Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

Chapter 5 - The Red, Quietly Blossoms

Chapter 5: The Red, Quietly Blossoms

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Ruan Zeyan went to the bathroom to take a shower. Lin Tianya felt raw and sore. She was lying in bed with her back to him. When he came out from the shower, the bed was empty.

A towel wrapped around his waist, eyebrows furrowed, his toned body exuded sex into the air.

He walked over to the bed, looking for his clothes that were scattered everywhere in the messy bed full of enchanting scent. He noticed a blotch of blood on the ivory sheet, just like a blossoming red rose quietly opening.

Ruan Zeyan’s eyes stopped there for a moment, and he knew what the blood meant.

He dropped the shirt in his hand, and left the bedroom to go downstairs, still wearing just the bath towel.

A dress was messily draped over Ling Tianya, revealing half of her shoulder covered with purple marks. Her legs were sore, and the area in between ached terribly. She walked downstairs bearing the pain and sat down on the sofa in front of the picture windows. She looked into night outside with dead eyes.

When she heard the footsteps approaching, Ling Tianya subconsciously curled her body inward. She didn’t know that her long pale legs, and the zone between her legs, had been exposed to Ruan Zeyan.

His breathing stopped abruptly, and then turned heavy. His Adam’s apple bobbed.

Ruan Zeyan had the perfect body that every man dreamed of. Thanks to his workout routines, every line of his body was well-defined. God seemed to particularly care for this man, blessing him also with a beautiful face. A face as beautiful as a woman’s.

This man, who should have been like a god, now disgusted Ling Tianya.

“You did what you wanted to do, can I leave now?” Ling Tianya knew that Ruan Zeyan’s violent behavior was to pay back what she did six years ago.

At that time she hadn’t known the true identity of Ruan Zeyan. He never mentioned that he was the son of the Ruan Family, the crowned prince, and now the head of the famous Yuan Teng Corporation.

“Ling Tianya, things are not as simple as you think.” Ruan Zeyan ignored Ling Tianya’s words. He stood in front of her and looked at her condescendingly as if he was the god that could declare her life or death at any given time.

“What else do you want?” Tears fell down Ling Tianya’s face, making her look delicate and vulnerable.

Ran Zeyan’s eyes flickered slightly, and then dimmed again. He reached his hand out and pinched Ling Tianya’s chin. “Save your tears! The pain you are suffering now is not even one tenth of what I suffered six years ago!”

“I…” Ling Tianya’s chin hurt, making it difficult for her to talk, “I was forced six years ago. I never wanted to do any of it.”

“Forced?” Ruan Zeyan sneered, as if Ling Tianya’s words were a big joke, “Who would have forced you to get engaged to another man?!”

“They…” Ling Tianya did not know how to explain it. To a certain extent, she volunteered herself, but she also had her reasons.

“What? Nothing to say now?” Ruan Zeyan let out a laugh, “You promised to wait for me for a year. When I returned to China, what I heard was the news of your engagement to another man!”

“Ruan Zeyan, you lied to me too! Back then you never told me that you were the son of the Yuan Teng Corporation!” Ling Tianya felt she had nothing to lose at this point.

If she knew the true identity of Ruan Zeyyan, things might have turned out differently. Maybe she never had to experience all that and never would have had to leave the country….

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