Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

Chapter 7 - : That Year, She Will Never Forget

Chapter 7: That Year, She Will Never Forget

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Ling Tianya almost never came back to the Ling mansion, except for the holidays. The alienation of her father, the slander of her stepmother and stepsister, and the ridicule of the other relatives were all reasons for Ling Tianya’s unwillingness to return.

When she was fifteen, her mother was accused of having an affair and eloping with the family chauffeur. After that day, Ling Tianya’s life became hell.

The servant, Ms. Zhang, was taking out the garbage and was surprised to find Ling Tianya standing outside the door, looking very pale. “Miss Tianya is back!”

Ms Zhang intentionally raised her voice so others in the house could hear.

Ling Tianya rushed inside without a word.

“Hey, who is it?” A glowing middle-aged woman walked down, obviously pregnant with a round belly. The woman was Ling Tianya’s stepmother, Qu Wan.

Ling Tianya stared at her with fires in her eyes, “Where is Tianxin?

“Ling Tianxin? Isn’t she staying in the countryside?” Qu Wan walked over with one hand on her belly.

“Bullshit!” Ling Tianya barked at her, eyes bursting red.

At that moment, Ling Tianya’s father Ling Tao and her stepsister, who was named Ling Yuqing from Huang Yuqing, returned home. The two were laughing and talking until they saw Ling Tianya, then their faces immediately changed expression.

“What are you doing, Ling Tianya?” Ling Tao looked rather unfriendly.

Not waiting for Ling Tianya to respond, Qu Wan cried out, “Tao, I don’t know why, but Tianya threw a fit at me the moment she got here. I am pregnant at this age with your child, I ….”

Seeing Qu Wan crying, Ling Tao immediately showed concern, but more for what was in her belly – a son he was going to have at an old age.

Ling Yuqing hurried over and comforted Qu Wan, “Oh, don’t cry, mom. Crying is not good for my little brother! You are pregnant, and at your age, you can’t afford any mishaps! Dad, you have to tell mom to stop crying.”

What a loving family. Ling Tianya’s anger cooled. She didn’t care about them, all she wanted to know was where to find her sister Ling Tianxin.

“Who is it, making all this noises?” Madam Ling entered the courtyard, helped by Ling Qi and Guan Meiyi. Ling Qi was the younger sister of Ling Tao. She married young into the Guan family, and Guan Meiyi was her only daughter.

When she saw Ling Tianya, Madam Ling’s face darkened, “Why do I have to see this unlucky girl on such a fine day!”

Ling Yuqing sought the moment and ran over with great pity, “Grandma, Tianya seems to have some misunderstanding with my mother and made her cry!”

Madam Ling was not happy to hear that. At that moment, the most important thing in the entire Ling Family was Qu Wan’s belly. She pointed at Ling Tianya and scolded, “You ungrateful thing! After all the shame your slut of a mother brought to the Ling Family, why can’t you behave and be respectful?”

“Tianya, shouldn’t you be taking wedding photos with Li Chenfeng right now? What are you doing here?” Ling Qi asked coldly, “It was for your own good that I arranged this marriage for you. The Li Family only agreed to marry you to their son because of the Ling Family and Guan Family. Li Chenfeng is such a dignified and talented man, so don’t you stir shit up and lose face for us Lings!”

Ling Qi kept talking without any mention of the whereabout of Ling Tianxin.

Ling Tianya sneered back, “Auntie, if Li Chengfeng was such a fine man, why didn’t you make Meiyi marry him?”

Ling Tianya’s words made Guan Meiyi scowl. She was just watching the drama unfold on the sideline, but now she stared at Ling Tianya intensely with unhappy eyes.

“What are you talking about? Why would I marry my own daughter into that kind of family? You think everybody is the same as you; only capable of bringing shame to the family?” Ling Qi fired back in a cold tone. “The news of your engagement to Li Chengfeng is already out. Now the whole world knows! Your cousin is just starting out in the entertainment business, so you better behave yourself and don’t start any shit to taint her reputation.”

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