The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Kissing Someone

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Eh….. something seemed a bit weird.

More particularly the feeling on her lips. It felt cool yet had a familiar taste of mint as the softness penetrated her heart and made her whole body shiver.

The sensation was like eating a sweet vanilla flavored ice cream.

Wait! That wasn’t right! How could there be ice cream ?!

Helian Wei Wei snapped her eyes open, noticing the fact that she had fallen into the arms of a man!

What was even more peculiar, was that their lips were touching each other!

Shadow who stood on the side watched the sudden occurrence with an O shaped mouth. His thoughts were scrambled for a moment. Neglecting what he wanted to say and furthermore forgetting to help his highness up, Shadow was just standing there astonished, completely frozen up!

This… this…wasn’t this the ‘Red Phoenix’ that the lord wanted to kill?!

Why did she suddenly appear jumping over the wall and kissing the lord with no concern for her life?!

Helian Wei Wei wanted to say: “It’s just a kiss, even herself, the main character, is chill, why are the people on the side overreacting ?” but before she could speak, the man who was pushed down by her shoved her off harshly like she was some kind of germ!

She then clearly saw the man’s appearance. He had a cold smile on his face that made the whole world lose its beauty. His jet black hair were glowing with an ominous feeling, his feather-like and slightly curled eyelashes were ravishing and sparkled when the light hit him, his straight porcelain nose, his lips glimmering with a pearly shimmer, easily arousing the desire to kiss them.

The torn lips made him even more alluring. That one drop of blood dyed his lips red, enhancing that provocative face. It was simply captivating.

There was just one imperfection and that was the man’s gaze. It was like he had lost something extremely important to him!

Aren’t you mistaken? Aren’t girls usually the ones who are on the unfavorable side? Moreover, this was her first kiss, what was there to be unsatisfied of?!

Although… if she had an appearance like his, she would be unsatisfied too.

After all, it was her fault. She just had to leap over the wall without looking and land on a passerby, and – Cough cough – kissed the-said passerby without consent.

Yup, kissed him without his consent.

She, Helian Wei Wei, had done a lot of bad sins before, but she had never done something that made her feel this guilty. Plus, this man who was obsessed with cleanliness and was a perfectionist, right now, had a chillingly gloomy face as his black endless eyes were filled with menace, pressuring people, making it hard to even take a breath.

That’s the dark aura of someone who was the king from above since a long time ago.

That’s way she should probably leave before anyone reacts. Helian Wei Wei picked up the small bag on the ground, planning to walk away.

Before she could even lift her leg up, she was picked up like a baby chick. He brought her up by her collar with his gloved left hand, his voice cold : “Where are you going ?”

This woman was actually planning to run away acting like nothing happened after forcefully kissing him?

Ha… Simply presumptuous!

Thinking, Baili Jia Jue’s eyes became even colder.

Every year, there would be a lot of new students and Nangong Lie knows that he likes tranquility. That’s why he secretly arranged this courtyard for him. And yet, when he had just arrived, he saw a bag flying at him, then this woman came flying after…

Baili Jia Jue looked over and frowned, seeming to be thinking about what he was going to do with this ‘little thing’ in his hands.

Then he slowly opened his mouth and said: “You have to take responsibility.”

“W-what?” Helian Wei Wei thought that she had heard wrong as she even stumbled over the question.

The man’s endless eyes stared at her, with the same posture as before and an expressionless face. It was more of a glare that wanted to rip her apart, rather than a normal stare.

Helian Wei Wei raised both of her hands, indicating a cease-fire, and devilishly curved her lips. “Okay, how do you want me to take responsibility? Don’t tell me you want to me to marry you?”

Shadow who just came back to reality, sucked in a breath!

This woman, what did she just say? Marry the lord?!

Oh great Buddha, please quickly show some sign!

Quickly make this woman shut up, he really didn’t want to see his lord’s hands stained with blood on his first day in the academy!

“Marriage?” Baili Jia Jue teasingly gripped onto Helian Wei Wei’s chin, his thumb casually floated over her lips as his chilling breath fanned onto her face. “Since we’re getting married, shouldn’t we check the article first, hm?”

The man’s deep and raspy voice gently tickled her ear, making her body tremble.

“Go prepare a room.” He was talking to Shadow now, who was standing by his side.

Shadow widened his eyes in bewilderment. During all the time he spent with the lord, he had never seen the lord taking the initiative. Usually, when the women come close to him, he wouldn’t even spare them a glance.

Yet, today…

Shadow shook his head as he walked away with a turn of his body. He was probably just overthinking. The reason why the lord wanted a room is just to find a clean place to bury the corpse.

Yes, it’s probably like that!

Otherwise, he couldn’t understand which part of this woman did the lord fancy? The black skin that looks like ink ?

Helian Wei Wei had a dumbfounded face. She was slightly pissed. Why the hell did this guard react like this, did he think that she wasn’t compatible with his lord ?

Even though she hadn’t wiped her face clean, she still had a finely-cut face. If she was standing between two black people, she could still be said to be as fair as snow.

Wasn’t he basically making assumptions?

Moreover, it’s not him who’s going to be XXOO by the lord.

So why was he making faces like he just saw a ghost?

Helian Wei Wei listened to the fading footsteps, burying her face to the side as her clever eyes turned and a flicker flashed by.

“What?” The man raised her head by her chin, forcing her to look straight at him. His ink like brows, his upright nose, his curved lips, all made his jet black eyes even more prominent while the rest of his facial features were hidden beneath the shadows. That pair of eyes enthralled most of the attention. “You want to go back on your words ?”

When he was talking, his long fingers gently glided down to her neck. Then he tightened his grip on her, as if saying if does she nod, he will immediately kill her!

Helian Wei Wei charmingly smiled, using the only arm she could move, and circled the man’s slim waist, “I’m just worried that you’re going to regret it.”

“Oh?” The man squinted his phoenix like eyes, teasingly looking at the reckless little thing in his arms, his devilish smile deepened even more…

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