The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Buying the Ghost Palace

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When he was distracted, Helian Wei Wei nimbly twisted her arm and tried to slip out of his embrace like a loach. Keyword: ‘tried’. He wasn’t even fazed by Wei Wei’s actions, moreover, he copied her movements and put his arm around her delicate waist!

Helian Wei Wei smirked, she was just waiting for him to retaliate!

Agilely and without restraining any of her strength, she effortlessly kicked towards where the sun doesn’t shine!

Baili Jia Jue paused his actions to protect his’ important part’ so he temporarily let go of the hand that was restricting Helian Wei Wei.

And yet, it wasn’t the end of it!

When Baili Jia Jue stopped moving, his attractive face suddenly became sullen, his phoenix eyes radiating a chilly aura ” You have poison on your hand?”

“I didn’t want to use such vulgar trick.” Helian Wei Wei was actually feeling quite guilty. The main thing is, Bro! It was just an accident, and he’s going to XXOO her, that was way too disobliging. ” Cough, don’t look at me like that.”

It felt like as if she had bullied an innocent teenage boy. Helian Wei Wei pondered a moment and then took out some money. “About the kiss, let’s use this to compensate it!”

After he saw the money, Baili Jia Jue narrowed his eyes, emotions swirling in them as if a majestic and cold-blooded animal was swimming in them.

His stare made Helian Wei Wei feel a shiver run down her spine. She awkwardly played with her long hair, taking out more money and slapped them into his hand. “I can’t give more than that. During modern times, even the hosts weren’t as expensive as you are.”

Even if Baili Jia Jue had never heard of the words ‘hosts’, he could more or less guess what they meant.

Good, very good!

Suddenly, the man smiled “You better hope that I never find you in this lifetime again, or…”

Helian Wei Wei shuddered and, not listening to his following words, she jumped onto a tree branch, her jet black hair fluttering in the wind. He could subtly hear her clear voice. “We shall not meet again, charming man…”

Baili Jia Jue looked at the figure getting further away from him. He put his hands underneath his cloak and, lowering his head, a few strand of hair covered his eyes. Only displaying his diabolic smile, his face emitted an alluring aura, his whole body giving off an unrestrained feeling.

Then he flipped his hand over, one side yin and the other side yang. Two rich and mellow Qi flowed through his meridians and the coldness from his dantian was soon gone.

He breathed out slowly and opened his cold and dangerous eyes.

Baili Jia Jue lazily smiled, as his left hand leisurely played with a fire stone while his right hand held the ‘compensation money’. His eyes gave off a freezing and deadly depth.

The fire stone was very beautiful. It’s pure jet black colour and it’s cool feeling to the touch revealed a green flame. If it was used to light a cigarette, it would be enjoyable, but….. he used it to burn the money.

As the money burned, Baili Jia Jue played with the flame and he coldly laughed, ” Twenty taels, quite an amount of money.”

The man’s voice was as cold as winter and his whole being was radiating with an emperor’s aura as the whole courtyard’s temperature abruptly dropped down.

Ha, twenty taels.

Since when did he, the formidable third prince of the Dragon War Empire, became this cheap?

Baili Jia Jue raised his eyebrows as he blew off the ash staining his fingertips. At that moment, he looked like a demon king who had just walked out from the Wang Chuan River, an aura that could rival the deadliest demons emitted from his form.

(E/N : Wang Chuan River is a legendary river that’s said to flow through Hell.)

Abruptly, from a distance away, he heard a rumble!

Wearing a long robe, Nangong Lie walked out from the debris and unhappily said ” Who the hell is blind enough to put a stone in front of the entrance? I had to move it myself! *sigh* A Jue, quickly come here and look, did my robe get dirty?”

Baili Jia Jue glanced at him.

His gaze was as cold as the Artics!

Moreover, the way he blew off the ash gave off this feeling that made people shudder.

Nangong Lie gulped, “What’s wrong?” Normally, no one would agitate this demon when walking into this courtyard. Ah Jue’s murderous aura, who was it directed at? Was it him?

At that moment, Shadow who had gone to prepare a room, flew over and went on his knee. “My lord…”

“Go and find her.” Baili Jia Jue threw away the cloak that he was wearing, his black hair fluttering, making the hearts clench.

Shadow sensed that something was wrong so he immediately replied ‘yes’ without saying anything else.

Yet someone wasn’t afraid to die, for example some reckless man.

Nangong Lie casually put his arm around Baili Jia Jue’s shoulders, “Okay, stop being unhappy, let big brother tell you a great piece of news. That little kitten is also on the list of new students…”

When Shadow heard Nangong Lie said the word ‘little kitten’, he shivered.

High Priest, I’m begging you, don’t mention that woman anymore! The lord will really ‘accidentally’ kill you!

Sure enough, Nangong Jue paused before he slowly and calmly raised his head. “Little kitten?”

“The eldest miss from the Helian family!” Nangong Lie cheerfully said. He wasn’t paying attention before but now in a close proximity, he noticed…”Ah Jue, what happened to your lips? Looks like somebody bit you, hahaha, hilarious! You, who wouldn’t even let a woman get close, yet you’re lip is injured, hahaha…”

Nangong Lie laughed so hard, as he held onto his stomach until he bent over.

However, slowly…..

He wasn’t able to laugh anymore. There wasn’t any other reason but the golden dagger that was inches away from his face.

Nangong Lie looked at Shadow who was signaling him with his eyes, then he looked at Baili Jia Jue who had on a smile that wasn’t quite a smile and his jaw dropped instantly. “Don’t tell me, I was right! You got….…”

“If you dare say the word, this lord will take your life right now.” Baili Jia Jue gracefully cut Nangong Lie off, raising his head, bewitching yet dignified.

Nangong Lie coughed twice as he used an experienced voice.” Ah Jue, you don’t need to take it to heart, nor do you need to wash your mouth. Since being a man takes some process….but, I’m curious. Who has the guts to take advantage of you?” If there was time, he wanted to be acquainted with this person who did such a great job!

“What do you think?” Baili Jia Jue slowly retracted his hand as the golden blade became a flash of light following his movement. Finally, it faded into the gleam from the twilight..

Nangong Lie was a quick thinker. He thought for a second and then he got excited. “It’s the little kitten again? Where is she? Where is she now?”

“You can ask them.” Baili Jia Jue pointed at the nearly incinerated notes with a cold expression.

Money? Nangong Lie had a weird expression on as he kneeled down and asked him. “What happened to them?”

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