Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

Chapter 6 - Ruan Zeyan is a Monster

Chapter 6: Ruan Zeyan is a Monster

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“So?” Ruan Zeyan towered over her, his eyes full of scorn. “So, if I had told you who I really was from the start, does that mean that you wouldn’t be engaged to Li Chenfeng for money? That you wouldn’t make off with your little boy toy with all that money?”

Ruan Zeyan’s words surprised Ling Tianya, “I stole the Li family’s money and ran off with a boy toy?”

Ling Tianya had never imagined that after her departure, those people would spin stories like that about her…

“Don’t pretend to be innocent, isn’t it just money that you want?” Ruan Zeyan teasingly pulled up Ling Tianya’s chin, forcing her to look at him. He nonchalantly took off the towel wrapped around his waist, arrogantly parading around his pride as a man to her. “Be smart about this, serve me well, and I’ll give you money.”

Ruan Zeyan’s sudden actions and words scared Ling Tianya, her body pulling back out of instinct. Ruan Zeyan didn’t give her the chance though, cupping the back of her head and pushing her towards him. “I don’t care what your motive for coming back is, if you want to have a good life here, don’t oppose me!”

“Ruan Zeyan, could it be, that you’re so agitated because you still harbor feelings for me?” Ling Tianya knew that she was just asking for trouble by asking that. Faced with such shameful acts from Ruan Zeyan, she couldn’t help but blurt it out.

Not surprisingly, Ruan Zeyan’s expression darkened further at her words, “You think too highly of yourself.”

“No? Then what are you doing right now?”

Ruan Zeyan reached out, trapping her chin between his fingers. “Ling Tianya, who am I?”

“Hah, you’re Ruan Zeyan, CEO of the Yuan Teng Corporation. You’re a devil that can pass judgement on other’s lives way too easily!”

Ruan Zeyan’s lips twitched into a smirk, “Right. As long as I wish it, dozens of women would throw themselves at my feet, stripping naked in anticipation of my arrival!”

“Exactly! So why don’t you go after those women instead?!” Ling Tianya wanted to free herself from his restraints, but her attempts were futile.

Ruan Zeyan looked at her, his slender fingers tracing her cheeks, chuckling. “Ling Tianya, stop trying to get a rise out of me, it doesn’t work. To me, you’re just a slave in bed right now. Of course, you can reject me…That is, if you don’t want to have a foothold in China ever again.”

Her protests had no effect on him, both her hands were pressed under his, rendered immobile. Her whole body was trapped in his hold. His rough chest hurt her with each crash, the scent of desire filled up all of their senses.

It was getting harder and harder to breathe for Ling Tianya, she was slipping in and out of consciousness at that point, stepping into a dream that was chaotic beyond belief.

It was a horrifying and extremely long dream…

In her dream, Ling Tianya was brought back to six years ago, when she was only twenty years old.

In the bridal shop, Ling Tianya wore a red chinese-style bridal gown. She sat in one of the cubicles of the washroom. Outside the cubicle, the sound of her future mother-in-law on the phone filled the whole washroom.

“Oh well, I don’t want Chenfeng to marry this Ling Tianya either. In comparison, I think Ling Yuqing is a lot better. It’s impossible that the Ling Family would let Ling Yuqing marry him though… I know, Ling Tianya’s mother did such shameful things, the entire world knows about it now… … Forget it. No matter what, Ling Tianya is still Ling Tao’s daughter. Marrying her will still give us a connection with the Ling Family. A woman like Ling Tianya, it’s her blessing to be able to marry my son… … Alright, I have to go, they should be just about done with their wedding photos!”

After a distinct sound of water rushing, Zhang Li walked out of the washroom, her high heels clicking.

It was only then that Ling Tianya walked out of the cubicle, her face white as a sheet. Her reflection in the mirror was fully decked out in bridal clothes, but no matter how she looked at it, she couldn’t find an fleck of happiness.

Right at this time, her phone rang, it was her grandfather living in the countryside.

“Tianya, a man came by yesterday. He said that your step-mom had sent him here. He took away Tianxin, and hasn’t come back since!”

“Tianxin… …” Ling Tianya’s body caved, and she nearly fell.

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