current situation rendered her confused. She didn’t know how to respond.

Ruan Zeyan’s face was suffocatingly close, pressed so low that he had almost made contact with Ling Tianya’s face. She wanted to turn away, but she was violently stopped by his grip on her jaw. His voice was thick, “Why did you come back?”

The hand on Ling Tianya’s jaw started to exert pressure, and her lips were maniacally covered by Ruan Zeyan even before she could whine in pain.

He was biting at her, and not long after, the smell of blood flooded her senses. She couldn’t differentiate whether this was from her, or Ruan Zeyan.

Just as she felt she would pass out, Ruan Zeyan let go of her lips. As he raised his head, the redness of the fresh blood stuck to his lips, making him seem even more handsome and seductive.

Ruan Zeyan used his thumb to wipe at his blood-stained lips, “It’s been six years, your kissing technique hasn’t improved, I wonder how it’s been down there for you?”

Ling Tianya was still getting her breath back, but a sharp chill ran up her spine after hearing what Ruan Zeyan said. “Ruan Zeyan, let’s just…let’s just talk this out, okay?”

Ruan Zeyan smirked, “I have nothing to say to you!”


Ling Tianya’s white dress was ripped harshly away by Ruan Zeyan in one go. She wanted to get up, but his strong body pressed onto her. There wasn’t a gap left between them.

“Ruan Zeyan… please, no… …” Ling Tianya pleaded, but even she knew that nothing could stop the man.

“No?” Ruan Zeyan pinned Ling Tianya’s hands above her head, his body pressed firmly to hers. “Who? Me, or Li Chenfeng from years ago? Ling Tianya, stop your coy act, are you afraid that I won’t make you feel good?”

What happened afterwards wasn’t pleasant at all. Ruan Zeyan roughly took whatever he wanted from Ling Tianya, as though he was a wild stallion caged for years that had suddenly regain freedom. Ling Tianya’s body was the wide, beautiful plains that he could ravage upon.

Ling Tianya was powerless in her fight, as despair set upon her, she was on the brink of unconsciousness.

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